How to wash greasy places on the jacket: reliable simple ways

Posted by: 09.03.2018

Outerwear is usually washed in summer, but from intense socks, it tends to quickly get dirty, and it often has to be put in order in the middle of winter. Every hostess from time to time looking for a proven way to wash greasy places on the jacket, clean the collar from dirt and completely refresh the thing without causing her the slightest harm.

Serious stains should be entrusted to dry cleaning. But when it is not nearby, or you are afraid that the jacket may be spoiled by potent substances, you can cope with the problem yourself.

How to remove dirt from the collar

The collar is one of the most problematic areas of outerwear. If you need advice than to wash the greasy collar of a jacket, use proven folk remedies. Will help you:

  • brush with a hard pile;
  • baking soda;
  • fresh milk;
  • ammonia;
  • salt;
  • vinegar;
  • onion head.

The marks of sweat and dust can be eliminated with ammonia and salt. Measure out on 1 Art. l each of the components and dissolve them in 0.5 ml of warm water. Moisten the collar with liquid, gently brush it and then rinse it with water.

How to wash a greasy collar jacket

Suede material needs special care. Preheat 200 ml of milk, stir in it 1 tsp. soda and apply the solution to contaminated places. This is one of the most gentle methods to wash a greasy collar of a jacket made of natural suede.

Oily shiny dirt is easy to remove onion juice.

  1. Cut a small onion in half and rub it into the problem area.
  2. For greater efficiency, repeat the procedure after a quarter of an hour, wait a couple of minutes and wipe the collar with a damp cloth.
  3. Hang the clothes in fresh air so that the strong smell of the vegetable will disappear.

Our experts advise to treat greasy places with a special solution. Mix the 1 Art. l ammonia in 4 Art. l water and wet the collar. After 5 minutes, rinse the fabric with water. Dilute a spoonful of vinegar in 0.5 l of liquid and go to acidic water in dirty areas. Hang the product to dry.

How to tidy light bolonevuyu jacket

White outerwear requires care. Wear it in dry sunny weather, it will save from rapid pollution. If spots appear on the light jacket, proceed to remove them while they are fresh. Be sure to read the label on the product and strictly adhere to these recommendations.

When a light jacket is sewn from bolnevogo material, you can remove grease stains with gasoline, which is filled with lighters. Saturate the cotton wool with the agent and gently wipe the edges of the blots, gradually penetrating to their center. After cleaning, remove the remnants of gasoline with a wet cloth.

Как wash the greasy bolonevu jacket in a typewriter machine so that it does not lose shape?

  1. Click on the delicate mode and set the temperature to 40 ° C. Pour liquid detergent into the tray and put some tennis balls along with the jacket.
  2. In the process of washing, they will prevent the synthetic winterizer or down to get into lumps. Unscrew at minimum speed to avoid wrinkling of the material, and dry by hanging on the hanger.
  3. Shake the product once a day to evenly distribute the filler.

How to clean a jacket without washing

Как wash the white collar Yellow Sweat Jackets? You will help the usual soap solution. Grate the host. soap, take a large spoonful of chips and fill it with 200 ml of hot water. Stir thoroughly, dip the brush in the liquid, clean the collar and rinse it with water.

Down jacket cleaning

Many down jackets are forbidden full washing. This does not mean that you can not wash greasy places on their own. Get powder for clothes with downy filler, dissolve the right amount in a basin with hot water and foam. Hang the jacket over the bath and brush it with a brush moistened with solution. Remove foam residues with a clean, damp sponge and dry the down jacket.

How to clean the sleeves of the jacket, not erasing it, because they are the most quickly salted and spoil the appearance. Take advantage of "Fae." It copes well with such pollution. Dissolve a spoonful of the product in 1 l of water, soak a sponge in it and apply foam on the sleeves. Scrub, leave for a few minutes and wipe off with a damp cloth.

The fatty blob on the down jacket can be scrubbed by mixing vinegar and salt in 0.5 1 of water. Fresh fat is removed if the stain is cut into half sliced ​​potatoes. Do not forget to wash off the rest of the juice with water in a couple of minutes.

We clean the suede jacket

For suede better to buy a special tool. Well proven spray «Zamvel». Take a piece of bread crust, gently rub the villi and apply the drug according to the instructions. In addition to removing dirt deposits, the spray gives the clothes water-repellent properties.

If you want to know how to wash a greasy suede jacket without resorting to purchased substances, try an ordinary semolina. Shake the dust off the item, lay it on a flat surface and sprinkle the sleeves, collar and other problem areas with croup. Gently start rubbing it into suede with your hand, and the semolina will gradually incorporate traces of dirt. You will need only to clear a product of white grains.

How to wash a greasy jacket

Putting in order leather outerwear

How to wash the collar and greasy areas on the jacket of the skin? They are easy to clean with water and shampoo. Dissolve the cap of the product in a small amount of liquid, wet it with natural fabric and wipe the polluted places. Then walk around the product with a rag.

  1. If dirt remains, treat the stains with lemon juice or remove ammonia.
  2. Pour ammonia spoons into a glass of 4 water and apply liquid to blots.
  3. Dry the clothes completely and lubricate the skin with castor oil or glycerin. This will give it shine, and it will become like new.

How to wash greasy places on the jacket

Giving preference to professional means, get "Bagi Kozhanka", and you should not think more, than to wash greasy places on a jacket. Well removes stains from the skin "Avel Hussard". The drug gently cleans the product from dirty plaque.

Winter jackets need care and regular maintenance, which will help to keep them in perfect shape for a long time and prolong their life.

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