Remove paint stains from clothes - proven methods

Posted by: 04.02.2018

You did household chores, and inadvertently put a stain on paint on clothes? How to remove traces of coloring matter without spoiling things? This important question torments the minds of many people who have tried to paint doors, windows or other surfaces at least once. The paint eats very firmly into the fibers of the fabric, and it is very difficult to remove it, but you can. How to remove stains from paint to keep the thing in its original form? What kind of tools to use to remove traces of dyes? It's time for you to find out how and how you can remove paint stains!

What should I know before processing?

Before you remove paint stains from soiled clothes, you need to know about some very important nuances so that in the process of processing things do not spoil them completely:

  • Make sure that the fabric of your clothes can withstand the aggressive effects of solvents before removing the stain from paint. If you skip this step, the probability of damage to things will be very high - you do not want to spoil the clothes?
  • Spots of paint should be carefully wiped from the edges to the center, in any case not to allow the spread of paint on the surface of clothing. On how to remove the stain from paint by the methods of rubbing stains of the dye composition, you can find out further in the manual.
  • If you are going to use gasoline for processing clothes, before clearing the stain from the paint, make sure that the gasoline is not taken from the car refueling station, but from a special store. There it is sold refined, whereas gasoline from a filling station can leave its own spot, which can not be removed.
  • Do not use tips on how to remove stain from paint with aggressive substances, make sure that your clothes are not made from synthetic fabrics. They do not tolerate substances such as gasoline and other caustic compounds that corrode synthetic clothing.
  • The processed clothes should be washed in the washing machine separately from other things to not admit distribution of coloring substances on pure products.
  • Before removing old stains, they must be softened - for this you can use margarine or butter, which after soaking should be thoroughly washed to prevent fixing of greasy stains.

How to remove stains from paint

Now that you have learned how to clean the stain from the paint, without spoiling the thing, it’s time to learn about the many tools and proven folk recipes for cleaning up the dirt from the dyes that have been absorbed into the fabric fibers. Are you ready to learn?

Remove oil paint stains

Oil paint is very absorbed in clothing, so before many painters, as well as those people who are faced with paint work, there is an acute problem of how to remove the paint stain from clothes. Remove oil paint stains can be such recipes:

  • Solvent. Before you remove the stain of oil paint from clothes, make sure that things are made of natural fabrics - synthetics do not tolerate solvent. If all is well, treat the contamination with a solvent, rubbing the stains from the edges to the center. When the stains have almost disappeared, you can wash clothes in a typewriter.
  • Vegetable oil. How to remove the stain of oil paint from clothes, if there is no solvent in the household? You can use vegetable oil - a wedge wedge. Dampen a cotton swab with oil and rub a stain on it, before which you should put a cloth or towel (to protect other areas of clothing from contamination with oil).
  • Refined gasoline. Before removing oil paint stains from clothes, buy special clean gasoline from a hardware store. Then proceed according to the well-known principle - wipe the stains with cotton pads soaked in gasoline. After wash.
  • Laundry soap. If you have turned on the laundry soap, you already know how to clean the stain from the paint. Crumble high-acid soap in a container of water, add a little salt and soda there. Stir, bring to a boil, then lower the contaminated area of ​​the thing into the solution. Hold and wash your clothes.
  • Alcohol. If the above advice with soap on how to remove paint stains from clothes did not help, you can greatly enhance its impact by adding alcohol to the soap. Just rub the stains of paint with soap, then pour them with alcohol (you can take both ammonia and ethyl). After this treatment, clothes should be washed in a washing machine.
  • How to remove the stain from the paint, if in addition to soap and alcohol in the household there is a large amount of salt? Rub the stain with household soap, then pour with alcohol and finally treat with a solution of salt. To fix, you should send things in the wash.

The following tips on how to remove a stain from paint will be able to provide help even with the most complex and stubborn stains. Even if from the first result you did not achieve the expected effect, just repeat the procedure - the stains from the paint will surely disappear!

We wash latex and acrylic paint

The question of how you can remove the stains from oil-based paint is not the only one. Often on things there are spots of latex or acrylic paint, which can be washed like this:

  • Wet the dirty area of ​​the fabric with cold water (to prevent the ink from soaking into the fabric fibers), then rub the stain on the underside with detergent using a toothbrush. After powder treatment, soak the item in hot water and hold it for 2-3 hours. Next, apply bleach or stain remover to the stain (depending on the type and color of the fabric), and then wash things.
  • How can I remove stains from silk clothes? Rub the stains with laundry soap, then treat them with heated denatured alcohol. Wipe the stains with alcohol until the traces of paint disappear completely. After that, the clothes should be rinsed in warm water and thoroughly dried. Spots will be gone.
  • What can remove paint stains from clothes made of wool? Just as in the previous case - with the help of soap. Only the technology is different - woolen things must be rubbed with soap and dipped in hot water until the stains are removed.

Before you remove the stain from the clothes with clothes using bleach, check the tag on things - perhaps the manufacturer prohibits the use of such substances. In this case, you should choose an alternative folk method, so as not to damage the clothes completely.

We wash aniline paint

There are two proven and effective ways to get rid of paint stains on clothes if it was contaminated with aniline dye. Check them out below:

  • Mix alcohol (preferably denatured), potassium permanganate and oxalic acid in warm water, bring the solution to a homogeneous state. When the compound is ready, start the treatment of stains, after which you should wait for the compound to absorb. After the fabric is completely soaked, it remains only to wash the thing in the washing machine.
  • This method of how to remove paint stains from clothes requires the above substances, but the processing technology is somewhat different: first soak the stains with alcohol, then treat them with potassium permanganate, and when it is absorbed, pour traces of paint with oxalic acid. After processing clothes should be washed.

Now you know how to remove the stain of paint on clothes, if it is stained with aniline dye. However, this is not the last problem that can be encountered during painting.

Other useful tips

Quite often there is a question about how take out of clothes silicate-based paint stains. It is very simple to do this - it is enough to process things with any acid, since silicate paint does not tolerate its impact. For processing things you can take acetic acid or oxalic acid, since these substances do not have a harmful effect on the fabric of clothing.

Women are faced with the question of how to remove stains from paint from clothes, if it was suddenly stained with hair dye. Unfortunately, to remove such compounds is simply impossible - they are almost instantly absorbed into the fibers of the fabric and firmly fixed in them. All that can be done in such a situation is only to loosen the stain or block it with an appliqué.

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