Rust on white clothes - effective ways to fight

Posted by: 07.03.2018

Have you dealt with rusty metal objects or surfaces, and therefore there are unpleasant rust spots on your clothes? We need to do something about it! This problem is more often encountered by men working in a garage or in a factory where it is easy to find rust and it is even easier to get dirty. Unfortunately, not everyone knows how to remove rust stains from white, and even more so men who rarely bother themselves with the proper washing of things. So, it's time to once and for all sort out the question of how remove stains rust with white clothes, not only to achieve results, but also not to spoil the clothes.

When do rust spots appear?

Before you remove a rusty stain from white clothes, you need to manage to plant it. This usually happens in one of the following ways, most often encountered in practice:

  • Drying clothes on old metal batteries, prone to corrosion.
  • Wash items with metal objects in their pockets (coins, pins).
  • Any wet contact with metal surfaces.
  • "Rusting" of clothing in the field of metal buttons, cufflinks and rivets.

How to remove rust stains from white

If you try to prevent the appearance of rust stains on your things, you will not have a question about how to remove rust stains from clothes. But if this trouble has already happened, and the thing struck by metal oxides is too expensive for you, use the recommendations below on how to remove a rust stain on white.

Clean delicate fabrics

As ill luck would have it, delicate white things are stained with rust stains much more than clothes made from ordinary fabrics. How to remove the rust stain on clothes from a delicate fabric so as not to damage it? To do this, you can use one or more valuable recipes:

  • Mix grated chalk, water and glycerin (all this should be taken in equal parts), then bring the mixture to a state of gruel. It must be applied to a rusty stain, then left for one day to absorb. After the day, the clothes must be washed.
  • Chlorine bleach. Before removing the rust stain with chlorine bleach, read the label on the product - it is possible that the manufacturer prohibits the use of bleaching agents. If there is no prohibition, bleach can be applied to the stain and allowed to soak in (10 minutes will be enough). After soaking up, wash the treated item. If the method does not help, the procedure is repeated.
  • Stain remover. How to remove rust stains from white clothes, which should not be washed with bleach? Try a stain remover with a high oxygen content - its use is similar to the above, just apply and wash.
  • Mix glycerin and dish detergent before removing rust stains from white clothes. Apply the composition and let it absorb, then wash the item in the washing machine as usual. This method is well suited for colored fabrics, if you add vinegar to the mixture.

These are top tips on how to remove rust stains from white clothing from delicate fabrics. You can try one of the above recipes, as well as several. If the desired result does not appear after the first treatment, it is necessary to simply repeat it again. Now it is necessary to figure out how to remove rust stains from clothes from ordinary fabrics.

We remove stains from ordinary clothes

If you do not know how to remove rust stains from clothes, use the following recipes:

  • Lemon juice. Rust stains on clothes can be removed quickly and efficiently with ordinary lemon juice. It must be applied to rust stains, let it soak for 30 minutes, then send the treated item to the wash. If the thing is pitiful, or the stains are fresh, before removing rust stains from white clothes, you can slightly dilute lemon juice with water to weaken its effect.
  • Vinegar. Be sure to dissolve 3 spoons of wine vinegar in water before removing rust stains from clothing. After that, soak soiled clothes in the solution and leave for two to three hours, so that the vinegar is well absorbed. The last stage - strick things.
  • Toothpaste. If you do not suddenly have lemon juice or vinegar in your household, and you do not know how to remove a rusty stain on the fabric, use a regular toothpaste. It is enough to rub a little paste into the stain and leave the clothes on for 10 minutes, so that the rust will completely leave your clothes during the next wash.
  • Salt and acetic acid. Before removing rust stains from clothes with a solution of acid and salt, make sure that your things are not made of delicate fabric. All is well? Then mix the salt and acetic acid with the addition of water to a state of slurry, then rub the resulting composition into spots. Wait 30 minutes and wash.

On the question of how to remove rust stains on white, you can find many answers, and the above are not the only ones. Despite this, start with them, because these recommendations on how to remove rust stains from fabric were tested in practice by hundreds of people who have already encountered the problem of rust stains on expensive things.

Some more valuable tips

Even if you, without any recipes, know how to remove rust stains most effectively, you will definitely not be bothered by a few tips that will help to cope with rust stains:

  • After any treatment, the clothes should be washed in hot water (but not hotter than indicated on the label) in order to completely remove the rust that has sewn into the fibers of the fabric.
  • Before removing rusty stains from white clothes with no means previously used, try the effect of the selected recipe on a small piece of fabric.
  • If you do not know how to remove rust stains on white, use anything, but not chlorine-free bleach. The use of such funds only hurt.

Now you know perfectly well how and how to remove a rust stain if it spoils the look of your favorite thing. Wear a neat clothes, watch for stains on it, and also apply effective ways on how to remove a rusty stain from clothes.

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