Was the house divorced damp? Eliminate effectively!

Posted by: 05.04.2018

Dampness in the house is a very unpleasant phenomenon, which can lead to a lot of trouble, including a bad smell of mold, reproduction of disease-causing organisms, deterioration of the appearance of the dwelling and numerous other problems. Living in an apartment with dampness no longer seems as joyful as it was before its appearance, and visitors immediately notice that something is wrong around, taking owners for slovenly people. And this is not all the consequences of excessive moisture in the house. That is why it is important to get rid of damp places in your home in time. How to remove the smell of dampness in the house forever? It's time to understand this vital issue.

Why does dampness appear?

Dampness is often identified with mold, which is the external manifestation of this very dampness. Mold represents numerous colonies of microorganisms for which growth a comfortable (room) temperature and high air humidity are necessary. The lack of ventilation also favorably affects the growth of mold, which gives off an unpleasant smell and other problems - for example, a very unpresentable look.

Smell of dampness in the house

The smell of dampness in the house, formed by the growth of mold, can come from absolutely any surface, including wood, leather, cloth, paper, ceramics and numerous others. You can expect trouble from any room, but most often the kitchen and the bathroom are damp because of the higher humidity in these rooms. The smell of mold in the house can emanate from under the sinks, baseboards, washing machine drum, heating and sewage pipe joints, as well as from other places. It is important to fight all sources of smell!

We remove the dampness after floods.

In urban apartments there is often a situation where unwary neighbors fill you in from above, or you yourself forgot to turn off the tap in the kitchen or in the bathroom. It is enough to hold the water for several hours to create good conditions for the development of dampness. Therefore, we must act immediately. How to remove the smell of mold in the house? Spend a range of activities:

  • Check the humidity level. If it significantly exceeds the norm, take care to install a heater or a special device - an ambient air dryer.
  • Install an odor absorber in the form of an aerosol. It can be found in a regular store.
  • Carefully check your favorite mold for its presence - under wallpaper and linoleum, under plinths and in other secluded places in your apartment.
  • Dry all wet clothes and shoes, as well as appliances and items. From the moisture in the house should not remain a trace, so that there was no mold for what to cling to and grow.

How to remove the smell of mold in a private house after a flood? Just take out all the things that have been exposed to wetting to fresh air, spreading them in the sun. This will allow the clothes and objects to dry much faster, so as not to leave mold a single chance of development.

Remove damp in the bathroom

The bathroom is an ideal place for the development of mold, which gives off an unpleasant smell. There is constantly increased humidity and temperature (most people like to take a hot shower or bath). How to eliminate the smell of mold in the house, if the bathroom has become a favorite place of mold? Use the following proven guidelines:

  • Use any chlorine-containing substance - chlorine perfectly removes the smell of mold, for which reason it is often added to the means for processing the seams of clothing. It is enough to spray a small amount of the chlorine solution on the areas affected by mold, so that it will completely neutralize the unpleasant odor within a few hours.
  • Use an ordinary steam cleaner - a hot steam jet directed at the accumulation of mold will destroy it. Microorganisms that make up the mold, very afraid of high temperature, dying from its effects. The ferry must go through all the places infected with mold, if necessary, repeat the procedure again.
  • If you are interested in advice on how to get rid of the smell of mold in the house forever, here it is - install the hood in the bathroom. This is a costly and time-consuming procedure, but only in this way it is possible to ensure normal air circulation in the room, which the mold simply does not tolerate. Also, the hood will quickly remove odors.

In the fight against the smell of mold in the bathroom, installation of a heated towel rail (mold develops well in wet towels) and regular airing of the room will also help. Only careful control over the humidity in the bathroom will give a truly impressive result.

Eliminate dampness in the closet

Sometimes it happens that the smell of damp emanates from the wardrobe. How to remove the smell of dampness in the house in this case? Several consecutive actions should be taken. Here they are:

  1. Remove all items and objects from the cabinet and dry them thoroughly (preferably with steam).
  2. Treat all the cabinet seams with steam (you can use a steam generator).
  3. After steaming, thoroughly wash the entire cabinet with a solution of vinegar in water.

You can add a little chlorine to the acetic solution to handle the cabinet, which copes with the unpleasant smell of damp. If you use chlorine, be sure to wear rubber gloves and do not allow the solution to get on the open skin or eyes.

General recommendations for eliminating odors

If you want to learn as much as possible about how to get rid of the smell of dampness in the house, adopt the following tips to help you in this matter:

  • Do not forget during the general cleaning to ventilate well all the rooms in the house or apartment. It is also recommended to turn it into a separate procedure-habit.
  • If the budget allows - get good ventilation. Air conditioning, exhaust, split-system and even a banal fan will prevent the formation of mold.
  • Actively use various absorbers of moisture. There is no need to buy them - a large table salt is a good absorber. It is enough to pour it into open containers and put them in free places in your house.
  • Essential oils are good for odor, the most effective among which are eucalyptus, fir and grapefruit. Use them more often!

How to eliminate the smell of damp in the house, if the ventilation does not help, and the mold itself has already managed to grow enough? You can use the following tools for surface treatment:

  • Chlorine bleach (diluted in water, one part to ten parts water).
  • Table vinegar (sprayed to the surface with a spray).
  • Hydrogen peroxide, taken in pure form.
  • Ammonia (mixed with water in equal proportions).
  • Baking soda, dissolved in water (one part to five parts of water).

Now you are well aware of not only how to remove the smell of damp in the house most quickly and efficiently, but also ways to completely prevent the formation of mold. Keep an eye on the humidity in your home and deal with mold immediately after the formation of hot spots and an unpleasant smell.

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