What will happen to the flash drive after washing

Posted by: 30.01.2018

Familiar to many situations, when in a fit of cleanliness and haste, things with unchecked pockets fly into the washing machine. Taking out the washed things, it is “pleasant” to find a usb-drive among them. The owner then becomes cold afterwards, remembering that there is a report, presentation, thesis, photo or video materials that are important, necessary and urgently needed. The shock of what happened is replaced by horror because of fear for the information there, replaced by indignation with clever thoughts, what to do before washing. But we are all smart afterthought! We need effective advice, when I already washed the USB flash drive in the washing machine, what to do now without “if”?

What not to do when I washed the USB flash drive in a washing machine

The situation in which you need to save the washed information carrier is solved. It is good if the righteous anger is directed at a loved one who has sent a usb-drive to the wash, much worse if the mother has washed the flash drive in a typewriter, beloved girlfriend or wife. The risk of spoiling relations with a loved one at this moment is very high.

Washed flash drive what to do

  1. The first rule is to calm down, not to sort things out and not to sprinkle ashes on the head because of what happened. Forget at this stage what had to be done, because now is not the time of moralizing.
  2. It is strictly forbidden to rush to a computer, laptop, or an undisclosed USB flash drive into the socket with a wild desire to make sure that the drive is working and none of the folders spilled out with water during the washing process. We remember the safety rules when working with electrical appliances and the properties of water, which has excellent electrical conductivity. A rush to immediately verify the integrity of information on a wet flash drive may result in a short circuit, which:
  • still destroy the information, after which you can safely say goodbye to the contents of the carrier;
  • will lead to breakage of computer equipment, which threatens with great trouble and waste;
  • able to disable other electrical appliances in the apartment.
  1. Do not dry the flash card with a building hair dryer or a microwave oven.

Giving a report of what will happen if you wash the flash drive, the owner must avoid stupid things in order not to complicate the situation. Given the dangers that can occur, you need not to panic and blame, but to prepare a regular hairdryer and have patience!

What to do if the flash drive was washed

After detecting a fairly tattered media, the advanced users rush to the “Gaucher” or “Yasha” in a panic, where they try to find an answer on the forums to find the answer to the question, what will happen if I wash the USB flash drive? It is comforting after searches that there are enough such lovers to check pockets before washing, therefore, there is some experience in this direction. There is a hope that with the right approach in the drive, not only can information be saved, but the flash drive itself will serve more than one year.

Impact on the complexity of the restoration of the drive can:

  • the presence of moisture protection function;
  • the duration of the wash;
  • temperature regime;
  • used detergents;
  • hardness of water;
  • collapsible or solid carrier model.

Depending on whether there is a waterproof function depends on the result. Producers in the struggle for the buyer can withstand the stated requirements, so branded carriers with waterproof functions have proved to be excellent even after water procedures in a washing machine. Users confirm that there are no complaints about the work of such flash drives, information is saved.

Professional recommendations

Specialists and comrades in misfortune recommend for resuscitation of a usb-drive after washing to adhere to the following rules:

  1. After detection of the washed flashcard it is necessary to wipe it. Waterproof models will work after drying. But the main condition for connecting such a carrier - the connector must be dry.
  2. The first thing that comes to mind when I washed the flash drive comes to mind is to dry it. In a collapsible model, you should carefully open the case, decompose the components, drying each part. Disposable models recommend putting on a warm battery for a couple of days, for safety, you should lay a radiator with a towel on which to lay out the swim device. If the weather allows, then put a flashcard on the windowsill under the sun's rays.
  3. If there is no time to wait, then you should use a hairdryer, the temperature of which should not exceed 1200С. At extreme temperatures there is a risk of irreversibly losing the data on the media.
  4. After thorough drying, you can try to connect the device to a computer, laptop, tablet, making sure that they are powered.

Most often, if everything is done correctly, the efficiency of the flashcard remains the same.

What to do if after washing the flash drive does not start

It also happens that the device does not work after drying. You need to try to rectify the situation yourself, if there was no miracle. What experts recommend to do to restore the operability of the flash drive.

  1. The carrier must be disassembled, wipe all contacts with alcohol. In order not to leave the villi, it is better to abandon the cotton pad or hygienic sticks, and use a microbrush, the brush of which you need to carefully handle the oxidized places. It is necessary to wait for the surfaces to dry. Enough 15-20 minutes for the alcohol to evaporate. Then assemble the model, making sure that the connector is dry, you can connect the device to the computer and test.
  2. What should I do if I use powder when washing? Experts recommend washing the device in an ultrasonic bath. This equipment is available from the masters involved in repairing mobile phones. After the procedure with ultrasound, the device is dried and connected for verification.

What to do if the flash drive was washed

A special case when on the device, there are mechanical damages that are received during the washing process. Often, these devices fail, and it is difficult to extract information from them. In this case, do not do without the help of professionals. Kulibins, having the appropriate equipment, will help to extract not only important information, but also try to restore the device to work.

Tips to better not neglect

The most important rule, eliminating headaches, how to save a flash drive after washing - is to check the pockets before laying clothes. If the list of previously washed in a typewriter things listed mobile phones, key chains from the car, then it is necessary to work ahead of the curve. Masters recommend purchasing waterproof branded flash cards or protecting the existing collapsible usb-drive from moisture on their own. To do this, you need to disassemble the flash drive, cover the board with a thin layer of alkyd-urethane varnish, dry, assemble and use.

In general, a drive is a product that will not sit down after washing (will not decrease in size), nor stretch, that is, gigs will not be added, and files will not spill out with water if the model is moisture resistant.

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