How to wash windows without divorces - learn to do quickly!

Posted by: 06.05.2018

Divorces on the windows - a big trouble that many housewives face during cleaning. No matter how they try to eliminate them, the divorces still appear again and completely spoil the appearance of the window. A similar situation happens with mirrors and other glass surfaces, so this problem has a very large scale, and almost all modern housewives break their heads to find ways to solve it. You still do not know how to wash the windows, so as not to leave them a divorce? Want to understand how you can wash the windows without wasting time and labor? The manual will be able to answer all your current questions - now you will know how to quickly clean the windows.

How to quickly wash the window

How to wash windows - popular tools

Do you want to clean the windows of high quality, without leaving behind a divorce? Then you have to spend time searching for and choosing the right detergent that can handle the pollution. In this regard, you can go two ways, each of them has its own advantages and features:

  • Buying store tools. Today, the choice of detergents for the treatment of windows and mirrors is amazing. There are both cheap and very expensive means, between which there is practically no difference - the high cost of expensive brands is caused by the fame of the brand. Shop tools can be used immediately after purchase, in addition, it has an optimal composition, so you can quickly wash the windows without any effort. There is only one drawback to store supplies - you have to spend your money and time on their purchase.
  • Folk recipes. How to wash the windows, if you use the store tools have no desire or ability? Come to the aid of popular recipes, which can be remembered very much. If you continue to read the manual, you will learn how to clean windows without detergent, using only solutions and compositions prepared by yourself in the conditions of the house.

It is up to you to decide whether to wash the windows without stains - by purchase or homemade. If you trust the store products, but it does not give you the desired result, try one of the recipes that are presented below. You probably won't regret using a folk remedy.

How to prepare for washing windows?

Do you need to wash the windows so that the result will please you for a very long time? In this case, the usual cleaning will not be enough - you need to be well prepared for the process. So, you need to prepare such things:

  • Sponge. It is advisable to take a double-sided sponge, one side of which is hard and the other soft. Also try to find microfiber cloth before you quickly wash the window. It is useful in the final stages, when the question of removing stains from the glass.
  • Wiper. This device is a rigid brush on a long handle. This tool can not be taken if the amount of work is small. However, if the house has a lot of windows with high altitude, the wiper will be simply indispensable. Also, it will be useful if you are interested in how to wash windows without staining - this tool makes the glass very clean.
  • Detergent. You can buy it at the hardware store or cook it yourself. Recipes homemade detergents than clean windows wash, you can read more.
  • Water tank. For this task, you can use any large capacity, for example, a basin or a bucket. Before you clean the windows, do not forget to rinse the water tank.

How to clean the windows

Now that you are ready to wash the windows, you can proceed to this procedure. Do you use a purchaser? You can start now. Want to make a tool with your own hands? The best recipes below!

Homemade Window Cleaner Recipes

Interested in how to clean windows without stains at home using folk recipes? To your happiness, there are many home remedies that can help cope with pollution:

  • Newsprint. An auxiliary tool that allows you to wipe dry the surface of the windows and completely get rid of stains. The newspaper is well absorbs excess moisture, and the lead contained in it gives the glass a special shine, which can not be achieved in other ways.
  • A piece of chalk. Another tool is how to properly wash windows without staining. First of all, the windows are washed with warm soapy water, then they are plentifully rubbed with crushed chalk. A few minutes after the window dries, the remaining chalk is carefully removed with a dry, clean cloth.
  • Vinegar. Warm acetic solution in water is excellent for the role of the main means for washing windows. After this treatment, it is enough to rinse the window with clean water so that it becomes clean.
  • Starch solution. It is necessary to mix starch with water (one tablespoon per liter), add 50 g of bleach (per liter of water), mix and use for washing windows.
  • Salt. An additional tool that must be added to the solution. Gives the windows shine.

The question of how to wash the windows at home is fully disclosed. It now remains to find out exactly how to clean the windows so as not to leave stains on them. There are many recommendations.

How to wash windows correctly - a complete guide

Not everyone knows how to clean plastic windows (as well as any other constructions) without staining, for which reason further detailed instructions will be very useful for you:

  1. Before you properly wash the window, you must clean the window frames. Wooden frames can be cleaned with warm soapy water with detergent diluted in it. At the same time it is necessary to dose water - a tree can deteriorate due to a large amount of moisture. Lacquered wooden frames can be washed with cold strong tea to remove dirt and add shine to them. Plastic and aluminum window frames are easily washed with water or one of the above home recipes. For better cleaning, use a hard sponge.
  2. How to clean windows if the frames are completely washed off? Prepare a solution for washing windows, then moisten a sponge in it. Wipe the glass must be vertical movements from top to bottom. Do not wash the windows first in one direction, then in the other - so guaranteed to remain stains on the glass. What can wash windows without stains? It is recommended to use sponges and sponges from natural materials - they absorb water much better and do not allow the stains to remain on the surface of the glass. Now you can proceed to the next stage.
  3. How to clean the windows to shine, when you have processed all surfaces? It is time to work with the screed. If this device is not available, you can do with newsprint. Walk through the windows with a screed or paper from top to bottom, removing all moisture and dirt, and then wet the window and repeat the passage again. This should be done until all the water and dirt has been removed from the window.
  4. The final stage is wiping the surface of the washed glass with an absolutely dry cloth, which will allow to get rid of the dust stuck on the windows and finally erase the stains. How well to wash the windows at this stage? Rub very intensively - do not spare the forces. As a result, the window should become completely transparent, as if it does not exist at all. After washing the windows, once again walk the cloth over the frames and window sills, avoiding the ingress of dirt and dust from them on the glass. At this window washing can be considered complete - you can relax after the work done.

As you can see, it is not so difficult to clean the windows cleanly and quickly at home, if you approach this case from the right side. Choose the best store supplies and supplement their strength with homemade recipes, select good sponges and other devices necessary for washing windows so that the result of your work is guaranteed to delight you. Now you know how to quickly wash windows without stains - use these skills in everyday life to keep your windows clean!

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