How to remove the stain from ice cream and milk: useful recommendations

Posted by: 12.03.2018

Can't imagine your life without a sweet cold delicacy? Do you like to eat ice cream on the street? In this case, at least once in your life, you would get this dairy product on your clothes.

The same with milk: few people know that breast milk can leave unpleasant traces on clothes. How to wash milk from clothes? The following are helpful tips to help you get rid of unsightly milky spots.

How to remove milk stains with soap solution

If the stain has appeared on the fabric recently, besides, if you have spoiled the light and delicate thing, you can get rid of contamination using a normal soap solution.

Put the clothes in warm water with a small amount of soap or shampoo, then rinse the thing thoroughly several times and dry it in the usual way.

How to remove the stain of ice cream

How to remove the stain of milk: professional tools

Now there are a lot of powders and other products on sale that will remove any contaminants. It is only important to use them correctly, to keep on the fabric as much as indicated in the instructions. You can buy funds in any hardware store.

How to wash the milk

How to remove the milk stain on the colored fabric

How to remove the stain of milk or ice cream with your favorite color blouse? In this case, you will need to take two tablespoons of glycerin and the same amount of water, the solution should be added a couple of drops of ammonia.

After that, cover the place of contamination on both sides with cotton cloth and iron carefully. Next thing is enough to wash in warm water to remove residual solution.

How to wash milk from clothes

How to Wash Milk Stains with Gasoline Soap

Have you noticed a spot of dairy products or ice cream on your clothes? It does not matter, because gasoline soap will come to the rescue, which effectively removes pollution of any degree of complexity. How to wash breast milk from clothes with this tool? Just rub the petrol soap in the place of pollution and moisten with a small amount of water.

You should form a thick foam, which after some time you need to thoroughly rinse with plenty of water. Pay attention: the stream of warm water should move in the direction from the middle of the spot to its edge. It is worth noting that gas-based soap helps get rid of, including the unpleasant smell of milk on clothes.

What to remove the stain from milk

How to remove a spot from breast milk, if it is old

How to wash the milk that is on the fabric for a long time? In this case, it is recommended to use more radical means, for example, pure gasoline or other solvents. Cotton swab dipped in gasoline, gently wipe the stain and leave the thing for half an hour in this state.

After that, remove the residue in warm soapy water and rinse several times.

How to wash breast milk

How to wash milk or ice cream: general tips

Above were given the basic methods of washing things to remove contaminants from dairy products. However, before choosing one or another method, study the recommendations and rules for removing such stains:

  1. If the stain is fresh, you should not immediately use gasoline and other chemical toxic substances. Often it is enough just to wash the thing in warm, soapy water, and it is better to do it manually, so you pay attention to the pollution itself.
  2. Before you begin to remove the stain with aggressive solvents, be sure to check their effect on the wrong side of clothing. Otherwise, you can just spoil the thing.
  3. It is not recommended to use gasoline, acetone and other similar substances on delicate and thin fabrics (for example, on silk): you can damage the structure of the material.
  4. How to wash stains from breast milk and ice cream? You can use both proven folk remedies and professional methods. In the latter case, it is recommended to carefully study the instructions for use of a professional detergent.
  5. Carefully remove the remnants of all funds for cleansing, otherwise there may be ugly stains. For the same reason, it is recommended to wipe the thing completely, rather than trying to remove only the stain.

Now you know how to wash breast milk and ice cream from clothes. If the above methods still did not help, and the stain is too old, it is recommended to dry-clean the thing: professionals will quickly remove contamination of any degree of complexity and will not damage the fabric structure.

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