Do not open the washing machine door? The problem is solved!

Posted by: 15.11.2017

The situation when, after washing, the door of the washing machine does not open, is in fact not so common, and therefore, when a problem occurs, the hosts and housewives have at least bewilderment, and sometimes panic. In the normal case, the device unlocks the door lock itself a few seconds after the completion of the wash cycle. The reason for such a failure can be as an internal software failure, and external causes. So, why the washing machine does not open after washing, and how to give freedom to your things?

Washing machine does not open the door after washing

When is it ok

The question of how to open the machine during washing should not be - it cannot be done under any circumstances, since all washing machines have protection against opening the door during the washing process. This is done in order to prevent situations where boiling water from the drum, along with all things, spills out - and in fact hot water can cause injury to health. Therefore, you should not look for ways to open the washing machine during washing, even if it turned off due to de-energizing.

In some models of washing machines, unlocking the door lock does not take place immediately after the end of the washing process, but after 1-3 minutes. This is done so that the user cannot open the door immediately after turning off the engine, when the drum is still rotating at high speeds. Also for the allotted time before the door opens, the interior of the machine cools down, which reduces the likelihood of a burn. That is why you should not panic if the washing machine does not open after washing in the first 3 minutes.

We eliminate the blocking problem

So, a lot of time has passed, but the machine does not open after washing? No need to make a panic - the problem is solved. The solution will depend on the reason for the block:

  • Power outage It often happens that the washing machine does not open the door after washing, especially if the power outage occurred during the washing process (which many people think is the end of the cycle). In this case, do not try to open the door by force, as there is probably hot water inside. Just wait until the light comes.
  • There is water in the drum. Sometimes it fails, because of which the machine does not drain after washing, and therefore does not open the door. In this case, it is necessary to understand why the waste water drain does not work. After draining the door is unlocked.
  • Broken pen Sometimes in a rush, users break the door mechanism or the handle itself, thereby depriving themselves of the opportunity to get things. How to open the washing machine after washing if the handle broke? Repair it yourself or call a qualified specialist in this area - there are no other options.
  • Failure in electronics. Why the machine does not open after washing, if there are no visible reasons? The drum water level sensor may be out of order. In this case, you will have to take care of replacing it, since a broken one will not allow you to open the door.

What to do if the washing machine does not open after washing, and you need to get things urgently? In this case, you can take a chance and try to unlock the lock manually, by inserting a hand from below or behind the case - you can not do without partial disassembly of the unit, besides, you can lose the warranty. That is why, if the washing machine does not open after washing, you should find the cause and proceed to its removal in safe ways.

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