How to wash an apple from clothes - we cope with the help of proven methods

Posted by: 07.01.2018

Few people seriously thought that an ordinary apple can bring a lot of trouble if it leaves a noticeable stain on your things. In such cases, the question immediately arises of how to wash an apple from children's clothes and their belongings, as well as how to remove stains from apple juice so that there is not a single trace of contamination. You should not despair if clothes are spoiled by apple juice - in this guide how to remove stains from apple juice you can get acquainted with many ways how to remove a stain from apple juice without unnecessary trouble and waste of personal time. So, how to wash apple juice from clothes and what means can you use for this?

While we have not begun to disassemble the ways to remove the stain from the apple from the clothes, you should immediately indicate that it is necessary to proceed with the removal of contamination as soon as possible after their detection. The fact is that the dried stain from the juice is firmly absorbed into the fabric fibers, so it will be much more difficult to remove it. Even if you do not have the opportunity to use one of the following ways how to remove stains from apples from clothes, at least soak your clothes to prevent the juice from penetrating deep into. After this, proceed to the removal of stains.

The most effective ways to remove apple stains from clothes

As mentioned earlier, there are many ways to wash an apple from clothes, and each of them is able to cope with pollution with one or two times. Below are the most effective means to wash the apple:

  • Washing powder. No need to think up how to remove the stain from the apple, if it was delivered recently and is still fresh. In such a situation, it is enough to use a good washing powder. You can soak clothes in a powder solution, if the stain is small or you are visiting, or wash the thing in the washing machine, then dry it and make sure that the stain from the apple juice has completely disappeared.
  • Soap. How to wash an apple from children's clothes that require special attention? The best option is to use soap of high acidity. It is a safe and effective remedy against any stains. How to wash apple juice with soap? Add a small amount of laundry soap to a container with warm water, mix thoroughly until smooth, then soak the soiled item in this solution. After soaking clothes can be further washed.
  • Ammonia. How to remove the spot from the apple juice as quickly and without a trace? There is a good tool - an aqueous solution of ammonia. This substance should be mixed with water in equal proportions. Before removing the stain from the apple, prepare a few cotton swabs. They need to be moistened in a solution of ammonia and applied to the stain of apple juice. After this treatment, clothes are washed.
  • Acetic acid. How to remove the spots from the apples, if the pollution appeared just a couple of hours ago, and you are at home, where you are not limited in funds? You can use the original recipe - pull the clothes on the pan so that the stain of juice is in the middle. Before you remove the stain from the apple, heat the mug of water to boiling water, dilute a little vinegar in water. Now water the solution on the pan thing. The stain is guaranteed to disappear right before your eyes, but you may have to repeat it.
  • Glycerin and vodka. How to wash apple juice, if acetic acid in your household is not? Surely there is glycerin and vodka - products that work well in tandem. Before removing the stain from the apple, it is necessary to mix vodka and glycerin in equal proportions and bring to a homogeneous state, and only then treat the contamination left by the apple juice. Insist thing is necessary 5-10 minutes.
  • Lemon acid. Interested in what to remove stains from apples using available tools that can be found at home? Citric acid is well suited to the description! Before washing the apple juice, pick up the container in which your clothes fit, then put the thing in it, blot it up. How to wash apple stains with citric acid? Just pour it on the surface of the pollution and slightly moisten with water. 10 minutes are enough for the stain to almost completely disappear. It remains to wash the thing.

How to wash an apple from clothes

On this way how to wash the apple stains does not end there. You can also use oxalic acid, hydrogen peroxide (a good way to get an apple spot from the surface of white things), as well as other folk remedies that have long been heard. Now it remains to understand how to remove stains from an apple from clothes, if there is no desire or ability to use folk recipes. Only one way out - household chemicals.

Use household chemicals to wipe the spot off the apple from clothes

Are you interested in how to remove an apple stain from clothes, if you choose from a wide range of household goods? The options here are less than when using folk methods. Here's how to clean the apple spot at home:

  • Bleach. The main way how to wash out spots from an apple on a kidswear. Oxygen-containing agents that act more efficiently and do not leave yellow marks, as occurs when using chlorine bleach, should be used. It is necessary to use a whiteness strictly according to the instruction.
  • Stain remover. A more versatile remedy than washing apple juice from children's clothes and adult clothes. A good stain remover is suitable for both white and colored items from various fabrics. As in the case of bleach, when using it is necessary to strictly follow the instructions on the packaging.

That's all - you will no longer have a question about how to wash the stains from apple juice on your favorite things.

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