How to remove the old trace of red wine?

Posted by: 29.03.2018

Very often the hostess faces stains from red wines after feasts. One careless movement - and on the festive tablecloth flaunts a bright red blob. But with the traces of wine, you can easily cope if you know some subtleties and secrets. But, of course, if the stain is already old, then dealing with it is much more difficult.

We clean the fabric from old stains

If it happened that you didn’t immediately notice the blot, and the red liquid deeply ingrained into the fabric, do not be discouraged, the thing can be saved. There are many remedies for removing the old red wine stain.


Peroxide is one of the most reliable means to remove the old stain of red wine from a tablecloth or clothing.

Take a teaspoon of peroxide and ammonia. Pour into a glass of warm water and stir. Then the cotton wool is moistened in the solution and the stain is soaked with it. The solution is well impregnated with the material, left to act on 5 minutes, and then rinse the product in cool water.

If the mark does not disappear, then all manipulations should be repeated again.

Sal ammoniac

Ammonia is a simple and harmless way how to remove an old stain of red wine from a natural material. Dissolve half teaspoon of ammonia in 200 ml of warm water and soak the contaminated area. Then the solution is simply rinsed with cool water and the product is dried. From pollution should not remain a trace. This method is great for dyed fabrics.


Medical alcohol is diluted in a small volume of water, and traces are treated with a solution. Means should be left on the fabric at least 5 minutes. Then the sponge is impregnated with a solution and erases the pollution from the edges to the center. Everything, it will remain only to rinse material. This way how to remove the old stain from wine is absolutely suitable for all types of fabrics.

Homemade mix

But if none of the ways how to remove the old stain of wine did not help. Try to prepare an explosive mixture, the effectiveness of which has been proven by many housewives.

Take the 10 part of the dishwashing detergent or liquid soap, then add the ammonia parts and the turpentine part of the 2. Be careful, as the mixture can corrode the pattern on the fabric.

The soiled place is well impregnated with the agent, left for at least 15 minutes. After that, the thing is simply washed in warm water with a powder and rinsed well.

Old marks on clothes

If the clothes did not immediately begin to be washed from the red drink, then it means that the pollution had time to penetrate deeply into the fibers of the matter. Citric acid will help get rid of old marks on white clothes. To prepare the working solution in a glass of warm water add 2 g acid. The solution is well impregnated with matter, leave the thing for 30 minutes, and then rinsed several times in cold water.

How to remove the stain of wine

The next great remedy against old blots is denatured alcohol. It is simply applied to the damaged area with a cotton swab, soaking well with matter. After that, the product is washed with the host. soap

Glycerin and sal ammoniac will help to save woolen things from blots. Equal parts are mixed components, and then the composition is applied directly to the stain. The thing must lie down for several hours, after which the product is cleaned with a napkin, and the product is washed and rinsed in cold water.

Of course, it is much easier to prevent the appearance of pollution, than to deal with them by all available means. But if the blot is still planted, immediately begin to remove pollution. Since fresh traces are washed away much easier, and you will surely save your favorite thing.

How to remove the old stain if the clothes can not be washed?

How to wash the old stain of wine, if the clothes are not subject to radical washing? You can try to soak the markings with a mixture of 3 parts of vodka or alcohol, parts of glycerin and parts of ammonia.

The mixture is impregnated with matter, left to act on 10-15 minutes. Then gently erase the pollution, so as not to smudge it. Finally wipe the dirt with a paper towel to remove the compound.

Furniture upholstery

It happens that the wine is poured on the upholstered furniture. Such markings become a real problem, especially if the furniture is light.

Try to wash the damaged area with a mixture of ammonia, vodka and glycerin. It is very important when cleaning the upholstery to constantly change the fleece, so that the pollution does not get even deeper into the fabric. If you are afraid that such a mixture will corrode paint on the upholstery, then test the tool first on an inconspicuous site.

Another old mark from the red drink on the upholstery can be derived from a mixture of yolk and glycerin. Separate the fresh yolk, then beat it together with a spoon of glycerin. The composition is thickly applied to the damaged area of ​​fabric, left for several hours. After that, the upholstery is brushed with warm water and cleaned, and the residues and moisture are removed with paper towels.

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