How to wash a crystal chandelier with pendants

Posted by: 02.11.2017

Chandeliers are in every home. They give light and decorate the interior. Especially spectacular look fixtures of crystal with a variety of pendants and consisting of a variety of plates. However, they collect a lot of dust on themselves. The most common question: “how to wash a crystal chandelier with pendants?” Arises when the lamp is noticeably dirty. Therefore, periodically it is necessary to arrange a bath for the lamp.

Some general tips

Crystal is very demanding to care. Some actions can lead to the fact that the material loses its pleasant appearance, darkens, becomes less transparent, stops flowing and refract light beautifully. Therefore, before you wash the crystal chandelier, you need to learn how to do it correctly, so as not to damage the product:

  • It is advisable to use antistatic agents, they repel dust. Then it will be necessary to wash the lamp less often, there will be less dust on it;
  • from hot water, the crystal becomes darker, for washing you need to use only cool;
  • ugly stains remain from soap and many detergents, you need to use products that do not foam;
  • need to use soft napkins lint-free;
  • do not use abrasives, as they scratch the material;
  • periodically you need to brush the dust with a special whisk or brush;
  • if the chandelier is washed without removing it, then it is necessary to turn it off, since it is simply dangerous.

Crystal Chandelier

Dry Cleaning

If there is little dust, you can do dry cleaning. This is one of the ways to wash the crystal chandelier without removing it. In this case, turn off the electricity, climb the ladder and gently sweep over or wipe with a dry cloth. You can use a special anti-static brush. Dry cleaning is carried out in cotton gloves, so as not to leave finger marks.

It is necessary to carefully dust the suspensions so that they do not sway strongly. Otherwise, if they collide, they may scratch each other or even break.

Dry cleaning chandeliers

Chandelier Wet Cleaning

At noticeable pollution it is necessary to wash the lamp. It is easier to do this if you disassemble and remove the lamp.

First, wipe the metal armature with a damp cloth to remove dust. Then they wipe it dry. If water remains on the metal, then over time it will begin to rust, and ugly brown drips will appear on the crystal.

Cleaning the crystal chandelier with removal

The plates and pendants of the chandelier are washed in cool water, to which a special detergent for crystal is added. These are sold in hardware stores. You can also make them yourself. They are then rinsed with acetic acid to make the plates and pendants glisten. After washing, the crystal parts should be wiped dry with a lint-free cloth so that there are no stains or stains on the surface. Now you can collect the chandelier. This should also be done with gloves. Otherwise, fingerprints will remain on the plates, and all parts will have to be re-washed.

Wet cleaning without removing the chandelier

It is not always possible to disassemble the lamp. In this case, useful tips on how to wash the crystal chandelier without removing it.

The first step is to turn off the electricity. Then dampened with a special tool with a lint-free cloth, gently wipe the metal fittings. Then go to the crystal details. Carefully, moving from top to bottom, wipe the plates. Strong pressure on them is impossible, since the details are fragile, they are easy to break.

It can be done differently. In this case, you will need a spray. A detergent is poured into it and a chandelier is sprayed. To prevent water from entering the cartridges, light bulbs are unscrewed from them, and covered with plastic bags. So that the bags do not fall down, they are fixed with a rubber band. Any waterproof material, such as oilcloth, will be laid on the floor, because the liquid will drip onto the floor.

Wet Crystal Chandelier Cleaning

Crystal Cleaner

The most popular remedy is a mixture of ammonia and water. To the 3 parts of the water, add the 1 part of ammonia. The water temperature should be no higher than 27 degrees, otherwise the crystal will darken. So concentrate sprinkle chandelier. A different mixture is prepared for washing: on 1 Art. Water 1 Art. l ammonia. In this mixture, wash the parts from the lamp.

What else can wash the crystal chandelier? To add shine, a solution of vinegar and salt is prepared. In a basin with lukewarm water, add the same amount of salt and vinegar, stir well. Parts are alternately washed in this mixture with a soft cloth or gauze.

Crystal Cleaner

You can do with any other store tool designed to wash the crystal. It must be used in accordance with the instructions.

That's all about how and what to wash the crystal chandelier. It is easy and short, but requires accuracy.

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