General cleaning in the kitchen: is it possible to boil the dishes

Posted by: 04.02.2018

Even with the most attentive and hardworking hostess, over time, the dishes lose their original appearance. It fades, is covered with complex stains, soot. Of course, dishwashers help to solve some problems with the washing of kitchen utensils, but it is still better to carry out general cleaning manually. In addition, there are many popular safe, and most importantly, effective ways.

The young generation, having heard about boiling the dishes, puzzledly round their eyes with a frozen question, is it possible to boil the dishes. You can ask the answer to our grandmothers. They know better than anyone how to return the pristine shine and perfect cleanliness to the dishes without using chemical agents.

What is it for

Since ancient times boiling was considered a great way to clean and sanitize household items. In the case of dishes also adhere to these principles. On the forums you can find a variety of cleaning products. But those who have learned how to boil dishes in soda and at least 1 tried it once, never change this method again. Its only drawback is the duration. The advertised funds begin their action much earlier.

Boiling will get rid of the following problems:How to boil the dishes

  • old frozen fat;
  • soot;
  • nagara;
  • will eliminate the eaten smells from wooden chopping boards and other objects;
  • scum;
  • pathogenic bacteria and microbes.

Boiling will help to keep even those dishes in which food has burnt strongly. Now you do not need to immediately throw inventory. You can try to boil it and return the normal look. You can safely apply the method in relation to the enamelware. Enamel does not deteriorate, does not peel. If you still worry, before you start using enamelware, pierce it. And then, chips will begin to appear much later.

In addition, by determining how to boil the dishes you can get the following result:

  • glitter products;
  • purity;
  • the products really look like new ones, because there are no traces of cooking at all;
  • no allergies. Those who suffer from bouts of allergies, knows exactly what can result in the use of conventional detergents. And boiling is completely safe.

Preparation of components for boiling

When choosing drugs, with which to boil the dishes, you should choose the most effective complex of three components:

  1. Soda Ash It is actively used in the glass industry, the production of synthetic detergents, as well as soap. The main properties of this composition include: water softening, metal degreasing, desulfation.
  2. Laundry soap. It copes well with a variety of stains. In addition, it is completely safe. You should choose the darkest brown soap marked 72%.
  3. Silicate glue. Its second name is liquid glass. You can buy it in any office supply store.

How to boil the dishes with glue and soda and what to do. First you need to prepare the cleaning agent itself:

  • one economic bar was (200 g) grate on a medium grater;
  • take a glass of soda ash. Pay attention, it is calcined. It can be freely found in the departments of household chemicals.
  • the third component is a bubble of silicate glue.

All ingredients should be added to 10 liters of water and the dish cleaner is ready.

Algorithm of action to return the kitchen utensils original appearance.

Now proceed directly to the boil.

How to boil the dishes with soda, glue and soap:

  1. Prepare a large container. You can take a cooker or the largest pot. If nothing of the proposed is not, then you can apply the usual metal bucket.
  2. Pour water. Need 10 liters.
  3. Pour the prepared remedy.
  4. Turn on medium heat and stir until all ingredients are dissolved.
  5. Dip dishes in warm water.
  6. Boil.
  7. To cover with a lid.
  8. Make the gas quieter.
  9. Boil 2, and better 3 hours. It all depends on the degree of contamination of products.
  10. After the specified time, turn off the gas, let the water cool.
  11. Now you can take out the dishes one by one and clean the dirt, carbon and grease with light movements.

What boil the dishes

At the end of the process, rinse the dishes with running cool water, wipe dry and place into places. If you want to add shine, then you can add a small amount of salt to the rinse solution.

How often should a general appraisal be held?

Every day to carry out such cleaning of dishes, of course, is problematic and it is unlikely that anyone will have so much time. And there is no need for frequent such procedures.

You can boil the dishes 2 times a year. That will be quite enough. Do not forget that prevention is always better. Therefore, if every time you wash the dishes well, efficiently and from two sides, then it will maintain an attractive appearance for much longer.

This is especially true pans and pots. Their vulnerable places will be covers, handles and bottoms. During daily washing, special attention should be paid to these areas. Periodically, you can simply wipe the most soiled surfaces with soda.

And one more very important rule. It is important to know not only how to boil the dishes, but also which one can be subjected to such a processing method.

It is strictly forbidden to boil:

  • Teflon pans;
  • products with plastic handles;
  • porcelain accessories;
  • glass;
  • ceramics.

Otherwise, no restrictions. In this way, enamelled, aluminum, stainless and other objects can be brought to perfection.

Now you know what to boil the dishes in and how often, so that your favorite objects will always delight you with impeccable purity and brilliance.

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