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Immaculately clean things are the pride of an experienced hostess, because she sees every spot as a challenge. In the arsenal of each cleaners there are recipes that allow you to quickly cope with the task. In addition to folk remedies, the modern chemical industry throws up excellent options, pleasing products that are designed to alleviate the tedious hassle of removing ingrained pollution. Today, “Vanish” is a stain remover No. XXUMX, recognized by experts and approved by housewives. But any tool in inexperienced hands can damage the structure of the fabric, which leads to irretrievable damage to your favorite things.

How to display Vanisham spots

Wonderful tool is able to reanimate wardrobe items, furniture upholstery, home textiles and carpeting, eliminating various stains. But this is possible only with the right application! High-quality washing with this tool will allow you to say goodbye to traces of fat, coffee, juice, decorative cosmetics, ice cream. An easy-to-use stain remover is available in powder and liquid form.

Powder "Vanish"

Components (oxygen bleach, zeolites, non-ionic with anionic surfactants) are designed to remove not only fresh but also old contaminants. Careful study of the instructions will save you from mistakes, because the manufacturer makes clear recommendations on how to remove Vanish stains. It is categorically impossible to use "Vanish" to remove traces of different origin on the silk and wool fabric.

For convenience, the powder is sold in a compact jar, to which a measuring spoon is attached, with which the stain remover is rationally dosed. Users or housewives sharing experiences in forums sharing tips by using word of mouth say that when using Vanish powder, there is no need for prolonged soaking. To wash the stain, it is enough to add the product to the water and wash the product, as usual, without any special effort.

How to vanish stitch blot

  1. HandwashingTo remove the contaminants, add a measuring spoon to the 1 liter of water.
  2. Those using the washing machine add powder (1 spoon) to the powder compartment, adding detergent in accordance with the product manufacturer’s instructions. Such a dosage will help to cope perfectly even with old spots.
  3. With everyday machine washing, it is enough to add half a measuring spoon of the powder stain remover to the laundry detergent.
  4. To soak resorted to eaten, difficult to remove stains on the fabric. In general, things should not be brought to such a state, but having in fact complicated contamination, 1 or 2 should be used to dispense measuring spoons of powder in 4-liters of water. Then the colored thing is immersed for 1 an hour, and monophonic, not colored for six hours. Then the product is erased according to the instructions on the label.
  5. If contamination is not removed, then gruel is made (powder stain remover plus water). Pasty mixture is applied to the stain with light rubbing movements until the complete disappearance of contamination.

After applying the stain remover, the item is washed and rinsed thoroughly. In the washing machine, the “enhanced rinsing” mode is used, and in the case of hand washing - the item should be rinsed under running water.

How to remove the spot liquid "Vanisham"

Stain remover in liquid form contains, in addition to substances included in the powder, oxygen-containing bleach, citronellol, phosphates, and cinnamon. The absence of chlorine in the composition has a positive effect on the strength of the fabric. The material on which the drug is applied, does not turn yellow, the fibers of the fabric are not thinned. But before proceeding to the removal of spots, you should:How to remove the stain of liquid vanish

  • study the information on the label, deciphering for itself the meaning of all the characters printed by the customer;
  • read the instructions on the bottle with stain remover;
  • correlate the information on the product tag with the permissibility of using Vanisha;
  • reinsure yourself and try out the action of the stain remover in an inconspicuous area of ​​the product in order to assess the durability of the dye;
  • "Vanish" is applied to the stain, but the fabric must be wet, otherwise there will be a trace, but from the stain remover itself;
  • 100 ml of the drug is added to the hole for the detergent when laying dirty things in the washing machine.

Knowing how to remove a stain using Vanisha, using a liquid stain remover, you can easily cope with traces of green or iodine, paint (but not oil), grease, wine, fruit or vegetable juice, mold. But we should not forget about the limitations! So categorically contraindicated some points:

  • Do not allow drying out of the fabric;
  • do not use "Vanish" for removing stains from products that have metal or wooden accessories;
  • No need to pour the product onto a dry cloth.

What is the consistency of the stain remover and how “Vanisham” to remove the stain is decided by each housewife individually, taking into account the features of the product, the material from which the thing is made, the area and complexity of contamination, the age of the stain.

How to remove the stain from Vanisha

If you do not follow the instructions of the manufacturer, anticipating on the package about the limitations in the use of stain remover for silk, leather or wool products, there is a risk to acquire new traces on the fabric. Sounds like nonsense, but in this case you have to find a way how and how to get the stain out of “Vanisha”. Having spoiled a thing, having ignored recommendations of the manufacturer, it is possible to experiment further or go to a dry-cleaner. For those who do not want to give up and decided to continue the fight with marks, but now from the stain remover, you can:

  • on white things try “Adrilan” (a means for cleaning sanitary ware), pouring it a little beyond the edges of the formed stain, leaving it on 2-3 for a minute, then rinse thoroughly;
  • abandon the idea to remove the formed spots and try to paint the product, achieving a uniform distribution of the dye;
  • leave the product to work on the summer cottage or throw it in the trash.

Before deciding to use a stain remover, everyone should know how to wash Vanish on stains, so as not to complain about the tool in the forums, keeping silent about the laziness and the traditional “maybe” that prevented them from studying the instructions for use.

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