Cleaning on Sunday - is it possible or not?

Posted by: 14.12.2017

Is it possible to get out on Sunday? This question is often asked first of all by religious people who try to live according to church canons. This topic is of particular interest to non-religious citizens, who simply show their curiosity and do not know why there is so much debate around this issue. With this question, people go to various forums, including the Orthodox, but not always and not everywhere you can find the exact and correct answer. That is why it is worth once and for all to understand whether it is possible to wash on Sunday, as well as do other household chores. Are you ready to find out about this?

Where did this ban come from?

Why on Sunday you can not get out? The fact is that cleaning, like other physical activities, is work that, according to the Bible, is not welcome on the sixth day of the week - Saturday. That is why in Israel and other countries with a similar religion it is forbidden to engage in any business on Saturday. Why then in Russia is it about the resurrection? The reason is in the features of the calendar - in the Biblical presentation, it was Saturday that finished the week, whereas in modern conditions the last day of the week is Sunday - here lies the answer to the question of why it is impossible to get out on Sunday, as well as to do other things.

Is it possible to get out on Sunday

What is recommended to do?

Since the question of whether it is possible to do the cleaning on Sunday, takes its roots from religion, it would be logical to ask opinions of the problem from church ministers. Thus, authoritative persons from the Church claim that on the seventh day of the week you can work, but it is best to do it in spiritual terms. It is about personal and spiritual self-development, attendance of services and liturgies, meals with the whole family, prayers and other important tasks for believers.

The clergy recommend postponing all their household chores the next day every Sunday, and choose lessons that are good for the soul as classes - besides attending church services, this may be day or evening prayer, visiting relatives, charitable help to needy people from the heart and other activities that positive effect on the mental state of man. Cleaning and washing on Sunday is allowed in the event that failure to follow these steps leads to sin.

What exactly can not be done?

Why can not be washed on Sunday (and also do other homework) you have already figured out. However, it would not be superfluous to mention actions that definitely cannot be done on this last day of the week. Thus, the prohibition includes any actions that somehow lead to the corruption of the soul, the commission of sin or the satisfaction of passions. We are talking about computer games, watching TV shows and movies, passion for music and other carnal entertainment. You also can not enter into conflicts, especially with their loved ones, as well as commit other sins.

Such bans have not only a religious, but also a rational foundation - almost all human passions in one way or another lead to the destruction of the individual. If you devote at least one day a week to your own spiritual development, you can balance good and bad. If you are interested in the answer to the question of whether it is possible to erase on Sunday evening, then everything is not so bad - you can properly build your week schedule so that cleaning, washing and other important household tasks fall out on weekdays.

Make the final conclusion

This religious topic is difficult to understand, even among believers - too many conventions. However, it is still possible to answer the question whether it is possible to wash and clean on Sunday. To do this, of course, is not strictly prohibited - in the end, the choice will depend on whether the person can transfer household chores to another day, or whether this is not possible. After all, if the family goes hungry and lives the whole day in an untidy house, would it be good for everyone? Therefore, do as you see fit. And it is better to transfer your traditional day of cleaning to another time, for example, on Saturday, to allow yourself to spend a Sunday, immersed in spiritual development, which is very important.

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