Wash away the spots of bird cherry? We act quickly and purposefully

Posted by: 11.11.2017

The arrival of spring always means the revival of nature: the flowering of gardens, the fragrance of plants, the emergence of fields with dandelions and the first fragrant berries. To feel their fresh and familiar taste not only a child dreams, but also an adult. However, as a result of inaccurate handling of the gifts of nature, the clothes get dirty, and the first disappointments appear. How to wash the bird cherry and bring it forever? Is it necessary for this expensive chemistry or you can get by "grandma" methods? We will clarify with concrete examples.

How to remove the stain of bird cherry

Important nuances of the fight with berry spots

How to remove the stain of bird cherry, so that later it does not appear ugly brown divorce on T-shirts or pants? You can correct the situation by following a number of recommendations:

  1. Quick and decisive action will help ensure full victory over pollution. The main key to success is timely cleansing of the problem area.
  2. Primary treatment includes the washing of fresh traces of cold water without the use of soap and detergents.
  3. How to remove spots of bird cherry clothes? A napkin folded in several layers and placed under the material to be treated will help prevent furniture damage.
  4. Prevent spreading spots on the fabric will help neat processing, careful movement from the edges to the middle.
  5. Use of cool water will help to achieve the best results in the fight against berry divorces.


How to remove the spots of bird cherry and wash them the best way? Fruit acid present in the composition of the berries, it is easy to remove any of the proposed funds. Each of them is considered universal.

Remove the stain of bird cherry without a trace

How to remove a spot of bird cherry so that it can be easily washed? They will come to the aid, as special chemical agents, stain removers, and the ways that are familiar to home life. Fresh pollution removes well "Vanish", "Antipyatin", laundry soap and even ordinary lemon juice.

  • How to remove the stain of bird cherry and how to do it right? The most effective and versatile remedy is boiling water. The method is applicable to white and colored linen, however, it is not suitable for delicate and molting fabrics. A thin stream of boiling water is sent to the fabric, ensuring complete bleaching of the fibers. To achieve good fixation of the fabric, you can pull it on the pan. The result is fixed by washing the product in cold water.
  • How to wash the bird cherry after careless "berry contact"? A solution of vinegar with water, diluted in the same ratio, is applied to the problem area and gently rubbed. Complete the procedure of washing the product in cold water.
  • Time to absorb the traces of the berries successfully removed with citric acid. In 250 ml of water add 1 tsp. dry powder and treat the areas with the resulting solution. Enough 15 minutes to get things back. The final wash in cool water with powder gives it a fresh look.
  • How to wash a bird cherry from clothes and remove it from products from natural fabrics? Silk or wool products are treated with a cloth moistened with vinegar. Rinse with cold water, if desired, the procedure is done again.

Catchy marks from the bird cherry are removed with any stain remover, soap or alcohol. In some cases, using hydrogen peroxide and ammonia. Will relieve from a problem and consecutive processing of a site by gasoline and liquid ammonia.

How to remove the stain from bird cherry: whether to entrust its removal to specialists or to do the work yourself? Everyone solves this problem for himself, being guided by personal views and judgments. When doing the work yourself, it is important to be extremely careful, to closely follow the reaction of the fabric to the cleanser. Good luck in solving the problem!

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