How to remove the stain from the pants - the best proven tips

Posted by: 30.12.2017

Stains overtake even the most accurate people who constantly monitor their appearance. One awkward movement, and a fat spot on the pants is firmly absorbed and leaves no chance for saving things. Or is it possible to return the old look to clothes? Many people show interest in answering the question of how to remove the stain on the pants as quickly and efficiently as possible. Some try to wash off the pollution after several wash cycles, others soak the trousers. Where is the truth? If you are also interested in how and what to remove stains on trousers without unnecessary time and labor costs, this guide will help you. Now you can learn how to remove stains from the pants without any risks.

How to remove the stain on the pants

Proper preparation for the procedure

Before removing the stain from the trousers, it is necessary to properly prepare the clothes for the upcoming procedure for removing contaminants. In particular, you should perform the following required actions:

  • If the stain is fresh, before removing the fat stain from the trousers, peel off any excess fat from the garment.
  • Using a stiff brush to wipe trousers from adhering dust, as well as from hair and fur.
  • In case of removal of stubborn stains, soak the pants in warm, soapy water before the procedure.

Now that the pants are prepared to eliminate pollution, you can seriously deal with the issue of how to remove grease stains from the pants. The methods will depend on whether it is fresh or old.

How to remove fresh spots of fat from the pants?

There are many effective ways to remove the fat spot from the pants with a minimum of risks for the clothing itself. Below you can find a selection of the best proven recipes for the fight:

  • Soap. This tool is one of the oldest and most versatile, it can be used to cope with stains of almost any nature. Greasy contamination is no exception! how withdraw fat a stain from the pants with soap? Wet a soap bar in warm water to make foam. Next, carefully rub the dirty places of the pants with soap, not sparing the bar. When you have washed the clothes well, you should leave them alone for 12-24 hours so that the laundry soap is well absorbed, for greater efficiency it is recommended to wrap the pants in a plastic bag. When time runs out, things need to be washed in a typewriter. Before you remove the greasy stain on the pants, make sure that the acid content in your soap is at least 72% - if the percentage is less, the washing efficiency will be much weaker.
  • Sugar. How to remove grease stains from the pants, if just soap can not cope with the task? You can enhance its effect with ordinary sugar. To do this, as in the previous case, well lather the pants and sprinkle the soapy place with plenty of sugar. Wait 15 minutes and wash clothes. Spots after such a procedure are guaranteed to disappear from the trousers.
  • Salt. You do not know how to remove a fat stain from the trousers, if there is no special remedy for dealing with fat at hand? Do not despair, the situation can be saved, if you use salt. Its use is justified for clothing of any materials, which makes this tool the most versatile. It is necessary to sprinkle plentifully greasy stain with salt so that it absorbs all the fat and removes it from the very depth of the fibers of the fabric. When this happens, you should brush off the remnants of salt with a brush. If it does not help, repeat the procedure.
  • A piece of chalk. How to remove a fat stain on the pants, if you are afraid that salt will spoil the fabric? You can apply a more gentle option, which involves the use of chalk. Grate a piece of chalk to get a fine powder. It should be poured on dirt and gently rub into the fabric, then wait, brush away the remnants of chalk and wash clothes. You may notice that this method of how to remove a fat spot from the pants is very similar to the one already described with salt.
  • Special fabric. If you are interested in how to remove the oil stain from the trousers by special means and do not want to spend a lot of your time, use blotting cloth to solve the problem. It removes fresh dirt well (like breadcrumbs, which is an excellent alternative to a blotter), but is not able to cope with dried spots - this must be taken into account before removing the greasy spots on the pants. Blot greasy dirt, do this until all the fat is absorbed in the blotter. After wash.

Now you are familiar with the most popular ways in the people to remove the fat stain from the pants. You can also use mustard or tooth powder (they can be used in the same way as chalk powder), ammonia solution, talc or baby powder to solve the problem. Do not despair if after the first use of one of the methods you did not notice the desired result. Just repeat the selected procedure again to fix the effect. In the case of old fat, it is sometimes necessary to use recipes several times in a row, but here the end justifies the means.

How to remove the old greasy stain?

How to remove grease stains on trousers, if dirt is already firmly absorbed into the fabric? Obviously, this task is much more difficult than the elimination of fresh stains, but do not give up and buy new pants - there is a solution, and not one! How to remove a fat stain from the pants, if it is old? Disassemble the recipes:

  • A mixture of turpentine and ammonia. This is a very powerful and aggressive tool, therefore, before removing the fat stain from light trousers with this composition, make sure that your clothes are not made of delicate fabrics. If everything is normal with this, mix in equal proportions turpentine and ammonia, soak a cotton swab with the composition and wipe the old spots of fat with it. The procedure must be repeated several times, after which let the mixture soak. After 60-90 minutes after the start of the operation, you can send the pants to the washing machine in the normal mode.
  • Petrol. Before removing the stains on a raincoat fabric with gasoline, check what fabrics it is made of. If it is synthetic, it is impossible to use gasoline and other similar solvents - synthetic literally melts from exposure to such substances. In all other cases, you can use gasoline and its derivatives. How to remove grease stains from a gasoline blanket? Moisten a cotton swab in a liquid and wipe old contaminants with it several times. Let it soak for one and a half hours, then wash your pants in normal mode.
  • Glycerol. You do not know how to remove the oil stain from the pants? Glycerin works well with any fats, which must be abundantly applied to oil contaminants. It is enough to leave the clothes soaked in glycerin for 30 minutes and wash them to completely remove stains.
  • Vinegar. Acids do very well with old stains, and fat is no exception. How to remove grease stains with raincoat vinegar? The recipe for the fight is quite simple - moisten several cotton swabs with vinegar and carefully treat the dried spots of fat on the clothes with them. You need to wait just 30-60 minutes for the spots to soften - after that the raincoat can be washed.
  • Coca Cola. How to remove a fat stain from woolen trousers, if there are no special tools at hand, but there are carbonated drinks? To fight the fat, you can use Coca-Cola or any similar drink. Soak the stain in soda and let it soak for 2-3 hours. When time runs out, send the pants to the washing machine. Woolen trousers better wash hands.
  • Starch. It would seem, how to remove the greasy stain from the starch coating, because it is not an outstanding substance? But this impression is deceptive - it is enough to add starch to the water, heat it to the boil and process the resulting fatty stain with the resulting solution in order to completely get rid of it. Try this method and see for yourself how efficient it is!

Now you will not have a question about how to remove grease stains from the trousers. Use only the best ways to remove grease stains from a raincoat so that your clothes always remain attractive and clean, even after the most difficult of dirt.

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