How to turn off the washing machine before the end of washing - make a stop!

Posted by: 07.04.2018

All the variety of programs provided in modern washing machines are directed to washing within a specified time range, at the end of which the washing is completed. In the process of washing the door of the machine is firmly locked to prevent contact with the environment and prevent hot water from pouring out. But sometimes it is necessary to urgently stop the execution of a given program and open the drum itself. That is why many are interested in how to stop the washing machine during washing in the safest way. This manual will help you understand how to stop the machine during washing.

What should be remembered before disconnecting?

Before you stop washing in the washing machine, read the very important information for you:

  • Do not neglect the emergency shutdown of the device, as in most cases this will require sharply disconnecting the washing machine from the network. Repeated actions of this nature may adversely affect the operation of the unit, or even lead to its failure.
  • Before you turn off the washing machine during washing, remember that inside the drum there is a certain amount of water, which after a while can start washing can be quite hot. Emergency opening of the hatch may be accompanied by a small flood - you must be ready to quickly prevent it, as well as to observe safety measures in order not to burn yourself.

How to stop the washing machine during washing

Important! Be careful and cautious in case of emergency shutdown of the washing machine, and also do not do it too often, if you do not want to spend money on purchasing a new unit for a short time.

Ways to stop the work of the cars on models

There are several ways to turn off the washing machine during washing or simply to stop the process of performing the task. For some car models, the tips will be unique. Here is the complete list:

  • Samsung. In the washing machines of this Korean manufacturer has a built-in sensor that determines the residual level of water in the drum. For this reason, after an emergency stop of washing, the manufacturer strongly recommends that you open the door yourself and drain the water through the emergency drain. This procedure will align the sensor readings with the actual situation and prevent malfunctions.
  • LG and Beko. How to stop washing in these models of washing machines? Simply press the pause button, which is specially made for such cases on the front control panel. After pressing this button, it is necessary to turn off the power of the washing machine by removing the plug from the outlet, then wait a few minutes until a characteristic click of the door opens.
  • Bosch. Models of washing machines with the function of additional loading of laundry allow you to pause washing after it starts by pressing the start button again. This action can translate the machine into reload mode. After pressing the control display, YES should appear, allowing you to open the door of the washing machine. If the inscription is NO, then you cannot open the hatch - the door lock works.
  • AEG and Electrolux. As in the already described machines, there is a pause button here. Before turning off the machine during washing, press the pause button and pull the plug out of the socket. The door lock is automatically unlocked if the water level in the drum is below the sensor, the water temperature is below 50.
  • ATLANT. How to cancel washing in a washing machine? Everything is quite simple here - in these models, the manufacturer has provided for the possibility of an emergency door opening. To unlock the hatch, you must pull the cable, located near the emergency drain. It is simple and fast.

How to turn off the washing machine during washing

Surely now you have a question about how to stop washing in the washing machine Indesit and various other models that were not listed in the list above. As a rule, in other models one of the paths already presented works. If there is a pause button on the front panel, it means that you can use it freely, and if you have an emergency door opening cable, use it if necessary.

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