How and how to wash a dirty kettle: useful tips and tricks

Posted by: 15.01.2018

Any kettle over time becomes dirty and needs cleaning. The most common type of pollution - scum. It is formed in any kettle - metal, electric and enameled. Scale is often the cause of breakage of equipment, so you need to get rid of it regularly. You should not delay with cleaning, if there are spots of fat, because such dishes do not look very aesthetically pleasing.

How to descale the kettle: 5 home remedies

  1. How to boil a kettle with vinegar? This is one of the fastest and most effective cleaning options for household utensils. In a liter of pure water, dilute 100 with acetic acid. Pour the mixture into the kettle, place on a small fire and wait for the boiling to begin. Remove the cap and observe the process. If the scale comes off slowly and slowly, boil 10 minutes. After boiling, pour out the water, wash the kettle thoroughly, fill it with fresh water and boil again to finally get rid of residual dirt and acetic acid.
  2. Cleaning with citric acid. If you want to descale the kettle, use citric acid. Xnumx-xnumx tsp citric acid dilute in a liter of pure water. Pour the solution into the kettle, boil. If the equipment is not very polluted, you can do without boiling. The solution must be left for several hours.
  3. Coca-Cola against scale. It has long been known that this drink is harmful to eat. However, he is a great helper in the household, so it is worth buying one. Unscrew the cap and leave the Coke bottle on 20-30 minutes. Fill the kettle in half, boil it and wash it well. This method cannot be used to clean the kettle.
  4. Cleaning soda. If the dishes are in a completely neglected state, then take this method to note. How to boil a kettle with soda? Pour water, enter 1 Art. spoonful of food water, boil the solution, drain the residues. Pour in fresh water again, add 1 Art. a spoonful of citric acid, set low heat and boil for half an hour. Drain again, add fresh water, add ½ tbsp. table vinegar, boil half an hour. Contamination should be completely removed or become loose. In the latter case, they are easy to remove with a regular sponge.
  5. If the kettle is not very polluted, then you can use only soda. Dilute 1 Art. Spoon a soda in a liter of water, pour it into the kettle, boil it, let it boil over a low heat for 30 minutes. Wash the dishes, re-fill with water and boil again to get rid of any residue.

Other cleaning methods

  1. Brine. It contains citric acid, which copes with various types of pollution. Pour the brine into the kettle, boil it, pour it out and wash it well.
  2. Potato peelings. Wash the sand off the cleanings, put them in the dishes, cover with cool water and boil the 1-2 for an hour, wash them thoroughly. If there is a light white bloom, use a pear or apple peel.

Is it possible to boil kettle with soda

How to prevent scaling

  1. Use soft, filtered water. If it is not possible to pre-filter it, let it settle.
  2. Every time boil a fresh portion of water.
  3. Before each use, wash the kettle with clean water, discarding white flakes.
  4. 1 wash the dishes with citric acid solution once a month.

How to boil a kettle with vinegar

How to clean the kettle from fat?

  1. Heat the dishes, move the sink or on the table. On a damp sponge, apply some edible water, wipe the surface thoroughly, leave for a while if there is strong dirt. Wash with clean cold water.
  2. Choose a large container, put a teapot in it, dissolve soda (per liter of 1 liquid Art. Spoon of soda). Boil the dishes for about half an hour, cool. Remove excess fat with a soft sponge, rinse thoroughly, and wipe dry.
  3. Take an old toothbrush, squeeze out a little toothpaste, gently wipe the dishes outside. Wash the surface with a towel or soft cloth. Avoid the use of whitening toothpastes containing hard abrasive particles. They may scratch the surface.

How to wash the kettle from scum

As you can see, you can clean the kettle even from the strongest contaminants, but it is better to prevent them. It will save your time and effort.

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