Effective ways to remove grease stains from clothes

Posted by: 14.02.2018

When cooking or during its reception often on the clothes are unpleasant fat stains. Modern washing powders do not always help to cope with this problem, so each housewife should know how to wash a greasy stain and return the favorite thing to its original attractive appearance.

The problem of greasy stains on clothes

Many housewives are faced with the problem of how to wash the old grease stains from clothes. In this matter, it is not enough to use only laundry detergent; other means are also needed, due to the use of which there would be no trace of contamination. The choice of what to wipe off the old greasy stain depends on several factors. The main ones are:

  • Time: the fresher the contamination, the more gentle the substance can be selected for cleaning.
  • The type of fabric on which the stain is located. From this depends largely on the choice of what to wash out the old grease stains, as an improperly chosen tool can hopelessly spoil the material.
  • Rhode fatty contamination.

In the question of how to remove the old greasy stain from clothes, it is important to test the chosen remedy on an inconspicuous part of the soiled thing. It is possible to remove a fat stain from a delicate fabric, for example, a blouse, using blotting paper and purified gasoline. The sheet (2 part of it) is placed on the 2 side of the contamination. Next, you should moisten with a gasoline cotton pad and wipe the stain. All the fat will remain on the paper, if necessary, the sheet can be replaced with a clean one and repeat the procedure until the spot is completely removed.

The problem of greasy stains on clothes

How can I quickly remove the stain of fat

It is always more difficult to remove the old fat spot, therefore, when pollution appears, do not delay cleaning, otherwise it will spread further and freeze. Unpleasant oily stains that have eaten into the fibers of the fabric can be eliminated in various ways. In addition, there are a lot of improvised tools that will help to cope with the problem, how to remove the old fat stain, so that your favorite thing does not deteriorate after washing.

Using shampoo and shaving foam to get rid of grease stains

As an unusual stain remover in the fight against how to wipe off old grease stains, the usual shaving foam appears. You can save a T-shirt, pants or shirt by rubbing this tool directly into the place of contamination. After half an hour, the product must be rinsed and dried. Even a man can cope with this task.

The problem of how to remove old grease stains can be managed by using shampoo for oily hair. The cleaning scheme is similar to the previous one:

  1. Apply a little shampoo to the place of pollution.
  2. Thoroughly rub it.
  3. Allow to soak for 30 min.
  4. Rinse off with water.
  5. Send a thing to be erased in a typewriter.

The listed methods of how to wipe out an old greasy stain are ideal for removing small-sized dirt.

How can I quickly remove the stain of fat

Powder type absorbents: chalk, salt and others for cleaning from grease stains

If you want to get rid of old stains on clothes of white color from flax or cotton, you can use chalk powder, which perfectly absorbs fat. All contaminants are filled with powder and rubbed into the material. For best results, the product must be left at least 3 hours in this form. Further, the thing is extended by hand or machine.

Excellent absorbent - salt, which removes the old grease stains without difficulty. The method is excellent for processing the most sensitive fabrics, for example, chiffon or silk. The sequence of cleaning actions is as follows:

  1. Cover the stain.
  2. Rub salt with your fingers.
  3. Remove residue with a sponge or brush.
  4. Repeat the previous steps until the complete disappearance of pollution.
  5. Send clothes to wash.

Powder, starch, non-flavored talc also help clean old fat stains on clothes. How to get them out? Just fill in with one of these products and wait until all the oil is absorbed. It is possible to blot the contaminated area with paper towels or towels before treatment. However, it is worth remembering that rubbing paper with a stain is impossible. Otherwise, the pollution will increase in size, and it will be very difficult to remove it.

Powder type absorbents

Calcium and vinegar - assistants in removing fat from clothes

One of the most aggressive ways of how to wipe out an old greasy stain on clothes, for example, on a sweatshirt or jeans - the use of ammonia. It is best to try in advance if the substance will not spoil the product. To do this, check its effect on an inconspicuous area of ​​matter. If the fabric has not changed color, then you can apply the product to the contaminated area and hold it for several minutes. Next - send the product to be washed in the "machine" with the addition of a small amount of alcohol in the drum. This method well helps to remove fatty stains from synthetic fabric that is resistant to aggressive ammonia. When processing it is recommended to open windows in the house or a balcony so that there is no sharp and unpleasant smell.

Effective solution of vinegar in water in the proportions of 1 to 1. It allows you to clean old greasy stains without physical and time consuming. The approximate time of exposure of the solution after applying to the place of pollution - 15 min. After that, the clothes must be washed in any convenient way.

Application for cleaning clothes from grease detergents

One of the most effective proven means of removing the old greasy stain from clothes is laundry soap. Due to the large amount of alkaline components, the soap copes with the most complex contaminants, leaving behind washing powders and other detergents. If the mistress is faced with the question of how remove old greasy stains from synthetics, cotton, denim or any other fabric, then she needs to adhere to the following sequence of actions:

  1. To rub the area of ​​contamination with a soap piece.
  2. Pour the product into the pelvis with hot water and leave it to soak overnight.
  3. Wash the thing manually or load it into the washing machine.

The above method of removing an old stain from clothes with the help of a laundry soap is effective and simple. Well helps dishwashing detergent. It is applied to the stain with a small amount of water and pounded. After waiting a little, the clothes carefully prostrate. This method copes with contamination from both vegetable fats and animals. To enhance the effect of the product, you can add baking soda. The result should be a mass, the consistency of pasta. It should be applied to the problem area of ​​the fabric, wait approximately 20 minutes, carefully wash the product. An old greasy stain is not a problem if you choose the right tool and follow the recommendations for using it.

Application for cleaning clothes from grease detergents

Zastarevshee fat stain on clothes: tips experienced housewives

Wiping old stains of fat from your favorite blouse, T-shirt or pants can be very difficult due to the fact that fat is deeply eats into the fibers of the fabric. In addition, after the usual washing on the product may remain unpleasant stains and yellowish spots. However, do not despair and throw away clothes, as with the help of available means and compositions you can easily bring the product from any fabric in order, while it does not lose its attractiveness.

The use of a mixture of "turpentine + ammonia" to clean clothes from fat

A powerful tool to help hostesses who do not know how to remove the old fat spot is a mixture of turpentine and ammonia. With special care to use this duet should be taken if you plan to wash the old greasy stain with colored clothes. Therefore, you should first check their action in a hidden area. In the absence of changes on the material, you can begin to remove unpleasant stains:

  • apply the mixture;
  • rub it into the fibers;
  • wait half an hour;
  • do laundry with any washing powder.

Do not allow the presence of children in the room where the processing of clothes is an aggressive mixture. It is best to wash things with ammonia and turpentine outdoors.

turpentine + ammonia

Getting rid of old stains with glycerin and gasoline

In the question of how to remove the old fat spot, you can try glycerin, which is sold in any pharmacy. It’s easy to treat the contaminated area: you need to apply the product to the stain, let it soak for about 40 minutes, remove all residues with dry clean cloth. Wash after this thing can be any convenient way, using high-quality powder or gel for washing.

Many housewives successfully experiment with gasoline from the lighters in order to wash off the old greasy stain on clothes. To keep the fabric intact and the colors have not changed, you can try to drop a little of this substance from the wrong side of the product. If no damage is found, apply cleaned gasoline for a few minutes and let it penetrate directly into the oily spot. Excellent tool to cope with the old greasy stains on clothes from lipstick on an oily basis. It is possible to wipe off contamination after the treatment in the “machine” with a powder.

Getting rid of old stains

All the presented methods of how and with which it is possible to remove old grease stains from clothes can be alternated as long as there is no trace of contamination. Be especially careful with aggressive blends. It is best to try to remove the stale greasy stain from clothes with the help of more gentle formulations, and in case of no effect, switch to strong means. If none of the cleaning methods did not help, then you should contact a dry cleaner.

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