How to remove grease stains from a shirt

Posted by: 15.01.2018

Hike in a restaurant, cafe or snack at the workplace can leave a mark on the clothes. What should be done first of all so that oily marks do not go down into the category of old spots? How to wipe the greasy stain on the shirt without destroying the fibers of the fabric? In the arsenal of experienced housewives there is always a tool that will help save your favorite clothes, returning her original look. It is worth adhering to the verified algorithm of actions when remove fatty traces and competently treat the choice of funds.

How to remove a fresh greasy stain from clothes

When contamination is detected, it is necessary to immediately react without delay in solving the problem on the back burner. It is much easier to remove a newly planted spot than the old marks. Soiled, you need to take emergency measures. It is necessary to soak the remnants of pollution with a napkin, toilet paper, blotter - everything that is at hand and has excellent absorbent characteristics. This will minimize the penetration of fat into the fibers of the material. It is necessary to use tips on how to remove grease stains from a shirt so as not to aggravate the situation in the future.

  1. You can save the shirt with salt, which must be generously sprinkled with a thick layer of dirt and left for 15-20 minutes. After shaking off the absorbed fat mixture, and if necessary, update the salt. Wash the product in accordance with the recommendations on the label.
  2. Starch, soda, baby powder, powdered chalk, tooth powder or talc will come to the aid of products made from natural fabrics (flax, chiffon, cotton or silk). Spread the shirt on a horizontal surface, sprinkled with any of the following funds under the contamination and on top of the stain. From above you need to cover with a napkin or tracing paper, which is ironed with a warm iron. You can leave a powdered greasy mark on the shirt under the press for the night, and in the morning to wash the shirt in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.
  3. Bread crumb has excellent absorbent characteristics and becomes a real salvation in cases where it is forbidden to iron the fabric. It is necessary to change the lumps as long as the fabric does not “give up” fat as much as possible. After that, they stretch the shirt in a soap solution, thoroughly soaping the soiled area.

In time taken measures to eliminate fresh greasy dirt will facilitate the process of getting rid of stains. If, due to circumstances, you could not act instantly, do not despair. Experts are ready to share secrets, than to remove the fat stain from the shirt, that's just to ignore the manufacturer's recommendations on the shirt label is not worth it. Taking into account the information on the shirt tag, you can easily remove the pollution by improvised means:

  1. Dishwashing detergent will help remove stains, as there are components splitting fat in the composition. Without diluting, the dishwasher is applied to the dirt, rubbed into the stained area and left alone for 10 minutes. After that, in hot water, this area is covered up.
  2. Oily hair shampoo is another way to remove greasy stains from a shirt without stain remover. The sequence of actions is the same as when using a dishwasher.
  3. Brown laundry soap (72%) effectively cope with greasy soiling. The bar generously soaps the stain, leaving it on the 10-12 watch. To avoid drying out the soap on the fabric, you must place the shirt in a plastic bag. Drying the soap on the cloth can lead to hard-to-remove brown marks. Wash the product should be in warm water, after well rinsing.
  4. A slurry of mustard powder diluted with water will help remove greasy marks on a linen dark or multi-colored shirt. Creamy mixture is applied for half an hour, then washed off with warm water.
  5. Laundry soap with sugar will help to remove the fat stain. For this, the soiled area is generously soaked, then sugar crystals are sprinkled, and after 15 minutes, the particles are rubbed into the dirt.
  6. The shaving foam needed by each man will help bachelors to get rid of grease stains on the shirt. Foam is applied along the contour of the stain, rubbed until absorbed (5-10 minutes), and then the product is sent to a washing machine.

Knowing how to remove a greasy stain on a shirt at home can save money on the purchase of a stain remover and take urgent measures to save your favorite piece of clothing. Dry cleaning services are not needed.

What to bring old fat spot on the shirt

When contamination is not immediately detected and precious time is missed, you should not despair, because the situation is not hopeless and you can try to get rid of fat penetrated deep into the fibers yourself.

How to remove a fat stain from a shirt


How to remove grease stains on the shirt from artificial fabrics? Here ammonia will come to the rescue. Products of light shades are easily cleaned from traces of fat. A solution of 200 ml of water 1 a teaspoon of ammonia is used to wipe contamination with a cotton pad, and then cotton fabric is laid on both sides of the stain. Warm iron ironed stain. There is no trace of fat on the shirt.

Purified gasoline + sawdust

Soak small sawdust in gasoline, then put them on old fat spot. Leave the sawdust until completely dry on the contaminated area, then shake off the fabric, and wash the shirt according to the instructions on the label.


Not knowing how to remove a fat stain from a shirt from a delicate fabric, glycerin will help, which is applied with a cotton pad to the old fat stain, rubbing movements from the edge of the stain to the center.

Hot brine

In a liter of hot water diluted with salt 150 g. In the solution immersed area of ​​the shirt with greasy traces. Leaving the stain for a quarter of an hour, after removing the area from the solution, it is covered with laundry soap.

Soda + dishwasher

In equal parts, soda ash, shampoo for oily hair or Fairy and a little water are taken to make a mixture similar to thick sour cream. The resulting composition is applied to a greasy stain, rubbed with a toothbrush. On the 10-15 minutes, the product remains on the fabric, then it is thoroughly washed off, and the shirt is washed.

Advice of experts on how to remove grease stains from a shirt should help both wise housewives and beginners. It will not be superfluous to keep them in service with the bachelors, who must monitor the condition of the wardrobe on their own. Do not overlook and store stain removers, which are presented in shop windows in abundance. But before removing the fat stains with their help, you need to try the effect of the product on an inconspicuous fragment of a shirt so as not to permanently damage the product.

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