What should I do if my passport is washed?

Posted by: 06.12.2017

The reasons for losing such an important document as a passport can be many. But if the passport was washed in a typewriter, what to do? Washing a passport is the most common cause of damage to this document.

First of all, if you find yourself in such a difficult situation, and washed your passport, do not panic and get angry. You are far from the first person who is faced with a similar problem, which, by the way, is solved. Ways to solve this difficult situation have long existed, and with the right approach, perhaps you will be able to recover the document without nerves.

First steps after washing

The first thing to do if you washed your passport in a washing machine is to determine the significance of damage to your ID card. The state of the document will directly depend on the washing mode you choose and the “toxicity” of laundry detergent. The longer the document has been in the water, the stronger it will be corrupted. The seals can float, and the words can be simply unreadable.

So, washed the passport. What to do? First, carefully remove the documents from the clothes or bags in which it was washed. Then we very carefully examine the passport in order to understand how badly it is damaged.

Gently scroll through the pages, carefully handling the raw paper, and see if there are any stamps and notes. If you are lucky, and the ink has not flowed, and stamps are not blurred, then perhaps you can restore the document. Of course, because of the washing powder, paints could fade, but if all the inscriptions are visible, then the passport is suitable. If you washed your passport, and you do not know what to do, the first thing to do is to dry it properly.

Dry passport

If you washed your passport, then you must be able to thoroughly dry it. The pages should be very carefully divided and put sheets of white paper between them. The paper must be pure white and without any notes, otherwise the ink will be transferred to the raw pages of the passport.

Now it is necessary to leave the passport until complete drying, but only far away from the heating devices and in general, any sources of heat. To properly dry a passport after washing, you need to put it on the table, for example, so that it dries out naturally at room temperature.

Every half hour the paper between the pages of the passport must be changed. So the moisture will quickly absorb from the pages of the document, and it will dry out evenly.

When your ID card is completely dry, it must be closed and placed under a flat and heavy object. For example, a passport can be put on a flat table, and on top put a few heavy books. So the document must lie down for a day.

What not to do

If the passport is washed, then in no case can not put it to dry on the battery. So the pages of the document are deformed and become wavy, and then you will not be able to restore it yourself. Drying the document is necessary only at room temperature.

What to do if you wash your passport

Can I use a faded passport?

There is not a single regulatory document that would determine the degree of validity of an identity card. The law says that the worn-out document is subject to replacement, but at the same time it is considered valid. If you are lucky, and stamp and signature in the passport in place, then we can consider it suitable. But nevertheless, heavily worn documents are subject to exchange, therefore it is possible to judge the suitability of a passport only by its appearance.

A washed ID, if the owner’s full name, number and series, date of issue and stamps are readable, is considered valid. If you are advised to replace the worn-out document in the institutions, you can simply reply that you will immediately deal with this.

Is exchange required?

This is a completely voluntary matter - the exchange of a worn or slightly damaged document for a new one. If you will soon change your passport for various reasons, for example, because of a surname change, then you can walk around for a while with a washed document. And if you do not have to exchange your passport, then it is better, of course, to replace it.

To obtain a new identity card, it is required to bring a “wetted” document in the washer, write a statement, pay a fee. For the replacement of the passport, damaged by the owner’s fault, you will have to pay a certain amount, but it is quite small. And, of course, it will be necessary to make new photos.

If you managed to wash the passport, you will have to change it without fail. It is considered invalid in the event of damage, even if all the inscriptions read well and all seals are in place. So you will save your nerves at the border when passing control, and no one can find fault with you. If you are abroad and are in such an unpleasant situation, you should contact the police, where you will be given a certificate.

You should not worry and panic if you have such a problem as accidentally washed ID. If you cannot restore it on your own, contact the passport office, take new photos, and you will be given a new copy within a month. And don't forget to buy a special cover that absorbs water, in case you wet your ID again. If the document is almost without damage, then you can continue to use it.

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