How to remove stains from your favorite clothes - everything you need to know about pollution

Posted by: 13.03.2018

Even the most accurate person will sooner or later put his first spot on clothes that you feel sorry to throw out. In this case, the question immediately arises about how to properly carry out the removal of stains and how you can remove stains from clothes. Unfortunately, not everyone knows how to deal with pollution, and either do not achieve the desired result, or give up, throw away damaged clothes and spend money on new ones. But you can go more simple and effective way - to figure out how to remove the stain from clothes. Now let's begin!

Determine the type of pollution to choose a remedy.

In order to be as productive as possible to use tips on how to remove stains from things, you need to know what these or other stains look like. The ability to determine the nature of pollution will allow you to better select the tool in order to remove stains on clothing. So, all spots can be classified into several common types:

  • Fatty. Such pollution has no pronounced boundaries, they are blurred and devoid of acute rays that are widespread in all directions. Fresh stains of fat always have a darker color than the color of the fabric, with age it becomes a matte shade and becomes lighter. Before removing the stain from clothes, it is necessary to soak the thing well to ease the pollution, and only then proceed directly to removal.
  • Spots without fat. Fat-free pollution has distinguished boundaries that are darker than the interior of the stain. Such traces often remain from beer, juice, tea, wine, fruit and other products. The color of non fatty contamination can vary from shades of yellow to brown.
  • Combined. Such spots contain both fatty and non-fatty components, more common than any one type. The borders are slightly blurred, but more distinct than those of pure fatty spots. The substances that leave such traces include blood, milk, soup, sauce, and other similar sources.

How to remove stains on clothes of different types? We'll have to choose ways that are designed for a specific category of pollution. Of course, there are ways to remove stains from clothes universal, and they are suitable for almost all situations, however, if you are interested in how to remove stains on clothes effectively, it is better to narrow down the specialization.

General recommendations on how to remove stains from clothes

Below you can familiarize yourself with universal methods of how to remove stains on clothes - they are suitable for many categories of pollution, and if you do not know how to remove stains on clothes, try these recommendations:

  • Knife. This is a great tool for scraping dried up stains - it will do well with wax stains, plasticine, fat, jam and other substances. It is enough to scrape off the main part of the pollution, and only then begin to wash the clothes - this is much more efficient than washing the stains without removing them from the clothes.
  • Laundry soap. You do not know how to remove stains from clothes? In any incomprehensible situation, use soap, which is the most universal recipe, even in the most difficult cases. It is enough to put a small amount of foam from the soap on the surface of the stain, leave it for a while, then rinse the treated clothes or send it to the washing machine - the spots will disappear.
  • Hydrogen peroxide. How to remove stains from white clothes? It is difficult to find a tool more effective than hydrogen peroxide. Usually, the peroxide is applied directly to the surface of the treated fabric, left to soak for several hours, and then erase the thing. This is enough to remove traces.

You have learned how to remove stains from colored things and white clothes without unnecessary problems. If these methods do not bring the desired result, you need to either repeat the procedure or go to the tips for specific types of fabrics on how to remove the old stain from clothes. You will meet them right now.

How to remove stains from fat from the surface of the fabric?

Most often, people are interested in how to remove old stains from clothes, if it gets fatty food or object. There are several effective strategies that will permanently remove traces of fat:

  • Salt. Dissolve a small amount of salt in water, soak a cotton swab in the prepared solution, and then treat it with a greasy stain. If the contamination is large and deep, it is necessary to wet it and sprinkle it abundantly with salt. After the salt has absorbed a greasy stain, the clothes should be well washed.
  • Solvent. How can you remove stains on clothes smeared in oil paint or other technical substances? Solvent treatment is what is needed in this case! Apply a small amount of solvent to the surface of the greasy stain and gently rub from the edges to the center, then wash the thing.
  • Alcohol. How to remove old stains from clothes, which got fat? Use liquid ammonia, and if it is not at hand, you can use denatured alcohol. The liquid is wetted with a cotton swab, applied to the stain and left in that position for 30-60 minutes. After completing the procedure, clothes are washed in a typewriter.
  • Turpentine. Than remove old stains from clothesif nothing against fat helps? There is an aggressive and extremely effective remedy for fat - turpentine. Use it carefully, so as not to damage the clothes, it is better to refrain from handling delicate fabrics. If all is well, you need to put turpentine on a cotton swab or cloth, then attach to the stain for a few minutes. Next thing you need to wash.

These are not all ways to remove old stains from clothing that has come under the impact of fat. With success, you can use soap, a solution of vinegar in water, a mixture of ammonia and glycerin, as well as many other recipes.

How to get rid of traces of chocolate, coffee and tea?

Since the stains from the above products and drinks contain dyes, proteins and fats, their removal is not an easy task. So, how to remove the stain from colored fabric after a failed tea party? Verified Tips:

  • Ammonia. Soak a cotton swab in liquid ammonia, gently wipe the stained stain from the edges to the center (so as not to smear on the fabric), wait 15-20 minutes, then wash the item in the machine.
  • Hydrogen peroxide. How to remove stains from clothes if there is no ammonia? The method completely repeats the above recipe, only instead of ammonia, hydrogen peroxide is used directly.
  • Glycerol. Heat a small amount of glycerin and pour it on the surface of pollution, let it brew for a while. When the stain is weakened, the glycerin must be removed, and the thing sent to the machine wash.

How to remove the stain from clothes

How to remove the old stain with colored clothes in alternative ways? You can remove coffee, tea and chocolate with oxalic acid solution or hyposulfite solution. If the pollution is not very serious, it is better to simply wipe the surface of the fabric with a brush, soaped with the help of laundry soap - this also helps a lot. Now it remains to figure out how to remove stains from colored things that come under the blow of wine, juice of berries and fruits.

We remove pollution from red wine, berries and fruits.

The question of how to remove the red stain from clothes is quite common among modern housewives, so we should not miss the opportunity to list the most effective ways to remove stains from colored laundry:

  • Mix a little glycerin and raw yolk of the egg in equal parts, bring to a homogeneous state, and then apply the prepared product on the place with dirt. Wait for the 5-6 clock, then wash away the remnants of the product, send the item to the washing machine drum and wash it for more effect.
  • How to remove the stain on the colored fabric, if she spilled wine or berry juice? Manganese is a tool that can help in this situation. It is necessary to moisten a dirty area of ​​fabric in potassium permanganate, then wipe it with a peroxide solution. The stain will noticeably weaken, it remains only to wash clothes in a typewriter.
  • To effectively remove stains, you can mix white soap and 10% ammonia, and then dip the contaminated place in the resulting solution. It is better to even rub with a brush, if the fabric is not delicate.

How to remove the stain from the colored fabric

There will be no more question than to remove the stains on colored things - on the contrary, you will be able to answer the questions of friends and acquaintances about how to remove stains from colored things and clothes of white tones. Even if any of the above tips on how to remove old stains from colored clothes does not help you, you can always try one of the many possible options. But the best thing, of course, is to keep track of things and try not to smudge them.

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