Mistress note: is it possible to get out of baptism

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With the arrival of church holidays, believers have a lot of questions. They are not only religious, but also everyday. There are many superstitions that have nothing to do with religion. However, in order not to be mistaken, people want to find answers to the questions:

  • Is it possible to clean the house before baptism?
  • Is it possible to clean the house at baptism?

Feast of the Baptism of the Lord

One of the most important holidays for Christians. He finishes the Christmas time. The evening, on the eve of the holiday, is called the Epiphany Eve, this is a time of strict fasting. And after it comes the bright feast of the Epiphany of the Lord.

The feast is set on the day when the baptism of Jesus Christ took place, according to the story set forth in the Gospel. On this day he came to the city of Bethabara for baptism. During this period he turned thirty years old. On the Jordan River, John the Baptist conducted a baptismal ceremony, thereby marking the Messianic appointment of Jesus. This event is considered the first on the path of its public ministry. People discovered the true religion, the mystery of the Trinity of the Divine. In the sacrament of the rite of baptism when immersed in water, the death of Jesus is displayed, and when coming out of it - his Resurrection.

It is believed that on this day the water becomes wonderful. Sanctification of water takes place in churches. It is also consecrated in natural waters, for which a hole is cut down, which is called Jordan. Sanctified water is considered healing. She treats wounds; for home rest and order they sprinkle all the corners of the dwelling.

Recently taken bathing in the hole in the baptism. However, this is a new tradition, in the past mass bathing on a holiday did not take place. Only participants of the Christmas celebration were dipped into the hole, to wash away sins.

Is it possible to get out of baptism

Epiphany Superstitions

Recently, a large number of people turned to the church. However, many of them do not even know the basics of religion. However, they are firmly seated pagan, characteristic of all Orthodox Christians. Therefore, the possible question is whether to baptize wash and clean. Although the question of whether a true believer can be cleaned up in an apartment for baptism cannot even arise. Because on this day he must devote himself to God.

Newly-minded parishioners do not understand that they visit the temple a few times a year, or take a dip in an ice-hole at Epiphany. Faith is a way of life in which it is necessary to give up a lot of the usual. And follow the laws that are preached by this religion. However, in fact, faith is often mixed with superstition. Note some of them:

  • the water collected from the tap on the feast is also Epiphany;
  • grace will disappear if you do not get water among the first;
  • Epiphany bathing washes away sins;
  • when drinking holy water, one must take an odd number of sips;
  • the more water gets in the sprinkling, the better the health;
  • it is impossible to pour ordinary water into the Epiphany;
  • in Baptism can not be cleaned, in particular to wash the floors. Thus, you can offend the water.

In the latter case, it is impossible to say that this is a superstition and you can get out of the house for baptism.

Why not get out of baptism? Just according to the custom, pious Christians do not clean the house for a holiday, but do it in advance.

Cleansing holiday

The celebration of the Epiphany is associated with the memory of the baptism of the Savior in the waters of the Jordan. This holiday symbolizes the purification of a person and his soul by washing with water. In this case, our home should be cleaned of dust and debris. It is necessary to bring order to all rooms, and to prepare for the sprinkling of the dwelling with holy water.

When to clean up for baptism? There is no unequivocal answer to this question. Some priests note that nowhere is there a ban on cleaning, and that you can clean up for baptism, if a lot of dirty dishes have gathered, and the floor is covered with a layer of dust, like in the desert. However, it is better to highlight this day among the rest, and spend it in a festive mood.

Is it possible to clean up before baptism? On the eve of Epiphany, on Christmas Eve, the whole family gathers to prepare for the holiday. This time is strictly fasting, preparations are being prepared for the holiday. Therefore, it is best to clean the room in advance, and not on Epiphany Eve. Even to a non-believer, there is no need for such a holiday to show disrespect for believing neighbors, especially since church traditions have recently become popular.

On the question of whether it is possible to clean up after baptism, the answer is unequivocal, of course you can. The house of any person must be kept clean and tidy. And for this constantly need to make cleaning.

But on holidays and Sundays it is best to devote yourself to godly deeds. We need to pray and visit the service, talk with children. It is worth it to visit older relatives and people who need your support.

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