How to remove stains from laminate in 5 minutes

Posted by: 19.04.2018

Since the laminate has a wooden base, it needs regular and intensive care. Due to the environmental resins that are impregnated with such flooring, the coating has a high wear resistance. The top layer is waterproof. Therefore, with quality care, such a floor will last long enough. How to remove stains from the laminate will tell the article.

Initially, you need to decide how to properly clean these coatings.

How to wash a laminate

Caring for them does not require any special knowledge or the use of special tools. This floor does not need to be varnished or polished. You can ask for advice from the sellers of hardware stores, what means it is better to wash the laminate. The protective top layer is able to repel dust, which prevents its rapid accumulation.

How to clean laminate from stains

Some housewives doubt whether it is possible to use water when washing. Modern manufacturers are such models of flooring that can not spoil the moisture. Therefore, wet cleaning can and should be done. When choosing a mop, you can not worry too much. The main conditions are a soft cloth and warm water. If the contamination is strong, a special laminate cleaner should be added to the water.

Although such a flooring is not demanding, you must follow a number of rules when washing:

  • Do not use abrasive cleaning agents and steam treatment, as this will necessarily lead to the destruction of the upper protective layer of the coating;
  • special cleaners will help you to cope with the task of how to clean the laminate from stains;
  • for rearrangement of furniture, do not drag it on the floor, but lift it up, or use a soft lining;
  • Attach gaskets made of soft material like felt to the legs of chairs and wheels from furniture to prevent scratches on the floor;
  • when small and medium scratches appear, they can be covered with a special paste with the desired color.

Having dealt with the operation of washing, go to the question of how to remove stains from the laminate.

Secrets of removing stains

White stains are easily removed using water with vinegar or salt. In case of contact, the paint can be wiped off with a solvent, white spirit or any suitable autochemistry. It is necessary to apply the solution directly on the stain and clean with a wet soft cloth. So that the coating does not leave any traces of solvent, it is selected depending on the type of paint.

How to clean and how to wash stains on the laminate from masking tape? Use Mr. Proper cleaning agent or a special Anti-Scotch solution. Perfect and vodka with alcohol.

To remove cement stains, use a cement scrubber like Atlas Szop.

Stains from mounting foam are well removed by Dimexide. It is applied to dirt, waits five minutes and then is cleaned with a damp cloth. For complex stains, alcohol and acetone are used. However, do not overdo it with their application so as not to corrode the upper protective layer. Glue stains are easy to clean with warm water.

How to clean the laminate from stains of blood? Use denatured alcohol or window cleaner. You can use water with a solution of ammonia, hydrogen peroxide with ammonia.

A baking soda solution or a special eraser will help you well from the traces of shoes.

How and what to remove grease stains from laminate? They should first freeze, and then carefully scraped with a plastic knife. Well helps and solution of warm water with soap.

Pencil traces are perfectly removed using white spirit. You can also use toothpaste, which should immediately wash off.

However, you should know what are the features in the care of different types of coatings of laminate.

Care for different types

For a glossy finish you need a lot of attention. This type of wash especially often, so that it retains its brilliance. At the end of the cleaning, the floor is necessarily wiped with a dry cloth. On such a laminate is not recommended to go barefoot. Especially in those cases when some fat cream was applied on the legs.

Matte coating in many cases, quickly contaminated. Over time, a dull plaque usually appears. To remove it, you can use a special spray that contains alcohol. Before cleaning the product is sprayed onto the surface and left for some time - five minutes. Then the surface is washed with warm water and wiped with a dry cloth. This spray allows you to clean the laminate without risking to leave white stains.

The surface with the presence of chamfers around the perimeter of the board is very sensitive to water. Therefore, a rag must be wrung out very thoroughly before cleaning. Make sure that the moisture does not accumulate in the chamfers at the boards.

How to clean the laminate from stains is now known. Consider the rules for the care of such coverage.

Laminate Care Rules

In order for the coating to retain its brilliance and serve for a long time, follow a number of simple rules:

  • before applying the soap solution, make sure that it does not leave white stains;
  • use a brush with a scoop for daily cleaning of dust and dirt;
  • most types of stains are perfectly cleaned with an alcohol-based window cleaner;
  • if you spill something on the laminate, you must immediately wipe the liquid, so as not to deform the surface of the floor from long contact with moisture;
  • large-sized furniture must be moved with caution, since in this way the floor surface is most often damaged;
  • waxing the floor is not recommended, because the surface may lose its natural luster due to this;
  • When searching for a cheaper cleaning agent, we recommend that you pay attention to a solution of white vinegar distilled nine percent, which can be added to water and scrub with the help of the resulting stain.

In conclusion, we can say that the task of how to remove stains from the laminate is quite simple. It is necessary to use special cleaners, warm water, soft cloths and give up wax as a means of increasing the gloss of the coating.

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