Mistress note: how to independently remove the paraffin stain from clothes

Posted by: 27.11.2017

The appearance of wax or wax stains is always accompanied by the problem of their removal. Appearing on clothes and elements of furnishings, they penetrate very tightly into the structure of the material. Just because they do not remove.

How to remove paraffin stains from clothes? For most hostesses, colorless paraffin contaminations do not bring huge problems, but here the color contamination of such a melt is densely embedded in the structure of the material and is very difficult to remove.

Do not be sad and immediately throw things in the trash or dry cleaning. By own strength it is also possible to get rid of such stains. Everything is quite simple and depends only on the method of cleaning the wax element and the degree of contamination.

Any festive or romantic event with the use of wax candles leaves positive memories. But the memory of a beautiful evening can darken the remaining pollution from paraffin. It should be noted that the stains from the wax-like element are not removed by ordinary washing the product. This is because the molten element leaves not only an external influx on the material, but also an insoluble fatty stain. For this, it is recommended to carry out preliminary preparation of the polluted site. An important criterion for removing paraffin spots are the color and the characteristic component of the tissue component.

How to remove paraffin stains from clothes

How to remove a paraffin stain with water

Usually, special chemicals are not required to remove contaminants from paraffin. It is enough to light the light cloth for a short boil, and the traces of pollution will begin to melt and then disappear altogether. At the end of the procedure, the item must be washed in a warm soapy solution. Next, rinse in warm and cold water.

Products that have an unstable color should be cleaned only after thorough drying of the wax stain. Contaminated place must be rubbed severely, so that the main paraffin particles crumble. The residual part should be covered with chalk and put a few napkins on top and a small load. After about an hour, you need to take a brush and start cleaning. After brushing, cleaning should be done with a clean kitchen sponge and cool water.

Materials that are not subject to shrinkage, can be subjected to hot washing. To do this, fill the container with water heated to 50-60ºС and dissolve detergent powder in it. The site of pollution must be soaked and left for half an hour. At the end of this time should be thorough washing and rinsing. This method can be applied in a washing machine, provided that such a mode is present in the device.

How to remove paraffin stains on clothes

How to remove paraffin stains on clothes with a knife

We are waiting for the complete drying of the pollutant. Otherwise, a not dried spot will simply be smeared on the surface of the material, which will aggravate the situation. Before removing the paraffin contamination, the main wax flow should be scraped off. This action will require a plastic or traditional knife.

How to remove a paraffin stain from clothes

How to remove paraffin stains from clothes using the freezer

To quickly get rid of the stain, the freezer can serve as an elementary way of removal. Put the product in the bag and place it for half an hour in the freezer of the refrigerator. If the fabric has a large amount of wax, then the placement of things in the freezer should be increased to two hours. With the hardening of matter - the wax will be removed without extra effort, it is only necessary to slightly wrinkle the fabric in your hands.

From the effects of low temperatures, paraffin wax becomes brittle. For its disappearance it is not necessary to use a scraper, you can use a regular toothbrush.

If the product is large and there is no possibility of placement in the freezer, then you can go to the trick. Apply a package that is filled with pieces of ice or frozen food.

After the disappearance of the main pollution, there will remain the problem of getting rid of the fatty stain, which is displayed in the usual way by hand or automatic washing.

How to remove paraffin stains from clothes with iron

This method is considered the most effective. It will require:

  • Ordinary iron;
  • Pieces of ice;
  • Hair dryer or similar device;
  • Several paper napkins;
  • Absolutely white piece of fabric.

We lay out the product with pollution on the ironing board. Under the stain we put a napkin in two layers. Under the napkin put the matter so that the wax element does not spread on the board. Begin to iron the paper with a heated iron. The temperature must match the product tag. Under the influence of elevated temperatures, the wax melts and drains onto the fabric. It is necessary to iron the pollution until it disappears, not forgetting to regularly change paper napkins. With a small spot size, you can use a heated kitchen knife or a tablespoon instead of an iron.

If colored wax left a mark on the clothing, then the above manipulations should be carried out several times. But there is a more rational way of dealing with such a stain - it can be treated with methylated spirits. Wet cotton fabric and put it on the dirt. Napkins should be placed on top of the fabric. We iron this combination by constantly replacing the paper. After ironing, only traces of fat stains remain on the contaminated product. These stains are wiped with a swab, which is pre-wetted in filtered gasoline. Next, put the item in the washing machine and wash.

How to remove paraffin stains from clothes with solvent

As a rule, the use of a heated iron is not suitable for all types of fabrics. The use of the solvent component in a short time to get rid of fatty spots.

You can get rid of fatty spots with the help of special solvents. These tools include:

  • acetone,
  • petrol,
  • technical solvents.

We moisten a cotton pad in any of the above means and wipe the affected area. After half an hour, repeat the operation. Next, erase the thing in the usual way.

Such a variation in the care of the product is possible only for resistant fabrics and cannot be applied to organic materials (silk, wool) and acetate.

When processing with gasoline, the item must be well dried to evaporate. If this is not done, it turns out the formation of an emulsion and no sense at all.

For things with delicate washing instead of aggressive solvents, it is more expedient to use more gentle preparations. In this case, suitable dishwashing detergent. A large amount of the product is applied to the place of contamination, leaving it to dry completely. Then the thing is washed in the traditional way.

Useful questions and answers for housewives

  • How to remove a paraffin stain with silk clothes? Wax on silk and similar fabrics can be removed with cologne;
  • How to remove paraffin stain from clothes from velvet? Paraffin on such tissues is easily removed with turpentine;
  • How to remove paraffin stains from products that can not be washed? The disappearance of stains from such materials is possible with the help of medical alcohol. We moisten a sponge with alcohol and wipe the contaminated place. After a few minutes, repeat the procedure.

These are the main methods to combat paraffin stains on clothing. Each hostess can use the technique of removing pollution, because all the means are available and there is no need to resort to an expensive dry cleaning service.

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