Liquid detergent: features and benefits

Posted by: 04.11.2017

Liquid detergents are a versatile option that is suitable for almost any fabric. They can be used both in the hand wash and in the washing machine. The main advantage of such products is a gentle and gentle cleansing, which, nevertheless, is very effective.

Below are the best liquid powders for washing, their features and advantages.

What is better to wash - powder or liquid?

More and more modern housewives prefer to use liquid household chemicals, and here's why:

  1. Fluids when used do not form dust, so they do not penetrate into the respiratory system and do not cause irritation on the skin. This is a great option for those who are prone to allergic reactions or suffer from bronchial asthma.
  2. In small apartments you can often find a washing machine in the kitchen. In the case of liquid powder, it will not fall on food.
  3. Liquid detergents are easy to use, because they are easy to dispense, and they are quite economical.
  4. Long shelf life due to the fact that the funds do not absorb high humidity.
  5. Soft effect on fabric, including colored materials.
  6. The product can be easily washed off with plain warm water, it does not remain on clothes.
  7. It is possible to wash things with the help of liquid household chemicals even at low water temperatures.

Liquid detergent

That is why liquid washing gel has become extremely popular among hostesses. Its only drawback is the relatively high price, but now you can purchase budget options in hardware stores. In addition, most gels do not contain components that protect the components of the washing machine from scale, so it is recommended not to use this tool all the time or to wash things in large batches.

Overview of the most popular tools

Before you buy liquid laundry detergent, check out the most common options. Baby clothes are things that need to be washed with extreme care. For these purposes, the delicate Greenpin product is best suited, which is distinguished almost entirely by its natural composition, which does not cause irritation on the delicate skin of the baby.

Another common tool is “Soft.” Judging by consumer reviews, this option is suitable for delicate fabrics, so if you need to remove the stain from your favorite silk blouse, this powder will help you with this. The product is supplied in convenient plastic packaging, resembling mayonnaise.

Looking for something inexpensive? In this case, pay attention to the "myth". This is a liquid powder from the Russian manufacturer, which acts not only as a detergent, but also serves as a good conditioner for linen, giving it a pleasant aroma of freshness.

Most of these products are suitable for both hand and machine washing.

How to choose a good liquid for washing?

First of all, it is recommended to choose liquid powders only from proven manufacturers who have proven themselves in the market of household chemicals. It is not necessary to purchase products from obscure firms, otherwise the thing may simply not be washed out.

In addition, it is recommended to study customer reviews about a particular tool. Reviews can be read both on the manufacturer’s website and on third-party Internet resources, for example, on forums. After that, you can safely make a purchase of the option you like.

Do you have sensitive skin? In this case, carefully study the label means: the powder should not contain substances that cause you an allergic reaction. For skin prone to irritation, you must choose a liquid household chemicals with a hypoallergenic composition (this should be indicated on the package).

Only after a thorough study of the information will you know which liquid laundry detergent is better. Remember that too cheap household chemicals do not mean good. It is better not to save on quality, because the purity of your clothes will depend on such a powder.

How to use liquid products in the washing machine

Liquid powders for washing clothes can be poured into a special container in your washing machine. It should be noted that such gels have a different degree of viscosity, it is based on this parameter, it is necessary to choose the method of washing:

  1. If the liquid is not viscous, experts advise you to pour it into the detergent bin, which is located in the washing machine (there you usually pour granulated household chemicals).
  2. If the product is viscous, it can be poured directly into the drum, where washing takes place. In this case, it will not be washed away with water from the bunker. If you pour the soap into the bunker, it will slowly drain in the rinsing process, and this can not be allowed.
  3. In the case of machine wash, it is also necessary to pay attention to the temperature mode (in most cases it is indicated on the powder packaging). In most cases, the temperature range is from 30 to 60 degrees of heat. If the laundry is not too dirty, wash at a cool temperature.

Liquid laundry detergent

Washing Tips

You can use liquid gel as an independent means to remove dirt, and in case of heavily soiled things, it is acceptable to combine it with a granular laundry detergent or bleach.

Before you start using liquid household chemicals, be sure to read the instructions for its use on the packaging. Observe the dosage, duration of washing and temperature, otherwise you can just spoil the thing.

Carefully close the packaging after each use, otherwise the tool will lose all of its original characteristics. It is not recommended to use liquid powder after its expiration date.

Thus, liquid detergent is an excellent option for people who suffer from asthma, as well as various allergic reactions. If your wardrobe consists of delicate fabrics, you should also abandon bulk powders in favor of this practical household chemistry.

You can buy such gels in specialized hardware stores, including online stores. In most cases, their cost is slightly higher than the price of granular powders. However, buying a gel, you will appreciate its effectiveness and gentleness of cleansing.

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