How to wash the yellow spots on the light down jacket

Posted by: 19.01.2018

You will learn how to wash outerwear, so that there are no stains on it. How to wash a white down jacket without yellow stains and what to do if they appear?

How to wash the yellow spots on the light down jacket

Proper wash jacket

Feathers and down are rather delicate materials, so they should be washed extremely carefully in a washing machine. The mode is set to be delicate, the water temperature should not be higher than 30 ° С. For washing should be used liquid product without coloring and bleaching elements. If you decide to fill the powder, it should not contain additives, or it may be childish. Wash down jacket separately from other clothes. Before washing, turn the product inside out; lightning or buttons should be in the buttoned state. It is better to put a down jacket in a special bag for washing. Rinse the thing you need at least 3 times, and the spin must be delicate to avoid deformation. It is better to dry the product in the open air, but not in the cold.

In order to properly carry out washing the light down jacket with your hands, first it is better to decide on the filler. Usually its material is indicated on the label. If the packing is made of synthetic materials, it can be washed in the usual way. It is not recommended to keep a down jacket in water for a long time. It is necessary to erase liquid means without additives similar to a machine wash.

How to hand wash a product with downy filler

With downy filler need to be careful. It is better to fill the stained areas only: a liquid agent or soap is applied to the fabric, it is foamed and cleaned with a sponge. If you want to wash down jacket with feather whole filler, it should be hung above the bath, lather and rub with a brush. After that, with the help of the shower, the detergent is washed off. In this case, even if there is no water-repellent coating, only the surface pen layer will get wet. So the down jacket dries out sooner and the likelihood of divorce will decrease.

Not all down jackets are washable, for some types of products only dry cleaning is applicable. These include things with a greater degree of protection from the cold, fur or sportswear.

How to prevent the appearance of divorces

As practice shows, divorces on a down jacket are easier to prevent than to withdraw. Therefore, in the process of washing and drying it is better to apply additional preventive measures:

    • load together with down jacket in the washing machine clean tennis balls - it will increase the efficiency of rinsing;
    • spinning should be the maximum;
    • to dry the down jacket should be as follows: on a towel, evenly spread the thing in a horizontal form without bends and creasing;
    • while the product dries, you need to constantly shake it so that the particles of the filler do not accumulate in one place;
    • drying can be accelerated by using a heat fan or a vacuum cleaner.

Spots on down jacket

It often happens that there are white or yellow spots on the coat after washing. Low quality powder or insufficient rinsing can lead to such a disappointing result. You can try to manually wash the down jacket in another powder or liquid detergent, and then rinse it thoroughly. Another problem that arises when washing a down jacket, strayed filler. In this case, the product must be wet, and in the process of drying to distribute the packing by hand.

Remember - you can not rinse the contaminated thing in hot water, as the stain in this case will only get better, and then you will not wash it with anything. Down jacket washable only in cool water with temperatures up to 30 ° C.

That get rid of yellow spots on things, try these options:

  1. Rinse the product thoroughly, and then treat the contaminated places with a specialized stain remover or dishwashing detergent and leave for 20 minutes. After that, wash the item according to all the rules with the addition of a liquid washing gel, rinse at least 3 times and dry.
  2. Soda solution is a popular way to remove yellow stains from clothes. Prepare it like this: mix four tablespoons of soda with one hundred grams of water. This mixture is applied to contaminated places, a little rub with a sponge or brush and leave for an hour. After that, the product can be washed in a washing machine.
  3. There is also a way to get rid of yellow streaks on a white down jacket with hydrogen peroxide. A piece of cotton is moistened in an 3% solution and wipe stains. After the product should be rinsed and dried. Unfortunately, this method will not return the white product to its original whiteness, but light-colored down-padded coats will help for sure.
  4. Another way is to rub a white soap on a fine grater and add a little water. Wipe the stain with this agent and leave for a few hours, then wipe it thoroughly so that no trace of soap is left.

On colored down jackets after washing, white stains often remain, it is much easier to wash them off. To do this, simply rinse the item in a washing machine in cold water along with tennis balls to remove residual detergent. Dry the coat in a horizontal position on a towel or a special dryer.

Be sure, before contacting a down jacket with one or another agent, check the tissue response to it. To do this, a few drops of the solution is applied to a small piece of fabric, located on the wrong side.

Do not try to clean the jacket with vinegar or citric acid, these options are suitable for cleaning other fabrics, but in this case they will only aggravate the situation.

If it was not possible to completely remove the divorces from the down jacket - do not despair, it can be given to dry cleaning and professionals can return it to its original beauty.

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