Stains on the floor - effective removal strategies

Posted by: 18.04.2018

Parquet is a highly environmentally friendly and attractive flooring, which fully justifies its value. The main advantages of parquet - the ability to fit into any interior, natural beauty and warmth - that's why many people love it so much. But, like other flooring, parquet flooring is exposed to dirt that is not so easy to remove. If your flooring has not been cleaned for a long time, it's time to do it! How to remove stains on the floor, which methods are most effective and what should be remembered before the procedure?

Some useful tips

Before you remove stains from the floor, well remember the following tips, which will not only improve the cleaning efficiency, but also extend the life of the floor:

  • It is possible to wipe the floor covering only with a soft cloth, preferably if it is made of microfiber. The use of such rags will completely eliminate the formation of scratches on the floor, which can spoil its appearance.
  • To clean the parquet, it is desirable to use special wipers for this coating - special detergents, which are designed for gentle impact.
  • Never use gasoline and other aggressive solvents for cleaning parquet.
  • It is advisable to put soft nozzles on the legs of the furniture being moved, which will not create scratches when moving furniture through rooms when moving.

How to remove stains from the floor

Also, if you are interested in an effective way to remove a stain from the floor, do not add soap to the water - white stains will remain from it, and you will have to spend time removing them.

Get rid of various stains

Before you remove the stain on the floor, determine what nature is like. The method used to remove it will depend on the type of stain, since different methods and means, including folk, are suitable for different stains. The dependence of the type of stain on the methods is as follows:

  • Wax / gum. Before removing a stain from gum or wax from a parquet, it is necessary to cool it beforehand, and it is better to freeze it. To do this, lay a newspaper on the floor, on which a bowl of ice is placed on top. After the stain freezes, it must be very carefully scraped off with a plastic or metal object, without scratching the floor.
  • Ink. In order to remove ink stains from the parquet, no tricks are required, because the ink is perfectly washed off with any good detergent. If this is not at hand, the stain can be rubbed with ordinary vinegar, then remove the remaining ink.
  • Blood. If the blood stain is fresh, simply wipe it off the floor with a soft sponge. If it managed to dry out, before removing the stains on the floor, it is necessary to moisten the sponge in acetone solution, and after that, thoroughly wipe the contaminated place.
  • Urine. You can get rid of the urine stains of pets or children on the floor with any household detergent. If the stains have already been firmly absorbed into the wood, add a 10% solution of any bleach in water to the detergent.
  • Butter. How to remove the oil stain from the floor? Fresh dirt can be wiped off with a sponge moistened with detergent, but stubborn stains will have to be treated with an aggressive agent or solvent that does not contain gasoline. It may be necessary to treat the oil stain several times in order to achieve the desired result.

Now the question of how to remove stains from the floor a bit cleared up. But this is not all that you should know before cleaning the parquet flooring. What to do with fat?

We remove grease stains from the parquet

Many are looking for the answer to the question of how to remove the greasy stain from the parquet. This topic is really relevant, as fatty food can fall off the table or fall out of your hands right on the floor. How to remove:

  • Stir a little washing powder in warm water, then rub the solution into the stain on the parquet and leave it on for 3-4 hours, then wash the parquet with warm water.
  • Spread magnesia powder on the grease stain, let it soak for a few hours, then gently sweep the magnesia from the parquet and rinse it with water.
  • You can try to gently clean the greasy stain with sandpaper.

How to remove grease stains from the floor if nothing helps? Rub it with turpentine! You just need to rub the substance into the floor, leave for 2-3 hours, then carefully wash the floors. There are other tips on how to clean the parquet from greasy stains, but these methods are most effective and popular - first try them, and if it does not help, just repeat the procedure.

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