Gel for washing or washing powder - make a choice

Posted by: 14.12.2017

Many housewives, regularly faced with washing things, think about choosing a good cleaning agent. Laundry gel or powder - which is better to choose in order to achieve a more effective result? Not so long ago, housewives did not have much choice, since either ordinary (or household) soap or powder was used for washing. Now there are gels, about the features of which are not yet all know. It is time to figure out once and for all the question of what is best - washing with powder or gel, what are the advantages, disadvantages and peculiarities of each of the presented species, as well as what other alternatives to powder are available.

Powder - we estimate from all sides

Washing powder is a traditional and versatile cleaning agent, which, however, is not without its drawbacks. These include the following disadvantages:

  • Flowability, due to which the powder is not difficult to scatter or pour into the machine more than is necessary for washing clothes. Powder spilling is fraught with cleaning.
  • The inconvenience of storing many packages of powder - some take up a lot of space in the kitchen or in the bathroom, which is especially true for large bags of powder.
  • In the process of using the powder in the air can rise fine dust, which becomes a real challenge for people with allergies. We have to refuse.
  • Some powders are very problematic washed out of the drum typewriter. That is why it is often pre-dissolved in water, and then added to the wash.

Washing gel or powder which is better

However, understanding the question of whether it is better to use powder or washing gel, it is impossible not to indicate the advantages of laundry detergent, which cannot be denied. These include a high washing capacity (due to the content of abrasive particles) and an affordable price.

Liquid gels - why so popular?

What better erases - powder or gel? To answer this question, you need to know in detail about the properties and features of liquid washing gels. So, the advantages include:

  • Convenient storage and use, as usually the gels are placed in small containers that do not take up much space and do not create difficulties during operation.
  • Reduced harm to allergies due to the absence of harmful emissions during unpacking and the use of gels for washing clothes in a washing machine.
  • After completing the wash, the gels do not leave any streaks on the inner surface of the drum, and are also easily washed out with water. Nothing needs to be cleaned!
  • More delicate effect on the fabric, so that they are less deformed.

Washing gel which one is better

It would seem, everything is clear - it remains to find out which washing gel is the best and forever abandon the use of laundry detergent. But not everything is so simple, because the gels have one very significant drawback - they have a lower cleaning ability compared to the powder. This means that there is no point in trying to wash an old spot with the help of a gel. That is why many housewives keep in themselves as a powder, and the best washing gel.

Alternative - tablets for washing

Also, housewives are concerned about the question of whether it is better to wash gel or capsule. In fact, tablets for washing are of great interest, as they have many advantages:

  • The good washing ability at the very sparing relation to fabric.
  • Often tablets contain a substance that protects the drum machine from scale.
  • Some capsules dissolve gradually, releasing certain active substances.
  • Simple application - just put the pill in the drum and start washing. That's all!
  • Capsules are convenient to store, they do not crumble and do not emit fine dust into the air.

However, not everything is so rosy, because with the use of capsules sometimes there are some problems. So, the dosage of tablets is a controversial issue. For example, for a half-loaded drum, half the tablet is required, which when splitting disintegrates into the same powder.

So what is the best of it?

It does not really matter what you use — the Big Wash gel, powder, or laundry tablets, since all of these tools, although designed for the same purpose, use different methods to achieve it. That is why it is not entirely appropriate to compare them. However, you can still bring some tips that will help you choose the means for washing things:

  • Decide on the tasks - if you need to wash delicate fabrics that are almost not dirty, use the gel, as it gently affects the fabric fibers. Spots old and ingrained? Here you can use powder or tablets.
  • Consider a factor such as allergies. If you or your household has an allergy, you must stop using the powder, replacing it with washing gel.

Gel for washing - which one is better? It is difficult to answer this question, because today you can buy gels from various manufacturers, among the diversity of which you can get confused. Therefore, the best step would be to give recommendations on how to choose a gel for washing:

  • Acquire gels only from proven and well-known manufacturers, for the quality of products that you have no doubt. Remember that at stake is not only cleanliness, but also the safety of your belongings - a poor-quality gel can reduce all washing efforts to nothing and even lead to damage to clothes. Think twice before you buy such a gel.
  • Best washing gel It does not have to be more expensive than the rest - look for the middle price segment, where there is a large and diverse selection, as well as decent quality. Excessively cheap gels should cause you at least suspicion, and you can go broke on the expensive ones, especially if you wash frequently.

The best advice is to keep both laundry powder and laundry gel in your household, using them alternately as needed. Do not make each of the means universal - the result is not the same.

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