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The yellow stains of sweat on clothes not only spoil her appearance and impression about the wearer, but also emit a very unpleasant smell, which can also bring discomfort. Most often, active and energetic people are faced with a similar problem, and the question of how to remove stains from sweat under their arms is particularly acute. Fortunately, yellow stains are a completely solvable problem that can be solved by several dozens of proven methods, ranging from simple substances like salt and peroxide to complex recipes with a lot of complex ingredients. Are you interested in the answer to the question of how to wash stains from sweat on your favorite clothes? It is time to learn about the most effective and quick options for washing clothes.

How to remove stains from sweat

Remove stains from white clothes.

The attitude towards white clothes should be more accurate, since the slightest deviation from the instructions can lead to the formation of stubborn stains. Before you remove stains from sweat on white using one of the following recipes, take the time to check the fabric's reaction to the chosen remedy. To do this, just put a little money on a small area of ​​clothing - if everything is good, you can carry out a full treatment.

Remember 4's most effective advice on how to remove stains from sweat under the arms of white things:

  • Hydrogen peroxide. Aggressive for stains, but safe for clothing means that can be easily found in the public domain. It can be used both in pure form for especially neglected cases, and in diluted (1 tablespoon per liter of water). How to wash yellow spots of peroxide? The processing technology is simple - you should put a small amount of peroxide on the spots and wait until it is absorbed. Next thing goes to the washing machine drum. You can also dilute the hydrogen peroxide in a container with warm water, then soak the clothes in it for 30 minutes and dry at the end.
  • Baking soda. How to remove yellow stains from sweat if you have not found hydrogen peroxide in your home? You can use a very similar on the principle of exposure means, which is exactly in the kitchen. It's about baking soda. To use, you should prepare the paste - mix 4 tablespoon of powder and a quarter cup of water, stirring the mixture to a slurry state. This gruel must cover the stains of sweat on things and leave in this state for 60-90 minutes. When time passes, the clothes are washed in the usual mode in a washing machine, and then dried at room temperature.
  • Persol. This tool is a strong chemical bleach, therefore, before washing the stains from sweat with its use, you should wear rubber gloves, and during processing to avoid contact with the bleach in the eyes. When you are ready, mix persol with water (one teaspoon per glass of water), after which you can take an old toothbrush with a brush - rub the resulting solution into the stain with gentle circular motions. Next, the treated clothes should be left to soak for 60-90 minutes, at the end of which wash and dry as usual.
  • Salt. How can you remove sweat stains if there is no chemistry and other means to remove stains? Rescue ordinary salt, which is the best substance against any stains. It is enough to dilute a small (tablespoon) amount of salt in a glass of water and rinse with sweat stains with a prepared solution. When the 2-3 hours have passed after processing, the clothes are wrung out and washed on a regular basis.

These four tips are like wash yellow spots sweat is enough to cope with even serious pollution. Even if it does not help the first time, just repeat the procedure.

We wash off traces of sweat from light things

Как wipe away sweat stains from white clothes you have already figured out, however, it is worthwhile to separately indicate several valuable recommendations on washing bright things — you can take a more aggressive approach to them to cope with even the most inveterate and large traces of sweat. So, at home you can use the following four proven recipes:

  • Boiling. Do not forget before you wash off the old stains of sweat by boiling, check what fabric your light-colored clothing is made of. You can use this method only with cotton items. To do this, take a large container (preferably an enameled pan), fill it with warm water and put it on fire. For efficiency, chopped laundry soap is added to the water. The solution is brought to a uniform state, after which the clothing is immersed in it. Boil things like this should be on low fire for 3-4 hours. Do not forget to mix it regularly! When boiling is complete, the clothes are wrung out and washed.
  • Salt and ammonia. As mentioned earlier, salt is a universal remedy that can be enhanced by the action of ammonia. Before removing the yellow stains from sweat, dilute the salt in alcohol in equal proportions, then drain the resulting composition into water. The solution is mixed to a uniform state and is applied to sweaty stains, the clothing is kept in this state for 30 minutes, after which it is washed.
  • Lemon acid. You do not know how to wipe the sweat at hand? Take a teaspoon of citric acid and dilute it in a glass of water. Moisten a cotton swab in the solution and gently soak the yellow stains on the clothes. Let the citric acid soak in for half an hour, then wash the item in the washing machine.
  • Oxalic acid. Acids do very well with stains from sweat, so you can take not only oxalic, but also acetic. If you want to cope with yellow marks, rub the contaminated fabric with an acidic solution in water and wash it off in 10 minutes. After this treatment, the item is easily washed off the sweat stains in the typewriter and returns its appearance.

Now you will not have a question about how to wash yellow stains on white clothes and things of light tones, since you know everything that is necessary. However, in your wardrobe there must be not only white clothes, but also black clothes. What if sweat stains appeared on her?

We wash sweaty spots with black clothes

In general, recipes washing black things from sweat are practically no different from tips on how to wash yellow stains from sweat on light fabrics. Such methods are especially popular:

  • Laundry soap. Very good for removing sweat from woolens. How to wash the sweat on a black cloth with soap? Easier than it seems - just lather the soap with high acidity (more than 70%) in warm water, rub them stains on the black stuff, soak clothes on 60-90 minutes, then wring out and wash in a typewriter.
  • Salt. Carefully affects the silk, if the clothes are soaked in warm water, then treated with a solution of salt in water and washed on a delicate mode. Both soaks should not exceed 10 minutes each, so as not to damage the fabric.
  • Ammonia. How to wash off traces of sweat as quickly as possible? For these purposes, you can use ammonia (in extreme cases, denatured) alcohol, which must be added to water during hand washing - just one teaspoon per liter of water is enough.

If you are interested in how to wipe sweat stains from black clothes quickly and efficiently, you can combine all three recipes - mix alcohol, salt and laundry soap, bring to a uniform state, and then wipe the stains with a solution. The soaking 30 minutes will suffice too, so that even the most serious dirt on your clothes will disappear later on in the wash.

Old stains are no longer a problem!

Well, when the traces of sweat fresh - so they are much easier to wash. But how to remove old stains from sweat, which is already far from one day? Thing can be saved by using recipes:

  • Soda with vinegar. Aggressive sweat compound remedy, which is prepared as follows - 2 teaspoons of soda mixed with teaspoons of vinegar 4, all this is additionally dissolved in a liter of water. In the resulting solution, the clothes are soaked in 60-90 minutes, after which it is sent to a regular wash in a typewriter.
  • Aspirin and peroxide. Do you know how to remove old sweat stains with these products that can be found in any pharmacy? Make a thick paste of two tablets dissolved in a teaspoon of water and apply it on sweat stains, leave for an hour on 3-4. After that, wash the item and treat with hydrogen peroxide solution in water. Enough 10 minutes to completely get rid of unpleasant yellow stains on clothing.

If you are interested in other ways how to remove stains from sweat, you can use any household acid - oxalic, citric or acetic. To enhance the effect, the acid can be mixed with salt and soda. The resulting tool must be carefully treated stains.

What can not be done?

If you are interested in not only ways to clean the yellow stains from sweat, but also tips on keeping things intact after processing, take these tips into account:

  • Do not use chlorine - it reacts with stained protein, which leads to darkening of the tissue.
  • Do not use gasoline and benzene to clean synthetics - they dissolve such a cloth.
  • For wool and silk do not use alkali, and for cotton fabrics - hydrochloric acid.
  • After using peroxide, always rinse the garment several times.
  • Do not wash clothes stained with sweat at temperatures above 30 degrees.

Use better advice on how to wipe sweat from clothes, and try to do it as early as possible, preferably immediately after the appearance of stains - this will make your work much easier.

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