How to wash the jam with white and colored clothes

Posted by: 03.11.2017

When small sweet-hives grow up in the family, mom definitely needs to figure out how to wash the jam from the clothes. To put things in order, we must act quickly. The treat leaves persistent stains that are easier to remove when they are fresh.

First actions

If the kid has soiled a t-shirt with jam, do not waste time. Immediately remove it and substitute contaminated place under a jet of very hot water. It dissolves well the dye of blueberries, mulberries, currants, so the jam stains from these fruits should be removed with boiling water. Dark marks quickly brighten, then the clothes can be washed in the usual way in a typewriter or manually.How to remove the stain of jam

Young housewives make a common mistake and soak soiled clothes in boiling water. So easy to spoil the product. The blot from the jam can go to other areas of the material, and the colored thing shed.

When there is no boiling water at hand, and you do not know how to remove fresh stains from the jam, use table salt. For the method to work, it is important to apply it until the pollution has dried.

  1. Do not wet the fabric.
  2. Sprinkle with salt.
  3. Carefully rub it with your fingers into the fibers of the material.
  4. Wait for about 15 minutes.
  5. During this time, the salt will absorb the dye.
  6. Shake off the remnants of the product and wash the item in warm water.

A fresh stain of jam from apples and pears is simply washed off with soap. First rinse the blot with hot water. Then rub the cloth host. soap, leave for half an hour and wash in a soapy solution.

If on a light T-shirt appeared a scattering of tiny specks of jam, you should not be upset. Take a piece of cotton wool, moisten it with vinegar and gently wipe bright traces. After such manipulations, fresh blots of sweet syrup are removed by ordinary washing with a powder.

Citric acid and vinegar

Lemon is a reliable remedy for purifying stubborn dirt. Squeeze the juice out of the citrus wedge, soak it in the stain and iron it with a hot iron through two layers of gauze.

  1. To enhance the cleansing effect, you can use another recipe.
  2. Combine lemon juice and vinegar in equal proportions.
  3. Dampen the problem area with 10 minutes. Wash a thing with a powder.

Blueberry and currant jam is easy to wash with citric acid. Put dirty clothes in the basin. At the spot, pour a hill of citric acid. Pour boiling water over it. Let the thing lie a little in acidic water. After 20 minutes you can get it, rinse and send it to the washing machine.

How to remove the stain of jam from clothes, if it managed to dry up? This is a difficult task. To solve it you need citric acid and alcohol.

  1. First, soak the stain and gently scrape the jam from the fabric.
  2. Measure out 20 g of alcohol, dissolve in it 2 g of acid and heat the liquid over the fire to 40 degrees.
  3. Immerse the material with the stain in the solution and wait until the traces of the jam disappear.

In the water for the last rinse, add a spoon of ammonia and dry the product in the sun.

We wash the jam with white things

Many housewives do not know how to wipe away stains from jam with light-colored clothes. To do this, we need ammonia and peroxide - a universal set for saving white things.

  1. Fresh blots of berry jam is enough to wipe with cotton wool dipped in ammonia. A quick reaction will occur, the spots will brighten, and the fabric will only need to be rinsed and washed with powder.
  2. To use peroxide, dilute it with water in the proportion of 1: 10. Treat the problem area with liquid and do the washing in half an hour.
  3. Old stains from blueberry or blueberry jam are difficult to remove from the white. Try to get rid of them with a special solution. Combine in equal quantities peroxide and ammonia. Lubricate the blot and after half an hour wash it with powder.

To clean the stains from any jam, you can use fresh milk. It needs to be heated and dunk thing in it for the night. In the morning, bright traces will brighten and are easily washed with a powder with oxygen bleach.

Blueberry blots are eliminated with warm whey or yogurt, which is used in the same way as milk.

Wash colored things

Children's bright T-shirts and shorts are often dirty with fruit jam or jam. Care should be taken to dispose of such contaminants. Aggressive solutions can change the color of things, and it will be hopelessly spoiled. To avoid this, always test cleaning products on a barely visible patch of material.

  1. Before removing the stain of jam, turn the clothes inside out.
  2. Spread it out on a flat surface.
  3. Mix vodka and glycerin in the same proportion.
  4. Saturate the soiled fabric with the solution.
  5. After 20 minutes, wash in soapy water.

Beaten egg yolk helps well to eliminate stains from colored material. Add a tablespoon of glycerin to it and mix thoroughly. Grease the blots from the jam and wait until the mixture dries slightly. Rinse the product under running water and wash it.

As you can see, it is easy to wipe the stain off the jam. This can be done quickly and effortlessly, if you do not put off cleansing until later.

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