How can I remove fresh and old stains from iodine from furniture at home

Posted by: 08.02.2018

Often there are situations when due to inaccurate handling of antiseptic agents, clothing and surfaces may be damaged. The problem of how to remove stains from iodine from furniture, faced by many housewives. Dark brown unpleasant spots seem to be practically unthinkable, but you can get rid of them using several proven methods.

Stains from iodine on furniture - not a problem

Solve the question of how remove iodine stain from furnitureYou can, using the following tips:

  1. Iodine stains can be washed with a mixture of regular baking soda and vinegar. Soda is poured onto the contaminated area, a small amount of acetic acid is poured. The mixture should be left overnight until completely absorbed, after which the residue is washed out with water. Coverage after the procedure must be vacuumed.
  2. Well help to cope with the problem of how to remove the iodine stain on the couch, detergents, which include ammonia. When cleaning you need to open all the windows and a balcony so that the room is ventilated.
  3. Pollution can be removed with starch diluted with water. The mixture should resemble thick porridge, which is applied directly to the contaminated place. To determine that the starch has acted, you can change the color - the material should turn blue. Leftovers are cleaned with cool water and a vacuum cleaner. If the contamination is already old, then it must first be treated with a high-quality stain remover, and then apply the starch mixture on 12 hours.

How to remove iodine stains from furniture

You can try another proven method, like get rid of iodine stains - rub the cleaned potato with the polluted site. Residual marks are removed with detergent intended for furniture. It is best to start treatment immediately after the stain appears on the sofa, as the antiseptic is quickly absorbed into the fabric fibers.

Useful tips on removing iodine stains from furniture

Effectively remove the iodine stain from the sofa without harm to the fabric can, if you follow some recommendations:

  • Before treatment with pollution from the sofa upholstery with a stain remover, you need to check the product on an inconspicuous area of ​​furniture;
  • Before cleaning the surface should be cleaned from dust;
  • First, the stain should be wiped with a weak solution of the cleaning composition, gradually increasing the concentration;
  • When working, always use gloves to protect the skin of the hands;
  • The use of detergent must be alternated with the rinsing procedure;
  • It is worth remembering that most stain removers thin the material, so often using such tools is not recommended;
  • Iodine will discolor more quickly on light-colored fabric if the furniture is outdoors or in a well-ventilated area.

How to remove a stain from iodine on the couch

Today, a popular antiseptic can be purchased in the form of a stick. Using the "pencil", you can not be afraid of stains on your favorite couch or clothes.

Fresh spots of iodine on light furniture

If the mistress faced the question of how to remove the iodine stain on the sofa, then first of all you need to try a very effective, but at the same time inexpensive means - hydrogen peroxide. In order for the upholstery around the contaminated area does not change color, you need to thoroughly soap the material. This procedure will not only preserve the original shade of the furniture, but will not allow the stain to spread further.

Remove iodine stains from furniture with a cotton pad or a clean piece of cloth dipped in peroxide. After that, the upholstery is wiped dry and again treated with the tool. However, if the pollution is quite old, then there are certain difficulties with how to get rid of iodine stains: peroxide will not help. In this case, you need to use regular table vinegar. An antiseptic, entering into a chemical reaction with an acid, crystallizes, and therefore it can be easily removed with a brush.

How to remove iodine stains from light colored furniture? Sodium thiosulfate (2 servings) is considered effective. The material is treated with a substance, and then washed with a solution of soap. In addition, ammonia (1 tablespoon) mixed with one glass of water effectively fights with iodine contamination. With a cotton pad moistened with a solution, a dark spot is processed in the direction from its edges to the middle.

If the first time to remove the stain from iodine from furniture with the help of ammonia failed, then the procedure must be repeated again. Many housewives are advised to use acetylsalicylic acid if the contamination is fresh: the 1 tablet dissolves in 100 ml of cold water. Leftovers are removed with a damp sponge.

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