How to quickly and effectively remove stains from iodine on the carpet

Posted by: 08.11.2017

In every home medicine chest there is iodine - an indispensable tool for treating wounds. When disinfecting fresh scratches, it is easy to turn over the vial with an antiseptic and stain the floor with brown stains. If such a nuisance has occurred, do not worry. There are several ways how remove the stain on the carpet from iodine without a remnant.

Fight fresh spots

Antiseptic quickly embedded in carpet fibers, and it is quite difficult to clean. If you need to know how to remove the iodine stain quickly and the first time, take action while it is fresh.

  1. First, blot the wet area with a dry paper towel. When it absorbs the excess drug, pour a little starch into the bowl, cover with water so that a homogeneous thick mass is formed, and apply on the stain.
  2. Wait a quarter of an hour. During this time there will be a reaction that destroys blots.
  3. To get rid of residual traces of iodine, dilute in a liter of water 1 Art. l household shavings soap and thoroughly clean with a solution of the contaminated place on the front and wrong side.
  4. At the end, collect the foam with a cloth, wash the pile with water and dry the carpet with a hairdryer.

Removing fresh blots usually ends successfully.

How to wash iodine from the carpet

How to wash iodine from the carpet, if the first method did not cope with the task? Try regular soda and vinegar. Pour with a thick layer of white powder contamination, pour vinegar on top and an hour later remove the detergent with water.

If you want to figure out how to remove iodine stains from a light-colored carpet in a gentle way, use fresh lemon juice. Saturate a cotton swab with the juice, gently rub the unpleasant skin around the edges, then moisten it completely, and you will see how it brightens before your eyes. In half an hour you will have to wash the coating with water and dry it.

The spot is withered: what to do?

When there is no time for emergency measures to remove brown stains, or you didn’t immediately notice an annoying nuisance, the question of how to get the iodine stain off the carpet is very important. To return the purity of the dirty things can aggressive means. Using them, be careful and check the prepared solutions on an inconspicuous part of the carpet pile. If there is no negative reaction on it within 15 minutes, the product can be used to clean the coating.

  1. Copes well with acetone antiseptic. Carefully apply the liquid to the blot with a cotton swab. The desired reaction, lightening brown dye, should occur within a couple of minutes. In the end you need to thoroughly wash the pile and ventilate the room.
  2. How to remove a stain from iodine, if the previous methods did not help, and carry the carpet in the chemical. cleaning is not possible? Get ammonia. Dilute 1 tsp. in a glass of lukewarm water and, as it should, soak the carpet pile with it. After 20 minutes, wash away the residues with soapy water and make sure that the contamination has evaporated.

How to remove a stain from iodine

Firmly painted and light carpet can be returned to the original purity of a special solution. Prepare:

  • 5 l warm water;
  • spoon high-quality powder;
  • 10 ml of ammonia.

Mix the ingredients, foam and process the carpet on both sides.

Carpets with bright colors can be saved with methylated spirits. Apply alcohol to the traces of iodine, brush them clean, leave the agent to be applied to 10 minutes, and rinse the coating with some water.

Effective methods

If the available tools do not bring results, do not look for a long time than to remove the iodine stain from the carpet. Get sodium hyposulphite. It is used in a photo studio, for industrial bleaching of fabrics, in the production of household chemicals.

  1. These white crystals extract iodine that has penetrated deep into the fibers of the carpet, very quickly.
  2. Dissolve the granules in a small amount of liquid and soak blots.
  3. As soon as they dissolve, wash the carpet thoroughly with soap, rinse and dry.

How to remove the iodine stain from the carpet at any cost? Try the radical method - a pipe cleaner called “Mole”. Measure out half a teaspoon of gel, stir in a glass of water. Take a pipette, fill it with liquid and gently apply a spot of antiseptic drops. A few minutes later the brown trail will cease to be noticeable. Wasting no time with plenty of water.

How to remove a stain of iodine from the carpet

We use peroxide and alcohol

On light carpets, dried iodine traces are easily destroyed by peroxide. Pour over the contaminated area on both sides. Immediately a violent reaction will occur. When the foam stops raging, take control. soap, rub them with a soft pile brush and carefully walk on the carpet. Collect yellow foam with a rag, pour peroxide again, and clean with soap. After these steps, wash the coating. It should not remain a trace of iodine.

  1. If you need a reliable tool than to remove stains from iodine on the carpet, dissolve 1 Art. l soda in a quarter cup of peroxide.
  2. Use a cleaning fluid to soak the nap, trying not to go beyond the contours of contamination. Rub gently microfiber cloth and after 30 minutes, rinse the stained area.

We use peroxide and alcohol

High-grade alcohol and any substances that include it in their composition helps to cope with the problem. Treated contamination must be left on the 15 minutes before rinsing with water.

Purchased funds

To get rid of stains, you can use the tools specifically created for this purpose. Do not hesitate, than to wash iodine from the carpet. Good reviews leave the hostess on the spray for cleaning upholstered furniture and carpets "Vanish Oxi Action". It should be applied to the blots, wait half an hour and clean the soiled places with a vacuum cleaner.

You can use the cleaner for carpets "Amway", powder "Kercher". They are required to be used according to the instructions, without increasing the recommended dose.

Vanish Oxi Action

Now you know how to wash iodine from the carpet at home. If there are barely noticeable residual marks on the car, do not be discouraged. Despite the fact that the antiseptic is difficult to remove, it tends to evaporate and disappear from various surfaces over time. Suffer a few months, and you can not find yellowish marks, even with careful study of the carpet.

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