How to wash fabric blinds - tips and secrets

Posted by: 05.12.2017

More and more modern residents of private houses and city apartments prefer to install fabric blinds instead of tulle. They are distinguished by practicality, attractive appearance, ease of use, as well as affordability and versatility. Unfortunately, these advantages are overshadowed by one factor - such blinds literally attract dust, which must be cleaned regularly. Not everyone knows how to wash cloth blinds at home, trying to wash them in the usual way. Of course, this does not lead to the desired result, and more and more people are turning to the Internet for an answer to the actual question of how to wash vertical blinds in a washing machine. This guide will help you figure it out!

How to wash blinds

General washing recommendations

How to wash vertical lamellas so that they not only survive the washing procedure, but also do not lose their attractive initial appearance? Remember a few important rules, and always follow them:

  • Before washing the lamellae with vertical blinds in the washing machine, always turn off the drying and rinsing mode. Aggressive mechanical impact may damage the blinds.
  • Washing temperature should not exceed 30 degrees. When soaking valid 40 degrees.
  • If your machine does not support spin-off, before erasing fabric blinds, manually reduce the spin speed to a minimum. 500 revolutions per minute is enough.
  • Turn off all the extra features in the washing machine before washing the blinds. Not only can they not optimize the washing process, but they can seriously worsen the result.

Now you know how to properly wash blinds at home - general advice is enough to do everything right. It remains to figure out how to wash the jacquard and cotton slats. We learn!

Preparing blinds for the upcoming washing

No matter how high-quality and expensive your blinds are, sooner or later there will come a time when they need to be removed and washed. It does not matter if you do not know how to wash vertical blinds - this is not a reason to give up and put up with dirt in your house. It should be noted that before washing vertical blinds, they must be carefully prepared for the washing procedure. The preparatory steps are as follows:

  1. Carefully remove the blinds from the eaves, so as not to damage the structure and not mash the slats themselves.
  2. Each roll of woven slats gently roll into a roll, secure in this state, then put each rolled roll into a separate bag (you can use a container for laundry).
  3. Before washing vertical fabric blinds, soak each rolled roll in a warm soapy solution, the water temperature should not exceed 40 degrees Celsius.

This procedure must be performed every time before washing vertical blinds at home, no matter what kind of fabric they are made of. Further methods of cleaning the blinds will completely depend on what material they are made of. So, for cotton and jacquard, the rules are somewhat different, and this must be taken into account before cleaning the vertical blinds.

How to wash blinds from jacquard?

Jacquard is an unpretentious material, the blinds from which are fairly regularly vacuumed with a special brush head. Before you wash the blinds from Jacquard, you need to make sure that at least one year has passed since the previous wash - it is often not recommended to wash such items. General washing instructions:

  1. Remove the blinds from the eaves, then roll up the fabric strips and pack in pouches.
  2. Dip the cloth strips in a warm solution of a special detergent in water (40-45 degrees).
  3. Leave the product on the 30-40 minutes in water, then remove it from the warm water and rinse gently.

How to wash vertical blinds at home, if they are made of jacquard? No tricks, but remember the main rule - to rub jacquard products is not recommended. The fact is that this fabric is usually covered with special formulations that, when intensive wash can be erased. You can wash the blinds from Jacquard once a year, but not more often - this is enough to maintain their purity.

Proper washing of cotton blinds

Not everyone knows how to wash blinds at home, if cotton is a material of manufacture. The main problem is that this material has the property of sitting down after washing - the actual question is how to wash the fabric blinds so as to minimize shrinkage. There is a good instruction:

  1. Remove the fabric lamellae, roll them into tight rolls and arrange into separate bags.
  2. Set the temperature on the washing machine 40 degrees, put a delicate wash mode.
  3. Load bags of fabric tapes into the drum, add powder for washing delicate fabrics.
  4. Start the washing process and wait for it to finish, then dry the cotton products.

How to wash cotton blinds so that the material does not sit down? Observe the temperature conditions. Also, manufacturers of blinds give a recommendation to purchase blinds in advance, the length of the tapes of which on 5-6 is cm higher than necessary. In this case, even after shrinking, the vertical blinds will look good on the window.

What not to do when leaving?

Is it possible to wash the blinds in a typewriter machine? Yes, if we are talking about cotton blinds. But this is not the only question that needs to be addressed. Many people already, before washing the blinds, make a lot of mistakes, what can we say about the process of washing. You can specify several important rules that must be followed in order to wash blinds without negative consequences:

  • It is not recommended to wash the blinds immediately after they are removed from the eaves. Before washing vertical blinds in a washing machine or with your hands, they should be soaked in a soapy warm solution for a while. So they will become softer and more resistant to mechanical stress.
  • During the wash itself, you should not use a brush, and generally rub lamellae intensively at all. These actions can lead to the removal of the protective layer that covers the lamellae. Is it possible to wash the blinds in a washing machine, because the layer can also be erased? Yes, but for this you need to put each individual rolled lamella in a separate bag for washing - so the aggressive influence will decrease.
  • In no case, after washing, you can not squeeze and twist the fabric lamellae - they are subject to deformation, and after installation on the eaves can lose their shape and original appearance.

Remember these rules every time before washing the blinds in a washing machine or with your hands. So, after a few washes, you will forever remember the recommendations that will allow you to keep your blinds.

How to properly dry the blinds after washing?

With the question of how to wash the fabric blinds at home, we figured out. However, this is not all you need to know. So, drying is equally important. How to wash the blinds made of cloth and dry them properly so as not to spoil everything at the last moment? Follow these drying tips:

  • Do not accelerate the drying process by artificial means. Placing vertical lamella shutters near heating devices or in direct sunlight will only have a very negative effect.
  • Make sure that the blinds do not bend over after washing and hang straight - so they will not hesitate.
  • Try to immediately hang out the washed blinds where they need to be fixed - the less manipulations with fabric tapes, the less chance they are deformed during the drying process.

Now you know not only how to wash blinds at home, but also how to dry them. Use the tips in the guide on how to wash the blinds in the washing machine and with your hands - this will save you from unnecessary problems associated with damage to the blinds, because replacing them can be expensive. Save a lot of money by spending a few minutes repeating this guide!

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