How to wash the mirror without stains at home

Posted by: 16.01.2018

Today, a mirror is an indispensable piece of interior for any room, reflecting households in any mood. It is to him that we most often smile, trust sadness, sadness, cast a quick look, leaving from home. But the purity of the transparent surface is not easy. Housewives who do not want to endure divorce, puzzled by how to clean the mirror from stains, and this question is relevant, both for the housewife and for the staunch bachelor. Reflective planes do not go out of fashion and today are popular components of the design design space. They are appropriate in the bedroom and hallway, living room and bathroom, with the help of mirror inserts expands the space, because they are built into wardrobes, interior doors, walls and ceilings.

Learn to wash the mirror without stains

Before getting rid of muddy traces on a transparent surface, it is necessary to have an idea about the reasons for their occurrence. There are stains, stains from dust, dirt, potizhirovyh touches of hands, water droplets with a limescale, traces of flies, midges, mosquitoes that have chosen the reflective surfaces. But often there are traces of poor-quality cleaners for windows and glasses. Knowing the nature of the formation of pollution, the question of how to wash a mirror without stains is solved much easier.

How to clean the mirror from stains

Mirrors from supermarket shelves

The chemical industry offers in abundance the means to rub surfaces to shine. But often unscrupulous manufacturers are able to make life difficult for housewives who decide to clean the mirror surface with cheap means. Here everyone chooses by trial and error. A wide range of products focused on washing mirrors and glasses allows customers with different budget opportunities to purchase funds for every taste and color. Among them are “Mr. Muskul”, “Clin”, “Bik”, “LOC Amway”, professional detergent “Spectr-Profi”, able to cope with heavy pollution. Supermarket shelves are crammed with a variety of rags, napkins, special tools for washing mirrors. Some housewives manage in the home to actively use automotive tools to bring glitter on the mirror surfaces, and in the absence of other detergents at hand, the cleaning fluid for monitors is also used.

The procedure is simple: the mirrors with a spray gun irrigate the purchased product and carefully rub it with a napkin, paper, cloth.

By looking for a way to wash the mirror without streaks, you can achieve the desired effect with store sprays, but many stop the cost and toxicity that you should not forget from using them. Chemicals that are part of industrial products often cause dizziness, nausea, asthma, and other allergic reactions. In a house where there are small children, the use of the means described above puts them at risk, because residues of the substance on the reflecting surface may inadvertently get into the body.

To not disappoint the result, you must adhere to the following rules:

  • do not use cleaning agents that can damage the surface, leaving traces;
  • Do not use coarse bristly brushes that leave scratches on the glass;
  • for rubbing the best microfiber cloth.

How to wash the mirror

Experts advise to properly position the mirror, avoiding direct sunlight, which negatively affect the thin metal layer.

How to wash the mirror at home

In practice, effective methods have been tested that allow washing and rubbing mirrors in residential and hygienic rooms to a perfect shine without attracting chemicals. Depending on the contamination, the methods can be varied. Regular cleaning with a dry cloth and 1 once every two weeks with a cloth moistened with vinegar will help keep the reflective surfaces clean. Looking for options than to wash the mirrors, you can use the available tools that are in the arsenal.

  1. To remove contamination, use a dishwasher or dishwashing detergent. Dilute a small amount of detergent in water and clean the surface with a cloth or sponge.
  2. You can soften the water and prevent stains on the mirrors by adding a hair shampoo or liquid soap that does an excellent job with dirt.
  3. Spots from lime deposits are easily removed with the help of a dental powder diluted with ammonia. It is enough to take them on a tablespoon, put on the cloth and wipe the surface of the mirror. It is not recommended for this to use soda, the particles of which are able to leave scratches.
  4. Vinegar is a great helper in dealing with water stains on mirrors in hygienic rooms. A solution of water with vinegar in equal parts helps to get rid of lime deposits on the mirror surface.
  5. With the spray of hairspray left on the surfaces of the mirrors, it is under the power to cope with alcohol solutions. With the help of a spray gun, the surface of the mirror is watered or simply wiped with a cloth moistened with alcohol. Vodka or inexpensive cologne, eau de toilette is also suitable for this.
  6. Remove dirt from the mirror should be a weak solution of blue or strong infused green tea. Surfaces will get shine and purity.
  7. To return the shine to the mirrors, a lint-free cloth moistened with milk, which is rubbed on the surface, will help.
  8. To make the surfaces shine, they are rubbed with crumpled paper, a newspaper, sometimes paper towels or toilet paper, but in the latter two cases there may remain small fragments that will cause unnecessary trouble. Perfectly suited for rubbing the mirror surface nylon pantyhose.
  9. To remove stains left by flies, it is recommended to wash with a solution, when 3 tablespoons of vinegar is taken per liter of water. To prevent traces of flies and insects on mirror surfaces, you should wipe the reflecting surface with fresh juice of onions, and rub the mirror to shine after 5 minutes.
  10. It is recommended to wash the mirror using a potato cut, which is rubbed on the reflective surface, and then polished to a shine.

How to wash the mirror at home

Taking advantage of these tricks to care for reflective surfaces, each hostess will know how to wash the mirror without divorce at home, after which it will become a matter of pride, and not a demonstration of untidy dwellers. The variety of means and techniques for eliminating stains offered in a variety gives a wide field for activity even to an inexperienced hostess.

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