How to clean stains and whiten plastic window sill

Posted by: 25.11.2017

Modern windows are beautiful and practical. They do not require special care, isolate the apartment from noise and retain heat. But no matter how carefully you treat the metal-plastic construction, over time it appears smudges and yellowness. Then each housewife begins to look for a method on how to clean the plastic window sill from stains, so that it again becomes as new.

What are the pollution on the windowsill

In order not to think about how to remove stains from plastic window sills for a longer time, wipe the dust off of them with a dry soft cloth and wash them once a week with water and detergents.

  1. To eliminate light contaminants, dissolve a spoonful of dishwashing gel or a bit of regular powder in liter of warm water in 1.
  2. Stir well until foam is formed, soak a sponge in it and walk on the window sill.
  3. Then remove the foam with a damp cloth and wipe dry.

When in the room or in the kitchen undergoing repairs, the question of how to clean the plastic window sill from stains and dirt becomes more urgent. It accumulates a huge amount of dust, building dirt, and for its removal requires serious funds.

Most often, housewives are faced with such marks on the surface of the window sill:

  • yellow blots remaining after watering the flower pots;
  • traces of grease and grime stains from dirt and rust;
  • contamination from glue or adhesive tape;
  • frozen drops of primer, polyurethane foam and stains from other repairs.

If there is a child in the house, most likely you will need a remedy on how to remove stains from a plastic window sill from crayons, a marker or pencils.

What you need to clean

The surface of the window sills is different. Smooth plastic just wash the usual sponge out microfiber or fleece cloth. But if the sill texture is porous or rough, small particles of dust are clogged into it and it is more difficult to wipe them off. Use a stiff sponge or brush.

Do not use metal scrapers and abrasives for cleaning, they leave behind microscratches that spoil the look of the window sill and collect various dirt in themselves.

A large amount of dirty bloom is usually collected in the gap under the frame, and it is difficult to soak and clean with a simple sponge. How to clean the plastic from stains in hard to reach places? Take a decayed toothbrush, moisten the hair with water, scoop up the cleaning agent, thoroughly clean the surface and rinse off the powder.

How to wash stains on a plastic window sill

What better means of purchase?

Before you remove the stains from the plastic window sill, you need to find an effective tool. Modern household chemicals offer a huge selection in this direction.

  1. Proper. Universal remedy sold in the form of liquid and powder. The composition of the drug is ideal for washing the plastic window sill. Dilute 3 Art. l powder in 5 l of warm water, stir, wipe the contaminated surface and do not forget to wash off the composition with clean water afterwards.
  2. Cillit Bang. The product has a pungent odor. It is sprayed onto plastic, rubbed with a sponge, left for a quarter of an hour and removed with a damp cloth. Such cleansing well destroys yellow stains from water, coffee stains and other household pollution.
  3. Domestos. With it, you can not only solve the question of how to clean the plastic window sill from stubborn stains, but also bleach its surface. Apply the substance on a sponge, rub the white plastic with it, leave it on the 15 minutes to soak up the dirt, and rinse with water. This way it is easy to get rid of hardly visible rust marks.
  4. Sanita. Well dissolves fat from the window sill, although it has a strong odor. Apply the gel to the surface, rub it on all the corners of the window sill, especially carefully processing the fat blots, and after half an hour remove the tool with water and a rag.
  5. Pemolux. This gentle cream is suitable for cleansing fresh small stains. Spread it on the dirt, rub it with a dry cloth and, if the blot has not been removed, repeat the procedure again.
  6. Cosmofen 10. This is a drug for those who need to scrub the plastic window sill from difficult old stains. Apply the composition to a napkin, clean it with dirt and wash the window sill with water. The drug is toxic, so put on a respirator and after treatment, ventilate the room.

How to clean the plastic windowsill from stains and dirt

Important! Do not forget to wear rubber gloves when using caustic agents in order not to injure your hands.

Effective folk ways

When children or people with allergies live in an apartment, the question of how to wash stains on a plastic window sill is very serious. Chemicals are not suitable for them, so it is better to pay attention to effective folk methods. From improvised means you will need:

  • households soap;
  • soda;
  • chalk or tooth powder;
  • food vinegar.

The easiest way to clean the plastic window sill from yellow stains is a soap solution. Stir in 1 l hot water 50 g host. soap and wash this liquid white plastic as thoroughly as possible. Yellow markings that often appear from water and soot will disappear without a trace.

How to clean the plastic window sill from stains

How to clean the window sill from yellow stains and whiten it with the help of chalk or powder for teeth?

  1. Grind chalk to dust, measure out 1 Art. l funds and pour a little water into it. It should make a smooth paste.
  2. Apply it on the windowsill, gently rub and rinse with water.
  3. Dental powder is also used in the same way.

Old stains can be scrubbed with a mixture of soda and vinegar. Sprinkle contamination with soda, moisten a cloth in vinegar, dab it in the stained area, clean and wash with water. Use this method carefully and do not leave the soda on the plastic for longer than 5 minutes. It has the ability to eat away the color, so on the windowsill white spots can be formed, which differ from the main shade of plastic.

Yellow stains from flower pots can be treated with hydrogen peroxide and wash the surface with water after 2-3 minutes.

How to wash the plastic after repair

During repairs, all people try to protect the window and window sill from contamination. But sometimes blots of primer or polyurethane foam fall on the plastic. How to wash stains on a plastic window sill after construction work?

  1. First of all, remove the plugs so that dust does not accumulate in them, and sweep away all the rubbish with a dry cloth.
  2. Then wash the window sill with soap or powder.
  3. If you need to know how to clean the plastic window sill from stains and dirt from primer or plaster, use cleaning products with mild abrasives.
  4. Treat the desired gel or cream pollution and wait a few minutes.
  5. Use a rubber spatula to gently pry the softened primer and wash the window sill with clean water.

Foam assembly is difficult to clean. If it has dried, cut off the top with a sharp knife, and apply “Sanit” or another potent drug to the residue. After 30 minutes, the foam will be saturated, it will become softer, and it will be possible to remove it with a spatula, and scrape the remnants of the brush with a hard pile.

When you need to wash the yellow stains from the plastic window sill with adhesive tape or glue, try White Spirit. Soak a cotton wool in it, gently wipe the sticky place and immediately rinse it with water. Use solvent with caution; some types of plastic may come out a little yellow from contact with it.

Gentle Care: The Basic Rule of Clean Sill

In order not to have to search for a long time, than to wipe the stains on the plastic, clean the dirt, until they had time to enter the material. Fresh blots can be easily rubbed off with a damp sponge and soap.

  1. After using household chemicals do not forget to rinse the surface with water in large quantities. This will relieve divorce and protect against the appearance of yellowness.
  2. Use only plastic products for cleaning.
  3. Do not put hot dishes on plastic, traces of it are almost impossible to remove.
  4. Under the pots of flowers, it is desirable to put napkins of oilcloth. This will decorate the kitchen and the room, and the window sill will save from smudges.

How to remove stains from a plastic window sill

Children's drawings with crayons, pencils or a marker are removed with a melamine sponge. You just need to moisten it with water, slightly squeeze it and wipe the soiled place.

If you can’t clean the plastic sill from yellow stains or scratches on it, call a plastic window maintenance specialist. The professional will quickly polish the surface of the window sill and get rid of old contaminants.

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