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Posted by: 30.10.2017

Quite often, when they get things out of their wardrobe before the new season, people get frustrated when they find old stains of food, blood, sweat or pollution of another nature on white clothes. It would seem that nothing here will help - it remains only to throw the thing out of the house and take care of buying a new one, perhaps by denying yourself a more pleasant and really necessary purchase. Do not rush to do it - you can solve the problem without unnecessary financial costs. You can right now get your dirty white things and try on them a few proven and effective tips on how to remove old stains from white clothes. It is very likely that you will be able to return the original appearance of things. Interesting?

How to remove the old spot

What should I know before removing stains?

Before you remove the old spot, it will not hurt you to forever understand the important rules that will allow you to more effectively deal with stains without damaging your clothes:

  • Very rarely eaten and old spots are removed immediately. It is very likely that you will need to repeat the procedures described below in order to achieve a result.
  • There is no universal remedy than remove old stains from clothes. For each type of stain (coffee, food, blood, sweat) specific recipes are needed.
  • Before applying the selected recipe, be sure to try its effect on a small section of tissue. If there is no negative reaction, the remedy can be used on the whole thing.
  • Remember that silk is afraid of alkali, cotton fabrics do not tolerate the effects of strong acids, and synthetic fabrics always become useless when in contact with gasoline and benzene.

Now you are ready to remove old stains from white clothes. It's time to learn how to do it.

Remove old blood stains

Blood on white clothes is perhaps the brightest spot that eats into the fabric very quickly. Despite the difficulty of elimination, blood stains can be removed from clothes, even if they are on it for quite some time. how remove stale blood stain? Choose one of the following methods:

  • Brine. The first thing to remember is that blood stains cannot be erased in very hot water, since when exposed to high temperatures, proteins in the stain coagulate, which leads to even greater fixation and darkening of the spots. To remove them, you need to stir 5 tablespoons of salt in cold water, then soak the white clothes in the resulting solution overnight. After soaking the item is wrung out and erased.
  • Hydrogen peroxide. A great way to remove stains from white clothes. It is enough to apply the pure peroxide on the stains (this can be done with a cotton pad), wait for 30 minutes and send the clothes to the washing machine drum. If clothes are made of delicate fabrics, the peroxide must be diluted in water.
  • Ammonia. How to remove old blood stains on white clothes, if hydrogen peroxide was not at hand? You can use ammonia, which probably will be in the first-aid kit. A tablespoon of alcohol should be stirred in a glass of water, then moistened with a cotton pad in solution and rub the composition into blood stains on things. After soaking for 30-60 minutes, wash your clothes in the usual way.

Also, as a good means than to remove the old stains on clothes stained with blood, acts as a borax. It should be used in the same way as ammonia. If the clothes are made of strong and resistant to the aggressive effects of fabrics, you can mix alcohol and borax in equal proportions, then process clothes contaminated with old blood stains.

Remove old fat stains

The question of how to remove old stains of fat on white clothes, perhaps, is the most common, so you can not give a few valuable recipes against grease stains:

  • Alcohol and turpentine. It is a very strong and aggressive agent, which is why it is not suitable for use with delicate fabrics. Mix the alcohol and turpentine in equal parts, mix thoroughly until smooth, then take a cotton pad and soak it in the prepared solution. Wipe all old grease stains on white clothes with this disc, wait 2-3 for an hour and wash your clothes.
  • Petrol. How to remove old stains from clothes if there is no turpentine? You can replace this potent component with gasoline, benzene, acetone, or any other solvent. It must be mixed in equal proportions with water, then saturate all greasy stains. After the solution is absorbed, the clothes are washed with powder.
  • Ether and magnesia. Mix ether and magnesia and dilute with a small amount of water so that a thick gruel is obtained. It is necessary to lay out on oily stains and carefully rub inside the fibers of the fabric with a brush (you can take a tooth). When the composition is absorbed (it is necessary from 30 to 90 minutes), the gruel is removed, the thing is washed.

These are the most effective ways to remove old stains from clothes that have been soiled with grease. Be careful with solvents - they burn well, so work on cleaning things with gasoline, benzene and others should be carried away from fire.

Coffee and berries - remove stubborn dirt

Accidentally knocked over a cup of coffee or crushed berries and fruits can instantly turn into spots that are seen on white clothes especially well. How to remove old stains on clothes, if breakfast in bed or fruit feast is not set? Here are some good ways:

  • Chlorine. Excellent remedy against stains of tea and coffee on white clothes. It should be remembered that chlorine bleaching agents and products can only be used for cotton fabrics. Bleach is used strictly according to the instructions, so as not to damage the product.
  • Lactic acid. How to remove old stains from clothes that do not tolerate chlorine? Against tea and coffee, you can use a solution of lactic acid in water. Soak the stains with this solution, wait for the order of 60 minutes, then wash the thing.
  • Hydrogen peroxide. This tool will help not only with blood stains, but also if old stains from berries and fruits were found on clothes. To enhance the effect, you can add a small amount of alcohol to the peroxide, then soak all stains.
  • Acids. Mix in equal proportions of citric acid and vinegar, add a small amount of water, soak a cotton swab in the solution and gently treat all stains from the berries or fruit on your white clothes. Enough 90 minutes so that the solution is firmly absorbed into the fibers of the fabric and does its job. It remains only to wash things.

How to remove the old spot from jeans and other clothes from durable and thick fabrics? You can use aggressive tools such as turpentine with alcohol - cotton jeans fabric will withstand such a test and will become significantly cleaner. You can also use onion gruel and lemon wedge, which are mixed with each other and applied to old soiling, to remove old stains from white clothes. After such a procedure, clothes must be washed.

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