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Laundry detergent for washing is an indispensable tool for removing stains and returning their original appearance to things. Today, in hardware stores you can find a great variety of different powders at a variety of prices, from suspiciously cheap to overly expensive. Often changes and composition, and recommendations on the package. In this regard, the housewives have a question - the better to wash your clothes so that it does not deteriorate in the process? Give an answer to the question of what powders for washing better is very important, because a remedy that is chosen incorrectly, not only will not give a positive effect, but can also be harmful.

What to look for when choosing?

You do not know what powder is better to wash in the machine and always think when choosing? Then before you buy the laundry detergent, pay attention to the following parameters:

  • The degree of safety for health. This parameter is of particular importance when choosing a powder for washing delicate and children's clothes. Substances in laundry detergent must fully meet the established and generally accepted safety rules in Russia. The problem is that low-quality powders can cause great discomfort even after some time after washing even while wearing - this is manifested in the form of itching and allergic reactions, as well as severe redness of the skin.
  • Cost If the product is very expensive, this does not mean that you have the best laundry detergent before you. Perhaps the high price is justified more by brand awareness than by properties and characteristics. Do not choose the means only for the cost - always compare it with other important parameters of the powder.
  • Manufacturer. Obviously, it is better to buy good laundry powder from brands that have been tested and are popular in the market among consumers. Buying powder from an unknown manufacturer can lead to damage of things and even health.

To choose the best powder for washing the machine, do not buy the first washing powder in your hand to supposedly save time. Spend a little more time to choose only once, so that later you have a good idea of ​​what means you need.

The composition of washing powders

To understand what kind of powder is better to wash, you need to familiarize yourself with the composition of the product. As a rule, the composition of most modern laundry powders is almost the same between different brands and includes the following essential components:

  • Surfactants - surfactants that play the role of soap and form the basis of detergent, without which it is not able to cope with contaminated clothing.
  • Dyes needed to give the powder a certain color shade.
  • Bleaches that help make white things brighter during washing in the machine.
  • Flavors, giving the washed linen and clothes a pleasant smell of freshness.
  • Additional substances, phosphates, enhancing the action of the active components.

Which powder washes better?

If the composition of almost all products is the same, what is the best laundry powder to choose in this case? The answer to this natural question is simple - the quality of washing powder is determined by the proportions of the above components, as well as their quality. For this reason, you should choose a balanced powder for washing clothes in the machine machine.

It should be mentioned that there are the best powders for washing from an environmental point of view. They do not contain harmful phosphates in their composition, which is why they rapidly decompose and do not affect the environment in a negative way. Such powders are recommended to choose for washing children's clothes, as phosphates detrimental effect on the upper layers of the skin, which is especially pronounced when in contact with the delicate skin of the child.

Varieties of washing powders

In order to understand which powder washes better, it would not be superfluous to learn about the classification of laundry detergents by the method of application. Not every housewife knows that there are species:

  • Powder for hand washing. It is intended for washing things in a manual way, focused on a more aggressive impact, foam well and abundantly to compensate for the lack of physical friction of things with a stronger impact.
  • Washing powder machine. Such means practically do not differ in composition from powders for hand washing. The only difference is that these compounds are much less foaming, which is provided specifically. The fact is that during the washing in the drum things constantly rise up and fall down. If there is a lot of foam inside the drum, things will simply be held like on an air cushion. This will inevitably lead to a deterioration in the quality of washing clothes and other products in the washing machine.

The purpose of the laundry detergent is always indicated on its packaging, therefore, before choosing a good laundry detergent, make sure that you like the right look.

How to make the right choice?

Want to choose the most effective laundry detergent? Unfortunately, each type of powder is effective in its own way in any particular area. You can choose a universal solution, but with each specific spot it will deal somewhat worse than the tool that was developed specifically to deal with specific types of spots. How to choose a powder for washing, so as not to regret the choice made? Follow the instructions:

  1. Decide on your goals. You can choose powder as a washing machine for colored items, as well as a tool specializing in washing white clothes, or give preference to a universal remedy. It is advisable to buy several powders at once, each of which will be used to wash specific things.
  2. Carefully review the composition. What powders are better to machine wash? Those whose composition does not contain suspicious substances, and, preferably, phosphates. If you allow the budget, buy an environmentally friendly powder without harmful components in the composition - it is more expensive than conventional brands, but it allows you to forget about many problems.
  3. Check the information. To decide which powder for washing is better to choose, you can read the thematic forums and learn the experience of using these or other powders in practice by other housewives. The advantage of such sources of information is that the data there are impartial - the usual everyday opinion. If you do not have time to browse the forums, buy powder from a trusted manufacturer, whose name is on hearing. Such companies care about reputation and customers, you can trust!

To find the best powder for washing the first time you may not be able to - you will probably have to try more than one type of product and carry out more than one washing. Do not give up and do not stop the search - sooner or later you will find the best solution.

Powders you can trust

Interested in which laundry powders are good? Perhaps the following list of the most popular names of laundry detergents will help you make the right decision:

  • Sarma. Powder for washing in the washing machine, intended mainly for prophetic light tones from cotton and synthetic fabrics. This powder is composed of several different bleach, which allows you to remove the most complex stains.
  • Eared nanny. A tool that is primarily aimed at careful washing of children's clothes. It combines a strong effect on stains and hypoallergenicity, does not cause allergic reactions and irritations on delicate baby skin when worn.
  • Tide Color. Laundry detergent intended for washing colored things, which can be used for washing clothes from any fabric, including delicate ones. Use in any washing machines is possible. This is an excellent example of a universal powder that can handle even the strongest stains.

Which laundry powder is better?

Which laundry powder is better? Decide on it yourself, taking as a basis the information obtained in this guide. Buy different powders and find your perfect one!

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