Current cleaning - rules and procedures

Posted by: 07.04.2018

The current cleaning is a regular event, which consists in the effective elimination of all pollution of the room and is carried out during working hours. Its main task is to maintain cleanliness in the room to prevent the accumulation of microorganisms and other contaminants that may be harmful. Routine cleaning of premises should be carried out according to all established rules to achieve maximum efficiency. So, how exactly is the current cleaning carried out, and also by what algorithm is the general cleaning carried out, which is equally important?

Rules for the current cleaning

Routine cleaning should be carried out at least twice a day, it is done by junior medical staff, whose work is coordinated by the operating nurse. The minimum number of current cleanings during one working day is regulated as follows:

  • Before working with the operating room.
  • After the end of each new operation / at the end of the working day after all operations.

The option with the current cleaning after each operation is more preferable from the point of view of cleaning efficiency, but may require more than twice a time cleaning of resources, including temporary ones. If resources allow, cleaning can be done more often.

What is the current cleaning? This complex, which consists of the following individual actions:

  • Wiping walls to a height of up to a 1,5 meter with a special solution with the inclusion of 0,5% - 1% detergent for effective disinfection.
  • Wipe all surfaces, floor and equipment in the operating room with the indicated solution and hold for 30-60 minutes for greater effect.
  • Ultraviolet disinfecting air and all surfaces for 60 minutes.

As a decontaminating agent, only those means that can be used in accordance with the findings of the State Sanitary and Epidemiological Surveillance of Russia should be used. The use of other means cannot guarantee a positive result and no consequences; therefore, cleaning agents recommended by the state service should be used.

General cleaning - how is it done?

It is already clear how the current cleaning is carried out, but the current and general cleaning is among the indispensable measures. The latter is performed by the operating nurse with the help of nurses. To carry out such cleaning, you must have:

  • Sterile cloth for cleaning surfaces.
  • Tanks for detergents and disinfectants.
  • Set of working clothes.
  • A set of equipment that is needed for the event.

General cleaning

How often is the general cleaning of the premises? The frequency of this procedure is at least once for seven days, however, with the active use of the operating room, the cleaning can be carried out twice a week at regular intervals.

The rules for the general cleaning in the operating room are as follows:

  1. The nursing staff puts on special work clothes.
  2. The room is completely freed from furniture and other interfering objects.
  3. The window sill and windows are washed out with a warm solution of ammonia in water.
  4. Ceilings and walls are treated with an approved disinfectant.
  5. Surfaces, space behind radiators and other hard-to-reach places are also treated with a cloth moistened with disinfectant solution.
  6. The room is left for exposure to 60 minutes, after which wet cleaning is carried out - all sterilized solution is rinsed off with sterile rags.
  7. Disinfection of the floor is carried out with a further exposure for 60 minutes.
  8. Air treatment is performed in the operating room by ultraviolet irradiation for 60 minutes. UV irradiation should be carried out twice during the cleaning.

After the end of the cleaning, the inventory is disinfected, the operating sister makes a note in the magazine about the cleaning. At this event ends, the countdown to the date of the next general cleaning begins, the waiting time should not exceed 7 days.

What is the difference between the current cleaning and the general? The main difference is in the approach - the current one is aimed at eliminating small pockets of pollution to maintain cleanliness during operation, while the general one is focused on complete disinfection of the room. Also, the frequency of implementation and the rules of the current and general cleaning are different.

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