How to get old fat trail?

Posted by: 01.03.2018

It does not always work withdraw fat Marked with stain removers, even the most expensive. The fact is that such tools often corrode the design and color of the fabric. But many experienced housewives know a lot of ways how to remove a fat stain after washing, if the powder could not cope with the mark.

How to remove a fat spot

Dishwashing liquid

In the composition of detergent mixtures for dishes there are special components that literally absorb fat. And a good detergent can be much safer than bleach.

It is enough just to soak the dirt on the fabric with detergents and leave them at least for 15 minutes. Then the fabric is washed over. Everything, it remains only to wash the thing again and rinse thoroughly. If, however, traces of fat still remain, then you can repeat the procedure or choose another method against persistent stains.


This way how to remove greasy stains after washing is ideal for delicate fabrics. You can easily wash the woolen items, velvet and even natural silk. Of course, the tool does not act as aggressively as washing, but still it is quite effective.

Manipulations are simple - shampoo is applied to dirt, and gently rubbed. Shampoo should be left on the fabric for at least half an hour. After this thing is washed and rinsed well. You can simply rinse without powder.

Laundry soap

Next option like remove fat stain from clothes after washing it is to lock the item with the host. soap Khoz. soap perfectly washes even very old stains of fat. This method can be used for all tissues, including delicate ones.

It is necessary to take the simplest soap, but not less than 72%. The process is very simple. The bar thoroughly soaps the soiled zone moistened with warm water. Then the clothes are left for several hours. After that, manually wash the stain. If the fat remains, you need to lather the fabric again.


To remove the stain without washing, it is necessary to treat the contamination with glycerin. This tool is suitable even for the most delicate fabrics, including natural silk with a pattern. Use only pharmacy glycerin.

A few drops of the substance are applied to the stained area, and after half an hour they are washed with a damp cloth or cotton wool. You can prepare and mix, combining glycerin, ammonia and water in equal parts. The product is applied with a cotton swab, left for 10 minutes, and wiped.

Steam treatment

A great option, how to remove a greasy stain without washing your favorite thing is to treat it with steam. This can be done with an iron or steam generator. You can simply hold the clothes over the pan with boiling water.

The thing is steamed and then cleaned, for example, with glycerin. This method is suitable for very old spots that are very difficult to handle.


Trouble-free way to remove old fat from clothes - this is the processing of things with gasoline. But you need to use only purified gasoline.

A blotter is placed under the soiled area, and then the pollution is wiped with a cotton swab dipped in gasoline. Movement should be directed to the center of the mark. This method is suitable for cleaning even thin knitwear, as well as cotton and flax. But it is desirable to clean only dark things with gasoline.


Salt helps to cope not only with fresh marks, but also with old ones. In a liter of warm water, 150 gr of salt is dissolved, and then the thing is put into the solution. You can slightly pollute the contamination to dissolve fat faster. Then the thing is simply stretched with a powder. This method is suitable for all types of fabric.

Coca Cola

To clean things from greasy traces can be applied and Coca-Cola. A small amount of the drink is poured directly on the fabric and leave the clothes for a couple of hours. Then the thing is washed. It is very good to stretch clothes after Coca-Cola so that there are no stains left from the drink.

Pounded chalk

To get rid of fat on satin fabrics, you can use crushed chalk. Put some chalk directly on the dirt and rub it with your fingers. After the chalk shake off, and rinse the thing in water.

The exception is acetate silk, which can be very easily ruined. Thing out such a tkni clean very carefully with a cotton swab moistened with ether.

White sand

Velvet from oily marks very well cleaned with white sand. A bit of sand is warmed up, and then poured into a fabric bag. The bag is gently soaked with contamination until it completely disappears. A paper napkin should be put under the fabric from the inside, and a little gasoline should be put on the trail. Warm bag rub mark until then, until the fat does not come down.

As you can see, there are a lot of ways to cleanse tissue from fat marks. Choose a product that you have on hand, and start saving your favorite clothes.

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