What will help to wash out the stains of grass with jeans: household chemicals or folk remedies?

Posted by: 28.02.2018

In the summer, many try to go out of town, into the countryside. Someone leaves to fry kebabs, and someone just wants to enjoy the beautiful scenery. But such a holiday may have unpleasant consequences. Almost every person, returning from nature, at least once noticed green marks on his trousers. Normal washing in this situation is unlikely to help. How difficult remove grass stains from jeans everyone knows, but not everyone knows the ways that will help solve this problem

It is worth noting the fact that the fight with the stain must begin immediately. The most important of its components is chlorophyll, which is absorbed into the tissue. The sooner you take action, the more likely your jeans will remain clean.

People began to wonder how to wash the grass with jeans immediately after the appearance of denim. Thanks to this, many popular recipes have appeared that can help in this situation.

Folk methods

Before washing the jeans soiled in the grass, it is worth trying a few popular methods to get rid of stains. All of them are very light and will not take much time, and the necessary ingredients can be easily found in the kitchen, in the first-aid kit or in the bathroom.

How to remove grass stains on jeans


The first thing is to look into the kitchen, here you can find the main part of what can be removed from the grass stains from jeans:

Boiling water. The easiest way that is available to everyone. Before you wash the grass stains from jeans, bring the water to the kettle to a boil. After that you should carefully moisten the soiled place with boiling water.

Salt. Everyone has it, its solution is also able to remove grass stains. It is enough to dilute the spoon of this substance in 100 ml of water. The resulting solution should be applied to the stain and hold 15 minutes. After that, jeans can be loaded into the washing machine.

Baking soda. Pour a little soda on the place of pollution and pour it with vinegar. As a result of the reaction of these two substances, the stain will come to naught, it remains only to wash the thing.

There is another way to remove the grass stain on jeans with soda. Moisten it with a small amount of water, bring to a state of gruel, then the resulting composition should be applied to the stain and thoroughly rub with a brush.

Lemon juice. The most "natural" way to remove grass stains from jeans. Squeeze the lemon, soak the juice in the place of contamination and leave for 30 minutes. Rinse the juice with warm water, after which it remains only to wash the thing. If you do not have a lemon, then you can use a solution of citric acid instead.

Vinegar. There are two ways to remove grass stains on jeans with this tool. The difference between them is only in the composition and percentage of the solution of vinegar. In order to remove the stain, suitable table 9% and wine 3% vinegar. It is enough to put it on the dirt and wait for an hour. After that, it remains to rinse and wash your pants.

In the kitchen can also be stored first aid kit. In it, too, you can find something to remove grass stains from jeans.

Medicine chest

Some medicines, especially those used for washing wounds, are also capable of removing stains from the grass on jeans:

Hydrogen peroxide. It is most often used to disinfect fresh wounds. She is also a powerful bleach, so you need to use it very carefully. Before washing the grass stains from jeans, apply peroxide on the dirt and leave it on for 5 minutes. Then rinse with warm water and wash.

Ammonia. Like peroxide, must be in every first aid kit. In order to successfully wash away the traces of grass from jeans, soak them in a solution of ammonia. It is prepared simply - a spoon of ammonia per liter of water. After applying, wait for 15 minutes, then wash the thing.

Alcohol. As usual, and ammonia is perfect as a tool that will help to wash out the traces of grass on jeans. Dampen the area with alcohol for a long time, wait 30 seconds, then rinse the clothes thoroughly and wash.


In addition to the first-aid kit and kitchen, you may also find useful tools in the bathroom:

Toothpaste. Every house has it, because brushing your teeth is an integral part of morning and evening washing procedures. But, in addition to the standard application, it can also be used to wash the grass on jeans. To do this, apply a little paste on the stain and wait until it is completely dry, then brush off with a regular brush and wash the thing. It is not recommended to use a paste with bleaching particles, it can act on jeans just like peroxide.

Laundry soap. It is used to clean a lot of dirt, and not just this type. Therefore, with the help of it you can both wash the grass with jeans and remove other, even more complex stains. To do this, it is enough to manually shake the dirty thing moistened with soapy water.

Modern means

Not always popular methods can help, especially if traces of grass have dried up. In this case, you need to use more powerful tools that are designed specifically for the withdrawal of "complex" pollution:

Stain removers. This type of household chemicals was created in order to deal with stains that are hard to remove. The most popular stain remover in our country is undoubtedly Vanish. Herbal footprints are best helped by a powdery look called “Oxi”. As with soda, this stain remover needs to be slightly moistened, and then applied evenly to the stain. Also, during the washing of pants with powder, it is advised to put a “Vanish” spoon to improve the result.

Amway. An American company producing various household chemicals. In the retail market in our country, this company appeared relatively recently, however, quickly gained popularity. The list of their range includes various tools that help remove traces of dirt on clothes. Household chemicals are so powerful that they are able to both clean the stains from the grass on jeans and to get rid of red wine on a white tablecloth.

Gels concentrates. Recently, new tools that allow you to remove various stains from clothing. Concentrated gels are used in the wash instead of the usual powder. As their name implies, products are strong concentrates of liquid detergent. Usually found in capsules that dissolve when washed.

This can complete the list of what can remove grass stains on jeans. Now you know how quickly and without any problems to cope with the possible consequences of summer outdoor recreation. It is still better when the greens are blooming under the feet, and not on the clothes. And you are thinking about the beauty of the world around you, and not thinking about how and how to wash away the stain from the grass with jeans.

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