What is a steam generator for cleaning an apartment: advantages and disadvantages

Posted by: 24.12.2017

Steam generators are designed specifically to simplify housekeeping to the maximum level. Cleaning and ironing with them is no longer such a time consuming process.

What is it and what are steam generators for?

Steam generators today are actively used in ordinary household chores. But initially, their goal was disinfection in hospitals and clinics. This unit was designed to make the work of nurses easier and time consuming.

There are 2 categories of steam generators: industrial and domestic. Steam generators for house cleaning are much smaller in size and at the same time they heat up quickly, which makes it possible to start work immediately.

Tasks that devices do:

  • disinfection of an apartment or house. Especially true for allergies;
  • quick general cleaning. Steam cleaners are used in all rooms, even in bathrooms and toilets;
  • safe and easy ironing. Devices effectively stripped even large sets of bed linen.

Steam generator for cleaning
The devices can greatly facilitate the life of housewives, so their popularity is constantly growing

Advantages and disadvantages of a steam generator for cleaning

Among the main advantages should be noted:

  • high smoothing abilities. It can even wrinkle heavily wrinkled, overdried things, folded in several layers;
  • disinfectant properties. High temperatures leave no chance for most known bacteria and germs;
  • reduces the time for cleaning, ironing;
  • large water tank allows you to use the device for a long time without refueling;
  • can be used in several areas in the house (cleaning, ironing, washing windows);
  • does not require the use of cleaning chemicals and detergents;
  • improving the quality of cleaning. Steam is released under pressure, so you can clean even in hard-to-reach places.

Such a large number of advantages overshadow the following disadvantages:

  • big sizes. Steam generators for cleaning and clothing are much larger in size than classic irons and some models of vacuum cleaners. In addition, they are more difficult to store due to the presence of thick connecting hoses;
  • high price. As with all the latest technology, this device is much more expensive than a regular iron;
  • intensive scaling. During the operation of the device, a large flow of water is carried out, and this leads to the appearance of a raid, from which it is necessary to get rid of;
  • additional brushes and nozzles for cleaning are required. Without them, the dirt is not removed, but simply becomes rare and soft.

How to choose the right steam generator

Choose a steam generator for cleaning the apartment is not easy. Especially considering its considerable cost. This method can play a cruel joke, because the new acquisition will not be able to perform all the functions assigned to it.

There are certain parameters that largely determine all the quality of a steam generator for a home. How to choose for cleaning:

  1. Power. Perhaps the most important indicator. It depends on him whether the steam generator will be able to remove dirt, stains, or will simply process objects with hot steam. When choosing a unit for the home, it is necessary to choose models with a capacity of more than 2000 watts.
  2. Steam function. Especially necessary for stripping such products that are in a vertical position, for example, curtains. 3 functions are important: constant flow, steam and vertical steam.
  3. Storage tank. Determines the time of continuous operation of the device. The maximum value of 2,2 is l.
  4. Protection against lime scale. Scale - the worst enemy of the steam generator. On some models there are built-in sensors that will report the need for cleaning.
  5. Weight. And the weight is directly the weight of the iron itself, and not the platform. After all, it is to be held for a long time.

Also, when solving a problem, how to choose a steam generator for cleaning a house, you need to pay attention to the equipment configuration. The larger the set of nozzles, the more diverse it will be possible to use a steam generator.

Finally, I would like to offer a rating of the best manufacturers, which was compiled on the basis of positive user reviews:

  1. Tefal.
  2. Bosch.
  3. Vitek.
  4. Rowenta
  5. Delta.
  6. Philips.

Now you know how to choose the right steam generators so that they become indispensable helpers in the house.

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