How to remove blood stains from the mattress - the best ways

Posted by: 30.12.2017

There are many categories of stains that can ruin a mattress. Perhaps one of the most difficult substances is blood. It is almost instantly absorbed into the fibers of the mattress, after which it becomes very difficult to wash it off using conventional methods. It is for this reason that many housewives are interested in the question of how to remove blood stains from the mattress, without spending a lot of time and effort on this procedure. Fortunately, there are many effective methods that allow you to remove blood contamination so that they are not a single trace. How to remove blood stains from the mattress at home, and what do you need for this? This detailed guide will help to understand.

How to remove blood stains from the mattress

Solutions to the problem

How to wash stains on the mattress, if it is stained with blood? There are several options for solving the problem:

  • Dry cleaning If you absolutely do not know how and how to remove stains from the mattress, you can dry-clean it. There with the product they will do everything necessary to completely get rid of pollution. The problem is that dry cleaning can be very far away, and its services are paid.
  • Self dry cleaning. How to wash the blood on the mattress, if it is not recommended to wet? You can resort to home dry cleaning, which is carried out by a vacuum cleaner. You should know that this method is not suitable against old stains, but good for general cleaning.
  • Wet cleaning. How to remove a dried blood stain from a mattress? In this case only wet cleaning with the help of a washing vacuum cleaner, or self-prepared means will help.
  • Home dry cleaning. This method is not completely dry cleaning in this sense of the word, but it has the right to exist. This cleaning is carried out with the help of special tools for independent cleaning of furniture, which requires certain financial costs.

How to remove old blood stains from the mattress

So, how to remove blood stains from the mattress, if they have just appeared or spoil the appearance of the product for many days already? It's time to figure out how to get rid of blood stains on the mattress.

The best stain cleaners

Below are a few ways to remove old blood stains from a mattress, as well as cope with still fresh dirt. Try one of them and make sure that these recommendations are effective:

  • Soda water with salt. A mixture of these ingredients can be very useful if you are looking for an answer to the question of how to remove blood stains from the mattress. The method works well against fresh stains. It is necessary to moisten blood stains with carbonated water, then sprinkle with salt and leave to soak for several hours. When time is up, you need to clean off the remains of salt and stains.
  • Water and soap. How to remove the blood stain from the mattress, if there was no soda at hand? Salt alone can not give the desired result, so it is better to try water with soap. Take the soap and crumble it into the water, stir the solution thoroughly. After that, treat the blood stains on the mattress, not sparing means. After soaking, rub with a brush.
  • Boric acid. How to wash the blood off the mattress quickly and efficiently? Try a solution of boric acid or borax. Boric acid has long established itself as a good home remedy against stains, including blood stains. How to remove blood stains from the mattress with this tool? It is enough to moisten the stains with a cotton swab soaked in boric acid, allow the solution to act, then soak the mattress with a cloth or paper to remove excess moisture from it.
  • Steam cleaner. A good remedy if you are interested in how to wash the mattress from the blood without using any solutions. Run a steam cleaner on a fresh spot of blood to remove it without rubbing inside. If you do not have such a device, you can take an iron with steam.
  • Lemon juice with salt. How to remove stains on the mattress, if there were no special detergents at hand, and the blood must be removed very quickly? Try the tools at hand that you can find in the kitchen - salt and lemon juice. Mix these substances to make a paste. It is necessary to smear it on blood stains, wait 30-60 for minutes, and then carefully remove.
  • Hydrogen peroxide and potassium bitartrate. You do not know how to remove the bloody stains from the mattress, which has already managed to firmly absorb into the fibers? Do not worry, there is a way! Mix potassium bitartrate and hydrogen peroxide to make a paste. This paste should be applied to blood stains and wait for 30-60 minutes, then clean off the remains of the prepared paste from the surface of the mattress.
  • Special cleaners. How to remove old blood stains from the mattress, if you want to use proven household chemicals? In this case, enzyme cleaning products that do an excellent job with the task ahead will come to your rescue. How to remove the stain from the blood on the mattress by this means? It is very simple - it is sufficient to strictly follow the instructions given by the manufacturer, which is always indicated on the container with detergent.

These ways of removing the bloody stain from the mattress have proven to be effective, so there is no reason to doubt the advisability of using them - even if it did not help for the first time, try again. You can give other valuable recommendations on how to remove the stain on the mattress from the blood.

General Tips for Removing Blood Stains

We have already figured out how to remove blood stains from the mattress, however, this is not all that you should know in order to more effectively combat pollution. Remember the tips on how to remove blood stains on the mattress:

  • Before washing the blood stains on the mattress, make sure that the water is not hot. The fact is that hot water leads to accelerated blood coagulation, which will be even harder to wash.
  • Try to prevent moisture from penetrating deep into the mattress - even if you are using one of the solutions to remove stains, apply it in doses to prevent the mattress from soaking through.
  • It is best to deal with fresh pollution - absorbed blood is removed very reluctantly.

Use effective tips and recipes for wiping blood stains from a mattress so that the product is always clean and suitable for use, because a good mattress is a good and healthy sleep.

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