We clean the carpet from stains in the most effective ways.

Posted by: 01.11.2017

Even regular care of the palace is not a guarantee against its pollution, which is why many housewives are regularly interested in answering the question of how to clean the carpet from stains, dust, dirty stains and shoes without unnecessary nerves and labor costs. This is not so easy to do, especially in the case of strongly stubborn stains, however, using the methods that are correct and proven by the people, it is very possible to make your carpet more clean and dust-free! If you are interested in the question of how to clean the carpet from stains with minimal costs, read the manual, which will give answers to all relevant questions!

How to clean the carpet from stains

We remove the dust from your palace

How to wash the carpet from the dust that has accumulated on the surface during the whole period of its use? To do this, you can use the following two effective ways to solve the problem:

  • Mechanical cleaning. This method is available only in the warm season, as it requires to spend some time on the street. Hang the carpet on the clothesline and begin methodically using a broom or beater to knock out all the dust from it. If you are not embarrassed by the cold, you can still take the palace to the street, put it on the snow and knock it out.
  • Cleaning with salt. How to clean the car at home from dust, if you can not make it on the street? Nothing complicated - apply table salt on the surface of the palace with an even thin layer, let it soak a little, then sweep the salt using a broom moistened with water. The remaining salt is vacuumed.

If these methods on how to clean the carpet at home, do not bring visible results after the first time, it is enough to repeat the procedure until the desired effect appears.

We remove a variety of stains

Stains are completely different, so many housewives are concerned about how to clean the carpet from stains of one kind or another. The following instructions will help you find the means:

  • Ink pens. An effective remedy for dealing with traces of a ballpoint pen on a carving (and on any other surface in principle) is citric acid. You can also take vinegar, and then treat the stains on the carpet with a liquid, let it soak in and rub it with a brush.
  • Fat. How to clean the carpet from fat stains? Purified gasoline! It is important to take exactly pure gasoline (it can be bought in hardware stores), since the fuel taken at the gas station can leave its tracks, which are almost impossible to remove. To remove stains, rub the mixture of gasoline and soapy water into the stain, then rinse with water.
  • Alcohol. Not everyone knows how to clean the carpet from the stains of colored alcohol, and in fact a very effective remedy is literally under the nose - citric acid. Simply apply a small amount of citric acid on the stains, rub it into the fibers and let it absorb a little, then carefully wipe the treated area with a wet brush.
  • Blood. There are many ways to wash the carpet from blood stains - the most effective of which are soapy water, ammonia, detergent and salt. These funds must be rubbed into the blood stain, and then wipe it with a brush.
  • Egg. Sometimes there are situations when a fresh egg falls on the palace and breaks directly on it. How to clean the carpet from stains of a similar nature? You can remove the stain itself with ordinary water and a brush, and the remains of the yolk are easily erased with hydrogen peroxide.
  • Fruits. How to clean stains on the palace from fresh fruit? Dissolve a tablespoon of ammonia in water and wipe the stain with this solution, then rub it with a brush.

Now you know how to wash the carpet, without removing it from the floor. But that's not all you can do with it!

Universal remedy

You do not know how to wash the honey spilled on the palace? The previously mentioned tips do not help with your difficult problem? Then apply the universal remedy according to the following recipe:

  1. Mix equal parts of washing powder, vinegar and baking soda in hot water.
  2. Stir the mixture until smooth and pour into the spray bottle.
  3. Spray the prepared solution evenly onto the surface of the carpet.
  4. After processing, clean the carpet with an ordinary brush (it can be soft).

This tool has a positive effect even in the most severe cases, perfectly removes even stubborn stains and especially the dust that has settled on the surface of the car. A similar procedure can be performed during each general cleaning to ensure cleanliness.

We remove unpleasant odors

Sometimes the palace is not only polluted by dust and traces, but also gets very unpleasant odors that can spoil the impression of guests of the house. And if you already know how to clean the carpet from stains at home, then how to remove the smell remains a mystery to you. In fact, nothing complicated - for disposal of the stench, use the methods:

  • Washing powder. It is advisable to take a pleasant aroma powder with a strong odor that can successfully mask the stench and eliminate its cause. Simply wipe the perceived source of bad odor with a brush dipped in a detergent solution, then leave to dry. The smell is guaranteed to disappear.
  • Air conditioning. This is another effective way to get rid of bad smells emanating from the fabric of the palace. It is enough to treat the carpet with a good agent with conditioning properties on both sides, open all the windows in the apartment and wait for 3-5 hours. As time passes, all bad smells will evaporate.

Before cleaning the carpet from stains at home, you should take care of a tool that will help to return the product to its bright and saturated color. It is prepared quite simply: grate a few fresh potatoes on a coarse grater and immerse it in cool tap water. To enhance the effect, add lemon juice to the water. After washing the carpet, it is necessary to treat the entire surface of the carpet with this solution - a conventional brush is used for this.

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