How to quickly clean the stain on the plastic without harm to the surface

Posted by: 03.04.2018

Plastic products are widely used by man in many areas of activity. This material consists of a significant amount of utensils, as well as various parts and objects. Frequent use invariably leads to the problem of the appearance of various stains. Not always traditional methods can get rid of them. Modern materials require more gentle methods. Before you begin any manipulation you need to know how to remove stains on the plastic?

What items have to wash the stains?

This material is used to make a wide variety of items. Problems with stains may arise in relation to:

  • food containers;
  • panels;
  • window sills;
  • various devices for children, including tables, chairs, surfaces for creative activity.

How to remove yellow spots from plastic

Spots on plastic dishes

In the process of using plastic dishes gets ingrained stains from the remnants of food or drinks. Usually they are difficult to withdraw. Most often used for the removal of a variety of solvents. Many of the items purchased are abrasive. By marking the product being cleaned and the substance itself, it is possible to determine whether it is appropriate to use them. Effective solvents can be made yourself from available tools.

If you are interested in what to remove the stain on plastic left over from the dish, you can use regular baking soda. The advantage of this method is that the substance is not caustic and easily washable. Enough a tablespoon of soda diluted with water to the consistency of the paste. Apply to stain and rub gently. Wash dishes thoroughly with plenty of water.

Soda can be diluted with lemon juice. This is another available product that very effectively and gently cleans the plastic surface.

Deeper stains are effectively removed with a mixture of soda and vinegar. The dissolving effect of soda is activated by vinegar and promotes deep penetration into the stain. The cleaned dishes are placed in hot water, where 15 grams of soda and a tablespoon of vinegar are poured into a cup of water. The dishes are soaked for hours on 1.5-2. Problem areas are cleaned with a soft sponge or cloth.

If after the procedure the stains have faded, but have not moved completely, you should apply a paste of soda.

Spots on plastic panels

Many owners prefer to finish the kitchen with plastic panels. Due to the choice of ease of care for the material. In most cases, it is enough to wash any stains formed in the usual way. Manufacturers offer a wide range of special liquids. Most often they are placed in a container with a spray. Easy to apply and effectively remove grease.

However, in some cases, contamination of unknown origin appears. To know how to remove stains from plastic, which did not appear as a result of external influence, it is necessary to examine the material from the inside. To do this, in a place hidden from a direct view, contamination is removed with a sharp object. If the stain disappears as a result, the problem can be considered solved. If it appears again, it is most likely caused by poor quality material. In this case, the pollution penetrates inside and spreads from the inside. Such manifestations can be removed if the panels are completely replaced. Conventional cleaning agents only lighten the surface. The spots themselves continue to grow.

How to wash the window sill

Plastic door and window designs are equipped with most of the premises. Their popularity is due to the high noise and heat insulation. Their advantages are obvious, but there are also disadvantages. In particular, designs, depending on quality, can quickly lose their attractive appearance and dazzling whiteness. As a rule, the material burns out in the sun and the question arises how to remove yellow spots from plastic?

As a prevention, it is enough to clean the sill regularly from dust. For an ordinary living room that is enough. Wet cleansing is required at least once a week. It is enough to use conventional dishwashing detergent dissolved in warm water. If dusty work is done indoors, industrial objects that pollute the environment are located nearby, then close attention should be paid to the windowsill.

The settled dust or soot will have to be washed off regularly with the use of chemical solutions. Much more difficult to get rid of yellow spots, especially if it is the result of burning out in the sun. In this case, you have to remove and polish the surface of the window sill. Abrasive detergents deal with it. It is enough to put the powder on the stain and wipe vigorously. It is important to note that the polished surface will turn into matte.

More effective chemical method. For this, it is necessary to apply a special substance to clean the plastic on the surface. Their peculiarity is that it is applied on non-woven surfaces. It is recommended to moisten the cloth in the solution and apply in one direction. The peculiarity is that the fabric itself should not have a relief surface either. This will eliminate the appearance of specific patterns and return the original attractive look.

Sometimes the surface of the window sill gets stains as a result of hit of foam or plaster. The peculiarity of the foam is that it should not be removed from the surface until it cools to avoid smearing. But in the cooled state, it leaves traces that are very difficult to withdraw in the usual way. Plaster, on the other hand, has the peculiarity of ingress and leave behind yellowish stains. They are removed, as well as foam, with the help of powerful abrasives. The substance is applied directly to the stain. It is left for some time and wiped with an ordinary sponge. After it is necessary to wipe the window sill with a clean damp cloth. It is important to remember that often these products are not recommended, because they are potent and can contribute to fading of the surface.

Spots on plastic ballpoint pen

Very often, plastic surfaces are a victim of children's arts. In particular, it is very difficult to get rid of the drawings applied by the pen. Those who are faced with this problem, know how to eat pasta. It is important to note that conventional methods do not work, but can be effectively removed with a regular match. To do this, you have to wet the head and then rub the stain until it disappears. The resulting stains are enough to wash off with soapy water.

Spots on children's furniture

Most often, manufacturers, making furniture for children, prefer plastic. The advantage of this material is easy maintenance. However, in the application of the surface can get stains that are very difficult to remove. If it is easy to get rid of food residues, then it is more difficult to say goodbye to stains from paints for drawing. Often, even water-based gouache can be quite firmly entrenched. If conventional methods do not help, you can turn to cosmetics. They are easily amenable to makeup remover. it is enough to rub the problem area with a cotton swab dipped in solution. Leave on for a few minutes and wipe with a clean rag.

Plastic surfaces, unfortunately, are very branded. The advantages of this material include ease of care. If you know how to remove stains from plastic of different origin, you can live and enjoy its benefits.

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