How to remove stains on tissue glycerin

Posted by: 25.04.2018

Glycerin is an indispensable tool in the household. With its help it is easy to eliminate complex old contaminations that even high-quality powder cannot cope with. Before you remove the stain with glycerin, find out its origin and composition of the tissue. After cleansing, the material must retain the texture and color, and for this you need to find the right recipe.

How to remove stains from glycerol

When can the substance be used?

Colorless polyhydric alcohol perfectly soluble in water. In tandem with ammonia or hydrogen peroxide, it is able to remove persistent pollution. It can be used from stains:

  • fruits and berries;
  • tea, chocolate, coffee;
  • gouaches;
  • ink, traces of felt-tip pen and pencils;
  • old yellow stains.

In its pure form, glycerin is carefully applied with a cotton pad, left for several hours and rinsed with cloth. This way is good for silk.

We wash stains from fruits and berries

Berry blots with colored clothes are easy to clean with glycerin when they are fresh. It can dissolve the juice of currants, cherries, strawberries.

  1. Fresh spot needs to be wetted with glycerin and rinsed in 2 hours in salted water.
  2. If the bright juice has dried out, mix the substance 30 with the beaten yolk, grease it with plenty of dirt and set it aside for three hours. Then wash it in a cool soap solution and rinse.
  3. Coarse natural fabric can be washed by combining ammonia and glycerin in equal proportions. Treat with stains, after 2 hours, rinse, dissolving a spoonful of table salt for every liter of water.

Wool items are cleaned with glycerin, vodka and ammonia in the proportion of 1: 3: 1. Soak the stain on the solution for a couple of hours and wash as usual.

How to wash out stains from drinks?

Women are well aware that traces of coffee, tea or chocolate are difficult to remove with regular powder. Glycerin is able to facilitate the task and dissolve pollution without residue.

  1. For use on light fabrics, slightly heat the substance in a water bath and gently rub it into the mark with cotton wool. After 20 minutes, rinse with warm water and dry the product.
  2. Chocolate divorces can be eliminated by mixing salt and glycerin so that a thick mixture forms. Apply it to the stained area and wait until the brown stain has dissolved. Finally, wash the clothes with powder.
  3. To wipe away tea and coffee stains from a light tablecloth, mix a spoonful of glycerin and 50 ml of ammonia in 5 ml of water. Dampen dirt for half an hour and then wash.

White natural fabric is cleared from tea with oxalic or citric acid. In a glass of cold water, dissolve two teaspoons of oxalic acid or a spoonful of citric acid. Wet the fabric for a quarter of an hour and rinse. If brown contours are still visible, soak them in warm glycerin. After 30 minutes, blot the excess with a cloth and rinse the material with running water.

Removal of difficult pollution

Many housewives have no idea how to remove the stain of propolis on the fabric. Propolis tincture is often used for the treatment of otitis media in children and carelessly dirty bed linen and clothes.

  1. It is easy to get rid of traces of tincture by mixing ammonia and glycerin in the same proportion. Thoroughly spread the mixture on the contaminated area and an hour later do the washing with powder and bleach.
  2. Fresh blot of propolis on a dense material can be wiped with alcohol or vodka. Brush it with a soft bristle brush and leave on the 10 minutes before washing.
  3. If all else fails, figure out how to remove peroxide stains. This substance removes persistent stains of various origins. First you need to abundantly sprinkle pollution with soda. Pour hydrogen peroxide on top. There will be a violent reaction that destroys stains, and you will only have to wash the thing in the usual way.

Linen light bedding is well washed from stains with turpentine. Take a bucket of hot water, put on the 2 spoons of ammonia, turpentine and powder. Soak things at night. In the morning they will delight you with perfect whiteness.

Rust on the fabric is removed with vinegar, but on delicate fabrics it is better to use glycerin. Add to it a liquid soap and water in the same proportion, apply to the fabric and leave to dry completely.

Traces of ink and felt-tip pen need to be saturated with glycerin, salt on top and rinse after half an hour.

We wash off glycerin

Polyhydric soluble alcohol is a reliable remedy for stains, but sometimes it also soils clothes, leaving noticeable greasy traces on it. How to remove stains from glycerin, if the trouble occurred?

Wash things in “Vanisha” or another oxygen stain remover. This is usually enough to return the fabric to its original appearance. If you don’t have household chemicals on hand, and you don’t know how to remove the glycerin stain, use vodka. It dissolves remarkably and instantly removes the substance from the fabric.

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