How to wash a down jacket from greasy stains

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The first thing that comes to mind when there are spots on the down jacket - is to pass it to the dry cleaning. But do not rush to give your jacket to clean with chemical agents that can easily spoil both the fabric and the filler. There are a lot of grandmother's ways how to remove a greasy stain on a down-padded coat, and it is even possible to do without complete washing of the thing.

General rules for removing stains

So, there were greasy spots on the down jacket. How to remove them properly, so as not to aggravate the situation? To make your favorite jacket look like a new one again, follow simple rules:

  • Before removing stains from a powder coat with a stain remover or improvised, you must first remove the strong dirt. All adhering to and adhering to the fabric can be simply scraped off with a knife, taking care not to scratch the fabric.
  • Any stain is brushed away from the edges of the pollution towards its center, otherwise the blot will become even larger.
  • After cleaning, all residues must be removed by simply washing the fabric with water.
  • After cleaning, it is necessary to moisten the area outside the stain well, if you do not wash your jacket completely. This will help avoid the appearance of divorce.

It will be possible to evaluate the result of your labors only after complete drying of the fabric. If fat traces still remain, then all manipulations must be repeated again. Perhaps you should change the tool or solution than you tried to remove the greasy stain on the coat.

grease stains on down jacket

Ways to remove greasy traces

No matter how we carefully wear a jacket, but the spots on it still appear. How to remove the greasy stain from the down jacket and what do experienced housewives advise? Effective means than withdraw fat a stain with a down jacket can be ammonia, liquid soap and many others.

Liquid soap

Liquid soap will help to cope even with the old, deeply ingrained blots of fat. Regular hand washing and rubbing of stains with liquid soap will help you solve the problem. Two large spoons of liquid soap should be stirred in a cup of lukewarm water, and then spread the blots of fat with this mixture. After removing the stains, the jacket should be washed entirely in a washer with high-quality powder and rinsed a couple of times.

Sal ammoniac

A good option, how to remove the fat stain from the down jacket - is ammonia. The ammonia has the property to degrease fabrics and perfectly removes even old blots.

If the down jacket is made of artificial fabric, then it is quite enough to pour a little liquid ammonia on the blot. The jacket is left for 10 minutes for 40, and after that, thoroughly wash the stain in the powder. It is better to dry the down jacket on the street, so that the acrid smell of ammonia will completely disappear

If the jacket is sewn from natural fabric, and it is necessary to remove the trace of engine or rubble oil, then a spoon of ammonia is diluted in a cup of cold water, and then the solution is applied to the fat trace. If you do not get fat out the first time, then all the manipulations should be repeated.

Chalk and talc

Another way to remove grease stains from a down jacket is chalk or talc. If the jacket is made of linen or whimsical fabric, it is best to remove contamination with talcum powder or chalk.

It is necessary to simply pour talc or chalk onto the stain, or mix the two components in equal quantities and cover the fat trail. Then the stain should be covered with white paper and flatten on top with something heavy, for example, with an iron, and leave for a day. After a day the stain should go. Mel and talc are an effective way as well as removing greasy stains from a down jacket.

how to remove grease stains from down jacket


If there are grease stains on the coat, how can they be washed? Will help refined gasoline.

But do not try to remove the fat with gasoline, which is filled with cars. We must buy special purified gasoline at the hardware store. Gasoline copes with pollution from a wide variety of origin, and is particularly good in removing fat.

But we must remember that gasoline can dissolve not only the stain, but also paint. Therefore, you must first try this tool on the invisible part of the jacket.

Purified gasoline is a great option than you can remove grease stains from the down jacket. When you make sure that gasoline does not harm the fabric, you can proceed directly to cleaning. Wipe the blot around in a circle with a cotton swab dipped in gasoline, trying to move from the edges to its center. So you will avoid the appearance of fat halo. After gasoline treatment, the jacket should be washed and rinsed twice.


How to wash a greasy stain from a down jacket, if it is completely fresh? It will help the usual table salt, which is sure to be in the house. Salt perfectly absorbs all sorts of pollution and perfectly helps to remove fat blots from the fabric.

How to remove grease stains on the coat with ordinary salt? To do this, add a little water to the salt - you should have a gruel. Then the mixture with a brush is applied to the spot, and after an hour, brush off.

How to remove grease stains on the down jacket


One of the most effective ways to wash a greasy stain on a down-padded coat is an ordinary dishwashing detergent. This method is not new, and helps to cope with stains of domestic oil and machine oil. Also, washing is a good option, how to remove a stain without washing, because it is not always possible to wash the whole thing in the car.

Before removing stains from a down jacket detergent, the thing must be cleaned. On the spot should not be stuck dust and specks. How to remove stains from a down jacket at home washing? You just need to moisten the sponge, squeeze and soak it detergent. Then, in circular motions directed from the edges of the pollution to its center, gently wash away the fat. Then the agent is left on the jacket for 15 minutes, and washed with warm water. To completely wash the detergent from the fabric, you should wipe it with a clean sponge.

Peroxide and ammonia

How else can you remove the fat spot from the jacket, which was planted a long time and deeply ingrained in the fabric? A simple way to remove stains on a down jacket is to treat them with an explosive mixture of peroxide and ammonia.

In equal parts should be mixed with ammonia and peroxide, and then treat contaminated areas with this explosive mixture. Forty minutes later, all the troubles in the form of greasy traces should completely disappear from the fabric. Are the stains anyway? So the procedure must be repeated from the beginning.

In conclusion, grease stains on the down jacket after washing with ammonia should be stuck with detergent. Contaminated places are stretched and then rinsed with cool water, or the down jacket is washed in a washing machine with high-quality laundry detergent. This method effectively helps to fight divorces, which often remain on jackets, especially white ones.

Lemon juice

How to remove the stain from the down jacket with lemon juice to do without washing things? It is necessary to take exactly lemon juice (it won't work out with citric acid), wet a rag in it, and then wipe the fat trail. The spot should be well soaked with lemon juice, leave for 40 minutes, and then rinsed in cool water. After that, the down jacket should be washed into the machine with a good powder.

How to remove the spot from the jacket

Washing soap

The old grandmother’s way to clean the coat of grease stains is to wash them with black washing soap, and the blacker the soap, the better. It is quite possible to do without a large wash if a single spot is planted on the jacket. Try to get rid of the grease trail with soap.

Grate some soap on a grater, pour warm water over it, and then fix the stain with this solution. It is possible to moisten the sponge in the solution, and to clean the pollution from the edges of the spot to its center. After zastiryvaniya fabric should be rinsed in cool water, and then hang up the jacket to dry in the air, for example, on the balcony.

Salt and starch

If you do not know how to wash the spots on the down jacket, try to do it with table salt and potato starch. Salt and starch can remove even mazut stains. Mix the starch and salt in equal parts, and then add a little vinegar or lemon juice to the mixture. You should have a gruel at the exit.

The mixture is applied to the pollution in a dense layer and left for an hour. It is necessary that the gruel on the fabric is slightly dried. After that, it is cleaned from the fabric with a clothes brush, and the item is stretched in warm water.


You do not know how to wipe the greasy stains on the down jacket, which are very deeply ate into the fabric? Try grandma's method - turpentine.

To remove the fat trail with turpentine, the jacket must be cleaned and thoroughly dried. It is necessary to remove stains with turpentine only with absolutely dry cloth. The fact is that the moisture will not allow turpentine to penetrate into the fibers of the fabric, and the stain in this case does not completely disappear.

Next, in turpentine moisten a cotton swab, squeeze it and smooth out the fat. Try to clean the fat so that the solution does not get on the fluff. If after the first procedure the pollution does not disappear, everything should be repeated again.

Stains after washing. What to do?

How to get rid of grease stains on the coat, which suddenly appeared after washing? Sometimes it happens that after washing in hot water, yellowish stains appear on the surface of the fabric. The fact is that when heated from fluff, fat is released, which stains the fabric of the jacket. To avoid this, you can use Vanish or affection.

It is enough to dissolve two or three caps of the product in a bath of water, and then rinse the down jacket there. Allow the jacket to drain well, and then rinse and squeeze in a typewriter and dry. In most cases, it helps to get rid of yellowish spots and stains on the jacket.

How to get rid of grease stains on the down jacket

We wash off gasoline spots

It happens that it is necessary to wipe the spots of gasoline or diesel fuel from the jacket. Most often, men's clothing is heavily soiled in gasoline or solarium. N fabrics appear blots that completely spoil the thing. How to wash gasoline from a down jacket so as not to leave a trace of stains?

Washing powder

The gasoline trace can be easily removed with a slurry from ordinary laundry detergent. It is enough to put gruel on pollution, leave for an hour, and then wash the thing. You can simply soak the spoiled thing in a strong solution of powder.

We wash off gasoline spots

Dishwashing liquid

A great way to wash petrol from a down jacket is to wash a thing with dishwasher detergent. Simply pour the product onto the contaminated area, rub it with a brush to form a foam, and leave it on for 30 minutes. Then the thing is stretched in warm water and dried in air to erode a pungent smell.

Mustard powder

The next option than to remove the stain from gasoline from the down jacket is mustard powder. It should be prepared from powder paste, apply it on the trail and thoroughly rub. Then they stretch the thing with black household soap and rinse thoroughly.

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