Get rid of the stain on your favorite dress: tips, recommendations

Posted by: 29.10.2017

The problem of how to eliminate stains, sooner or later arises before each housewife, regardless of experience and degree of accuracy. In the process of cooking, during the meal, when washing dishes, because of the negligence of a neighbor at the table, feeding or walking with a child - all ways of acquiring dirt on clothes can not be listed. So that they do not become a stain on the reputation of the hostess, you need to know how to completely eliminate such marks.

Spot detected? The first rule - do no harm, and take into account the particular fabric

Contamination is detected at the moment when the appearance of the product is damaged, or in the process of sorting things before washing - you should immediately respond. Experienced housewives know that you need to take action, the sooner the better. When using any thing you should be ready for the appearance of pollution of any kind, therefore, studying the instructions on the label will be decisive in the question of how to remove stains on the dress.

Different fabrics require their approach to solving the problem. But contamination from milk, sauce or soup containing different components requires two-stage processing, and you can get rid of berries in an instant reaction very quickly by wetting it in vinegar and rubbing it. Some products require prolonged soaking, for others this option is destructive.

Housewives should know how to remove stains from a dress, made from different fabrics:

  • For leather products suitable starch and gasoline, in the proportion of 1: 1. The resulting gruel is processed area of ​​pollution, after the weathering of gasoline, starch shaken off.
  • How to remove the stain from the dress of velvet or plush? Alcohol or turpentine applied on a cotton pad is used for this. It is strictly forbidden to remove contamination with the use of iron, because you can permanently damage the texture of the fabric.
  • Products made of light-colored fabric will save a mixture of ammonia and water at room temperature in equal proportions. After applying to the stain, you must wait 20 minutes, then wash the item according to the requirements on the label.
  • A woolen dress or jacket is cleaned locally with gasoline, which is rubbed with a cotton pad on the wrong side of the stain until it disappears completely. The product is ventilated, then erased.
  • If you find stains on a dress made of velvet, you can immediately apply a warm crumb from a roll. Hold the lump for a while so that the dirt is absorbed.
  • The silk product will be saved by a mixture prepared from one tablespoon of glycerin + water and 1 a teaspoon of liquid ammonia. The solution is applied to the stain with cotton 10 minutes, after which the dress is washed in warm water.
  • The gum adhering to the product is removed with ice attached to the stain. Hardened gum is easier to remove.
  • If there was a stain on a dress from a ballpoint pen, how to get it out? A solution of ethyl alcohol and vinegar (1: 1), which is used to treat the area to remove all ink traces, and then the product extends, will help. Cotton marks are removed from the gel pen with a mixture of acetone and alcohol.
  • The wax caught on the fabric is removed with an iron. A piece of pollution is spread with clean paper, which is ironed until the stain is completely gone.
  • Black spots on clothes of light shades formed from dirt should first be dried, rubbed, and then washed with household soap, following the instructions on the product label.

Fresh spot - react correctly

It is no secret that it is easier to get rid of pollution immediately, without waiting for it to sink into the fabric. How to remove a fat stain from a T-shirt or dress? Immediate response measures should be taken. The newly formed spot must be filled:

  • generously salt, which is changed several times, removing the absorbed dirt and pouring a new portion;
  • starch, as in the case of table salt, which is changed several times;
  • talcum powder, which, to increase efficiency, is ironed with a barely warm iron, and, if necessary, talcum powder sprinkling is left for a day;
  • chalk powder with excellent absorbent properties left on the speck on the 2-3 hours;
  • with a solution of a teaspoon of salt and 3 of tablespoons of ammonia, leaving the mixture for 1 an hour, after which the product should be washed.

How to remove stains from a dress

Old spots! How to withdraw? There is always a way out

If you find contamination with old stains do not despair! To cope with it will be difficult, but possible. How to remove a fat stain on the dress, if it managed to thoroughly get used to the structure of the fabric? There are several ways:

  1. Soak the product with stains, dissolving 150 grams of salt in two liters of water for one hour, then carefully rub the contaminated area and wash the product completely.
  2. Prepare a slurry of starch and refined gasoline, which is applied, rubbing the stain, on the 2-3 hours. Thanks to starch, volatile gasoline helps break down the fat that has entered the tissue. The remnants of the mixture shake off, wash the thing with a powder.
  3. Glycerin is merciless in the fight against fatty stains. They are soaked with a stain, leaving the product alone for 25-30 minutes. After the specified time, the excess is removed with a cotton pad or cloth.
  4. What else to bring a fat stain from the dress? The combination of ammonia and turpentine (1: 1) when rubbed into an old stain can effectively cope with it during 3's hours.
  5. Refined gasoline (turpentine) is able to quickly help in the issue of greasy dirt. They moisten a clean paper, laying it under the fabric with a stain, and a cotton swab with gasoline (turpentine) remove the stain from the top, making movements from the edge of pollution to the center.
  6. How to remove the fat spot from the dress, without resorting to water procedures? With the help of hot starch, heated in a metal container, you can get rid of annoying pollution. Hot starch is applied to the stain, rubbed into the fabric and absorbs the remaining fat as it cools.

Preparatory stage in removing stains

Before moving to action a person who knows how to remove grease stains from a dress, you need to get ready for work. You should not neglect trifles, because a positive result depends on it. To remove oily dirt, regardless of their "age", it is worth:

  • remove particles of dirt, debris, dust with a brush;
  • as a handy inventory, you need to prepare a brush with medium bristles (an old toothbrush will do), cloth flaps with good absorbing properties or cotton pads, a mixture preparation container;
  • substances required by the recipe + laundry soap, laundry detergent, dishwashing detergent, etc.

How to remove a fat stain from the dress

Knowing how to remove the fat stain from the dress with the means popular among the people, the hostess must avoid the situation of damage to the product in order not to lose the favorite thing definitively. Therefore, any of the proposed tools should be tested on an inconspicuous area from the inside of the product. When applying the product to the fabric, the condition of the fabric is assessed after 5-10 minutes, after which a decision is made regarding the application of this method of combating existing contaminants.

We carefully study the means from the store shelves: comments of experts

Developed industry has taken care of the needs of the hostess, offering all sorts of means on the open market. Specially designed chemicals require customer attention when studying instructions. After reading the contents on the product label and on the purchased bottle, you just need to follow the recommendations. After all, the compositions repeatedly tested in laboratories have a narrowly targeted action, eliminating damage to the base of the product.

Universal assistants on the shelves of stores "know" how to remove a greasy stain from a dress, because they react equally well to fresh and old stains, are easy to use. Apply the product to the stain from the inside of the product, after spreading an old sheet rolled up in several layers, or a towel, on the table or another surface.

There are many options on sale, here are just some of them:

  1. Pasty substance "Minute" eliminates contamination from tar, animal and vegetable fats.
  2. "Dry-Ess" effectively copes with stains from fats and oils of different origin.
  3. Paste or liquid "Tip-Top" eliminates traces of sweat, makeup, stains, obtained by tasting the abundance of any holiday table.
  4. The odorless "Plik" perfectly copes with greasy marks and stains from varnishes or paints.
  5. “Fae” is suitable for soaking grease stains, as well as being added to laundry detergent. Therefore, the housewives are not worried about how to remove a fat stain from a T-shirt, and actively apply for this tool for washing dishes.
  6. The advertised "Vanish" is known to everyone, but the hostess must remember that the drying of this product on the dress is not allowed, otherwise you will have to say goodbye to the product. With old stains to cope with the first time he fails. It should be carefully applied to the dyed fabric, may leave traces.

How to remove the stain from the dress

White spots on things are a special story

Crystal white shirts and blouses attract admiring glances, but they are most susceptible to pollution. How to remove a greasy stain from a white dress in order not to permanently damage the basis? Depending on the origin of the stain and pick up the tool.

  • Contaminants from tea and coffee will be eliminated with purified gasoline or turpentine, if the fabric allows such exposure.
  • In a solution with “Belize”, the white products of their cotton fabric and flax wash perfectly, but in no case is it suitable for wool products.
  • Fresh stains are washed with laundry soap and left in the basin with water for an hour, then the item is washed off.
  • Hydrogen peroxide is applied to the stain, easily removing any contaminants from dyestuffs, cosmetics, even long-standing traces of coffee, wine will depart.
  • Dishwashing liquid solves the problem of how to remove a greasy stain on a white product.
  • Traces of fruits and berries will go away if you splash them before washing and leave vinegar for 20 minutes, then wash the product as usual.

Thrifty housewives manage to combine folk tricks and universal means to remove stains, so their own wardrobe is a matter of pride.

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