Fuel oil stains - how to wash without a trace and harm?

Posted by: 22.12.2017

Fuel oil is a substance that can be washed off in standard ways (washing in a washing machine without additional procedures) is very difficult, even with all the effort. This is the reason why many people, especially men, are wondering how to wash fuel oil from their clothes. It is very important to know, because the wrong removal will not only not give at least some results, but it can completely ruin clothes. It's time to figure out how to wash black oil from clothes, how best to do it, what methods are suitable for fresh and old stains, as well as other information about how to wash black oil from clothes at home? We learn!

How to wash oil out of clothes at home

What you need to know before removing?

Before you wash things from fuel oil, it is necessary to understand well a few recommendations that you will find very useful when you remove oil residue stains from clothes:

  • To prevent a stain from being printed on the opposite side of your item, you must put a cloth under it before removing the fuel oil stain from clothing.
  • It is very difficult to get rid of dirty contours around the stain, so it’s best to prevent them. This can be done by treating the area around the stain with a solvent.
  • If you do not come up with anything better than washing things with fuel oil with a solvent, be sure to carry out the cleaning procedure in a ventilated room and away from sources of open fire, as the substances in the solvents are toxic and very flammable.

Before removing mazut stains from clothes with a solvent, repeat the safety precautions when working with caustic and toxic substances (they are part of the product). Be sure to use rubber gloves and, if possible, a mask on your face to protect your airways from exposure to toxic substances. Do not interfere and special glasses for the eyes.

We clean fresh spots of fuel oil

It is much easier and preferable to remove fresh contamination than to wash off the oil that has managed to gain a foothold on the tissues. The following methods will allow you to remove fresh mazut stains:

  • Essential oils. Apply a small amount of fir or eucalyptus oil to the stain, then let it mix with fuel oil. Next, wipe the stain with a cotton pad dipped in solvent - rub until it is completely gone. The last stage is washing the clothes treated in this way in a washing machine.
  • Caustic soda. Before removing the mazut stains from your clothes, apply a small amount of caustic soda to the stain and let it soak. Did not help? Then soak the clothes in a solution of the substance and leave for a couple of hours. After that just wash.
  • Laundry soap. If you did not have the above means at hand, and you do not know how to remove the stain from fuel oil in such a case, try to get rid of the stains with ordinary soap. Before you wash the oil from clothes at home with this tool, make sure that the stains are very fresh, since even a little soaked up oil can not be removed with the help of soap.

You know how to remove mazut stains from clothes almost immediately after contamination, however, the ability to quickly remove stains does not always appear, and in almost all cases people deal with old stains. How to wash the oil on clothes that have already ingrained into the fabric?

Remove old stains

Many people have a natural question about how to wash clothes from fuel oil, which fell on it for a long time, thereby having firmly established itself. Washing with conventional methods will not bring any results, so you can not even try. It is better to try the following popular recipes and proven tips on how to wash the oil stains from clothes:

  • Gasoline or diesel fuel. Before removing the fuel oil stain from jeans or other clothes with combustible substances, make sure that there are no sources of open fire nearby, and the room itself is well ventilated. Moisten a cotton swab with petrol or diesel, and then gently rub the fuel oil stain. If the stain is very old, you can take more combustible material and soak the thing in it for two or three hours, then wash it. Do not forget before washing the oil off things with gasoline, look what fabric it is from - if it is synthetic, try other methods better (clothes may deteriorate).
  • Car shampoo. How to remove the fuel oil stain from clothes if suddenly there was no gasoline or diesel fuel in the home? Buy a special car shampoo at any automotive store, then use it by analogy with the actions outlined in the previous recommendation. After processing, do not forget to wash the thing.
  • Ammonia. You do not know how to clean the stain from fuel oil? Try ordinary alcohol (you can take both ammonia and ethyl). Soak a stain of fuel oil with alcohol and let it soak for some time, then wash the thing. If the effect after the first treatment did not satisfy you, you can try one more time.
  • Acetone. A very effective tool, however, before you remove the stain from the oil with clothes using acetone, make sure that the thing is not made of delicate fabrics. Otherwise, clothing may be hopelessly damaged. For processing, it is necessary to moisten cotton wool in acetone, then wipe it with a black oil stain on clothes.
  • Toluene. Finding this substance in pure form is practically impossible for an ordinary person because of its high toxicity. However, toluene is part of some solvents. Take such a solvent, moisten it with cotton wool and gently treat the oil stains. When most of the fuel oil is removed, you can wash the thing.

This is not all tips on how and how you can remove the stain from fuel oil - you may be able to learn about others from your friends and relatives. But first of all, to save their belongings, try the above recommendations - they are guaranteed to lead to success. Even if the individual recommendations than to remove the stain of fuel oil on clothes will not help immediately, just try to repeat the procedure to achieve the desired effect of removing fuel oil stains.

Proper care of clothes

Now you know how to remove mazut stains from clothes, but do you know what to do after things have been cleared successfully? Here are some guidelines for taking care of your clothes:

  • After using any of the above recipes, the item must be washed to secure a positive effect. Washing is done in the usual mode for clothes - look at the tag to find out which mode to choose and the temperature of the wash.
  • If you use chemicals (for example, solvents) to clean things, thoroughly air the rooms for half an hour after processing.
  • After processing clothes to remove mazut stains, it is recommended to dry them in the open air, especially if gasoline, diesel fuel, acetone and other sharp-smelling substances were used in the process of removing stains (this is necessary to remove the smell).

Always remember - it is always much easier to prevent contamination of clothes than to wipe away oil stains from clothes. Watch your things, take care of them from stains, and even if the stain has fallen on your favorite thing, start an event to remove it immediately afterwards!

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