Tips on how to quickly remove the vomit stain from the couch with available tools

Posted by: 03.01.2018

Removing stains is often a laborious process that requires knowledge and time. But there is a special type of pollution that is not easy to handle due to the nature of their origin. Such traces include vomit, the mere mention of which causes a fit of disgust. But those who have small children in their families or pet owners often have to face a similar problem. Not a single person is immune from a hasty reaction of the body.

We save upholstered furniture from emetic masses

Often, even adults, not children, do not have time to prevent the effects of emetic urges! Therefore, everyone will not be superfluous to know how remove vomit stains from furniture. A reflexive need arises for an adult, child or pet in the most unpredictable places. And the result is disappointing, because the unpleasant selections on the upholstery, carpet or clothing will not be ignored. A disgusting smell instantly penetrates the room and is absorbed into the fabric or other coating. Like any pollution, traces of vomiting are best eliminated immediately, not giving a chance to soak up gastric eruptions in the tissue fibers. It is necessary to follow simple recommendations in order not to aggravate the situation. Small tricks will facilitate the work on the elimination of unpleasant pollution.

  1. Initially, you should remove the remnants of vomit from the surface of the sofa, chair, using paper napkins, toilet paper, rags, rags.
  2. After it is necessary to use a wet sponge, gently washing out the remnants of pollution. But it is impossible at this stage to remove the remains of the eruption from the stomach with smearing or rubbing movements.
  3. It is strictly forbidden to use hot water to remove stains from vomiting, because it:
  • promotes penetration of the disgusting-smelling slur deep into the upholstery fibers and the sofa filler;
  • at high temperatures, it ensures protein folding, so it will be more difficult to wash such dirt from the upholstery;
  • provokes the spread of disgusting smell, not only on the room where the trouble occurred, but also deep into the subject of the situation.
  1. It is recommended to use cold or lukewarm water, in which the remnants of undigested food with gastric enzymes participating in the digestive process are best dissolved.
  2. If you can not overpower disgust, then you should generously sprinkle cat litter, which perfectly absorbs not only the liquid vomit, but also the unpleasant odor emanating from them. After soaking up the pile, you can gently sweep the scoop, and remove the residues with a vacuum cleaner.
  3. You can use the excellent tool that is available to any hostess - this is soda. Not sparing, it is necessary to fill the place, from where the emetic masses are removed, with baking soda, which is left for some time. This remedy:
  • possesses the magnificent absorbing properties, eliminating the remains of moisture;
  • absorbs unpleasant odor;
  • perfectly neutralizes gastric acid.

If you clearly work at the first stage to eliminate the effects of nausea, then you can relatively quickly get rid of the traces.

Experienced housewives in the absence of the above funds can successfully use salt or starch, which also absorb moisture well and contribute to the elimination of pollution.

How to wash the smell of vomiting from furniture, carpet

Carefully studying the modern means of household chemicals on the shelves of the store, you can choose decent options that will help eliminate the disgusting smell of vomiting on the couch, couch or carpet.

  1. To neutralize the unpleasant "flavor", you can use drugs that are sold in auto chemical stores. But they should be used carefully in the room where small children live, because they can cause allergic reactions.
  2. Carpet cleaning agents and stain removers, which are able not only to eliminate the trace of vomit on the upholstery, but also neutralize stubborn odor, have proven themselves well.
  3. A real salvation for housewives who are trying to get a persistent acidic smell from vomiting from furniture, are special tools that are sold in pet stores. They have an excellent neutralizing effect in relation to odors inherent in the life of pets.
  4. From the number of folk remedies copes with the smell of vomiting ammonia, which is mixed in the proportion of 1: 1. A sponge is dipped into the prepared mixture and a stain is treated with patting movements.
  5. Excellent help air ozonizers, which include ozone, which kills bacteria and spores of fungi, which are the source of the disgusting smell.

How to remove the vomit stain from the couch

But in no case should not try to suppress the smell of vomiting with the help of deodorizing means, perfumed liquids. It is better not to use perfume or masking nausea smell, because their combination produces an explosive foul-smelling mixture.

How to wash vomit from clothes correctly

If vomit got on clothes, bed linen, then you should not postpone the procedure of eliminating pollution until later, but act immediately. Tips on how to wash vomit from wardrobe items will help extend the life of your favorite things.

  1. Wash away the remnants of vomiting with cold water. But it is necessary to direct the stream of water to pollution from the wrong side to minimize penetration into the fabric fibers.
  2. If the vomit had time to dry, then they should be scraped off, and then soaked for several hours, adding an enzyme prewash to the cold water.
  3. When soaking, it is necessary to rub a small amount of undiluted detergent (gel, shampoo, soap), both in old dirt and fresh, which will help to wash out sticking pollution.
  4. Those interested in washing vomit from clothes should know that it is better to choose powder or liquid laundry detergentwhere alkali prevails.

What to wash the smell of vomiting

Among the popular methods of dealing with this kind of contamination, baking soda is used, which is sprinkled with a stain, and lemon juice or vinegar is poured on top. Those who are looking for how to remove a vomiting stain from clothes will not be disappointed by trying the effect of hydrogen peroxide on white clothes.

Each hostess chooses the necessary option for disposal of vomit and unpleasant smell at its own discretion.

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